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Saturday, October 23, 2010

15 Couples We Say Belong Together

So the usually good site, Entertainment Weekly, made a list of “Couples that are meant to be,” and we didn’t like it. For example, they had Hannah and Booth as their example of a meant-to-be couple. We know they were just trying to shake us up, but this suggestion is so wrong.

Here is the offending list (with our commentary):
9 TV Couples We Say Belong Together (What kind of a number is NINE? That’s not very round, is it?)
1. Don and Faye, Mad Men - Fine. That’s fine. Mostly because we don’t care about Mad Men.
2. Seeley Booth and Hannah Burley, Bones - This is just. No. Just no.
3. Michael Scott and Holly Flax, The Office - Fair enough, but kind of a “duh” thing.
4. Liz Lemon and Wesley Snipes, 30 Rock - Carol is better.
5. Jeff Winger and Britta Perry, Community - We don’t think ANYONE on that show belongs with another person in the study group. That’s what makes it such a great study group. Sure, they hook up and tease us with the possibilities. But at the end of the day, this group is “friends first,” and that’s how we like it. The show just can’t pull off a cute romance. It will always come across as sleazy. The show is funny, not romantic.
6. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries - They can’t stay faithful to each other through the whole show, or we will never get to see the hook up just about every fan wants.
7. Tina and Artie, Glee - Tina can do better, they weren’t that satisfying together, and a big Who Cares?
8. Serena and Dan, Gossip Girl - Sure, but they are stepsiblings and not the couple we watch the show to see.
9. Mark and Lexie, Grey’s Anatomy - Believe it or not, a lot of people think this is creepy and that they don’t actually work together. Mark needs an older, confident woman, like Addison, and Lexie needs a sweeter, younger guy.

Ok, maybe that list wasn’t as bad as we thought at first glance, but we still thought they left out some good couples. So we’ve made our own list. We’ve also included couples on shows that are over.

15 TV Couples
1. Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines, 24 - The ending of 24’s worst season (six) had to be one of the most depressing things we’ve ever seen. Audrey went all the way to China to save Jack Bauer, only to end up a zombie/vegetable. Jack Bauer has never had the best women for his lifestyle. Let’s face it, Terri was not a strong woman, Kate was a little blonde stick who at least tried, and his season 3 Senorita died too soon. She was cool though. Renee was also good, but she’s dead too. Some of you will cry for Chloe, but even though the actress played her as if she loved Jack Bauer, we think it’s better for Chloe to stay with her husband. This leaves Audrey, who was lame in season four but really stepped it up later. They deserve their happy ending, because they really loved each other. Hopefully they see that in the movie and at least give us some resolution on her character.

2. Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock - We KNOW it would be cliché. We KNOW Tina Fey has said that the series won’t end with Jack and Liz “doing it.” But can’t they just get together without sex? Have the sex happen in the future, off screen? Can they at least do it once, regret it, gag, shudder, and move on? Come on Tina Fey, it would be fun. And hilarious.

3. Booth and Bones, Bones - DUH. Who cares if Hannah is “perfect”? These two characters carried this show for all these years. Their characters are well-defined and irreplaceable. We’ve watched them flirt, support each other, fight, work together, avoid each other, and grow together. If they don’t end up together before the end of the series, we may lose faith in TV altogether. It has been way too long as it is.

4. Mal and Inara, Firefly - We are ok that we didn’t see this couple hook up. Once they did, we don’t know what the show would have done with the characters, plus, THAT might have been too cliché. It just wasn’t their time yet, even by the end of the movie. But we know that they ended up together. Inara stayed in the ship, and the writers left it with a smile and a glimmer of hope.

5. Rory and Jess, Gilmore Girls - Jess was perfect for Rory. He just had issues, ran out on her, and needed to grow up. Later in the series, we saw signs of Jess getting his life together by writing a book and getting into small business. We like to think that, ten years later, Rory and Jess find each other again, marry, and have many babies.

6. Puck and Rachel, Glee - Don’t get us wrong, Finn and Rachel are cute, but the Puckelberry romance was way too brief. We don’t want Puck with Quinn after seeing her chemistry with Sam. Wowser. And we don’t want Puck alone. Rachel needs a bad boy, and she’s the only girl on the show who could both handle and potentially soften Puck. Dear Rachel, Finn is going to end up mowing lawns for the rest of his life, and he’s not smart enough for you. Go for a fellow hot Jew.

7. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl - Another “duh.” These two are the heart of the show. Period. They will end up together.

8. Robin and Barney, How I Met Your Mother - There comes a time in almost every man’s life when they realize that one-night stands with women they will never see again leave them lonely and disconnected. What a guy really needs is a girl who won’t bore him because she’s just plain fun to be around. Robin is cool, pretty, smart, and someone Barney actually cares about. It’s not their time yet, but we hope that Barney sees how much fun it would be to hang out with Robin forever.

9. Alicia and Someone Else, The Good Wife -Neither her husband nor Will are good enough or hot enough for her. Alicia is gorgeous and classy. They need to bring on a guy who fits. Although, it would be extremely interesting to pair her with Eli Gold, at least for a time. It would be unpredictable, no? And it would bring the drama.

10. Dwight and Angela, The Office - These two were able to keep a secret, stable relationship for years. No one else is going to tolerate either of these two forever. Besides, Dwight needs five German boys to turn into mini, weird Dwights. We are sure he has screened Angela’s health records by now.

11. Richard and Kahlan, Legend of the Seeker - Apparently, after the series finale, they can now be together. This is good, because whether it’s the books or the TV series, these two won’t settle for anyone else. These are the only two on the list who aren't currently together. A requirement to get on this list is to not be a couple that is currently together. This is our exception, because, hey, it's our list.

12.Smith and Samantha, Sex and the City - The series finale ended everything perfectly, leaving us sure that each of the girls was with “The One.” Then the movie had to go and royn it. Also, for the record, Steve would never do that to Miranda!!! Ugh.

13. Matt and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries - After Caroline sacrificed her relationship with Matt to protect him, we knew it was true love. We never thought she was worthy of Matt, but we rooted for the relationship anyway. Now that’s she’s awesome, we are even more into this couple.

14. Sookie and Eric, True Blood - Sookie isn’t the quiet Southern belle Bill obviously needs. She’s the sex-loving, optimistic, non-human, spitfire Eric clearly needs.

15. Andy and Nancy, Weeds - We don’t want this one to happen until the end, but it clearly needs to happen. Andy stuck with this crazy family through all their crime and killing, so he deserves to get the girl. Plus, he’s a fun guy. Who doesn’t want to be with the fun guy?

We know there are some we missed, because no list is perfect. So let us know if we did!


  1. Dwight and Angela - YES

    Rory and Jess - Yes, although I liked Logan too.

    What about Lorelai and Luke? They were DEFINITELY meant to be together. I hated the whole Lorelai/Christopher thing, and I hated that the show was cancelled too soon.

    Booth and Bones - I just started watching Bones (after I gave up Dexter) and I'm halfway through the first season. I can't imagine them ending up with anyone but each other. I don't know who this Hannah person is yet, but I already don't like her.

    Michael and Holly - yes, duh.

    Mark and Lexi - I like them together, and I want them to end up together. Remember the episode when Derek's mom came to visit and met Lexi? I agreed with her perspective on Mark and Lexi's relationship.

    And I'll add one - Smash and Waverly from Friday Night Lights - If I remember correctly, Waverly just disappeared from the show in between seasons. I loved their relationship and I didn't like that there was never any resolution there.

  2. Rory and Jess NO! sorry I never cared for Jess and Rory at all.
    Buffy and Angel, best star crossed lovers
    Logan and Veronica, somehow just a great couple
    chuck and Blair, agreed, on of tv's best couples, defiantly a grow old together pair
    mal and inara- good call
    Jax and Tara (SOA) he absolutely needs a women like her to lead the club the way he wants to. love this couple because she is so clearly essential to his character development
    on FNL- you know its the only high school show that doesn't dabble in star-crossed love, its high school relationships are just that- high school relationships
    Dwight and Angela, good call, who else would take dwight?
    Jim and Pam- love em even if we miss their pre dating pranks...
    Andy and Nancy- good call
    Liz and Jack- I'm with Fey on this one, just don't need it. same goes for
    Damon and Elena hook up. is there something wrong with me? don't need it AT ALL, ever. I don't get the chemistry everyone is talking about. I think Damon just sizzles so much that any girl he talks to much is going to be accused of having chemistry with him, seriously, case in point- there are bonnie/damon shippers now.


  3. Clarification: This isn’t a “favorite couples” list. It’s a list of people who aren’t currently in a couple/who aren’t solid, but should be. For the most part. We squeezed in an exception. But this was the main reason for leaving out Luke and Lorelai and a few others you both mentioned. We assumed L&L are together after the finale.

    Lorelai/Christopher is a farce. We are glad Mrs. Potts is watching Bones! The early seasons, especially, are great, but we are enjoying the current season too, even though we hate Hannah. Mark and Lexie are alright, but we aren’t into them enough to want them to be a stable couple yet. Too many people on that show are coupled up. We need someone to bring the relationship drama. We remember Smash and Waverly, and you’re right, they were good.

    Hatts: One of us had a roommate who HATED Jess, and when she sees this list, she is going to spit fire. She was actually a Dean fan. One thing that was great about the show was that it had Rory with many types of guys. Someone for every taste. We think you are right about the chemistry with Damon and other girls. He and Elena don't have any special chemistry, other than he wants her and he can't have her. But we still want to see the hookup just because it would be so much fun to watch Stefan freak out and Damon get what he really wants. Also, we ship Damon/Bonnie a little.

  4. Lots of comments. Fun post, btw!
    EW's list:
    -- Michael and Holly: Yes, and duh.
    -- Liz and Future Husband Wesley -- I like this choice because the show is about Liz settling for things. She's a cartoon character, so she's funnier when she's pathetic. I think Floyd was probably her perfect guy, though, and I wouldn't complain if his wifey died in tragic yoga accident or something.
    -- Stefan and Elena -- I'd be really disappointed with the Elena we know if she cheated on Stefan. Maybe the longed-for hook up could happen during a temporary Stefan-Elena break-up or something?
    -- Tina and Artie -- I like her with Asian Mike. Asians need more storylines on major TV shows.
    -- Serena and Dan -- They both suck. As a couple, they suck so much more.
    -- Mark and Lexie -- I LOVE them together, actually. Mark made Lexie ten times less annoying, and Lexie de-douche-ified Mark. I think they belong together.

    Your list:
    1. Jack and Audrey -- YES!! (And season 6 nearly sucked my will to want to indulge in serial TV. It was ugly.)
    2. Liz and Jack -- I don't want them to EVER have sex. I'd be cool with a marriage of convenience, though. I think Liz would prefer that anyway.
    5. Rory and Jess -- No, no, no. I like your comment that Rory dated a guy for every taste. It's true. It would be bad and regressive for her as a character to end up with Jess. None of her exes were ultimately the best for her. The thing I love about that show is that it leavs us with a continuing sense of her journey, not a finished story.
    6. Rachel and Puck -- I like her with Vocal Adrenaline guy. They could scheme and connive together, and make hot, talented, probably very gay babies.
    7. Chuck and Blair -- Yes, and sooner rather than later, please.
    8. Robin and Barney -- Yep, totally.
    9. Alicia and Someone Else -- YES!! She's way too awesome for both of those guys.
    10. Dwight and Angela -- I honestly don't know what the hold-up is with those two.
    12. Smith and Samantha -- Disagree. They were great together for a while, but Samantha really doesn't need a man. I love that she decided to be single for her!
    13. Matt and Caroline -- YES, and Caroline gets the most improved award for every character on network TV this season!
    14. Sookie and Eric -- Yes, because it's clear that Bill is increasingly terrible for her.

    The couples I would add to the list are Josh Lyman and Donna Moss on "The West Wing", Peter and Olivia on "Fringe", and Andy and April on "Parks and Rec".

  5. We enjoyed Cat's comment (as usual) and totally agree that if Elena cheats on Stefan, we will be upset. That's not her. It has to be during a break-up, or we won't be able to really enjoy it like we want to.

    Agree on your added comment, except for Peter and Olivia. Olivia is so flat to us. Peter is funny and interesting. Olivia is a stoic, good person, and that's nice, but we don't get into her romantic doings.

    We are surprised that there is so much love for Mark and Lexie. Sure, they make each other better, but does that make the show better?

    Your comments on Gossip Girl characters always make us snicker.

  6. "None of her exes were ultimately the best for her. The thing I love about that show is that it leaves us with a continuing sense of her journey, not a finished story."

    Cat you read my mind!


  7. That's why we specified that Jess would have to be older and a changed person. He would have to grow into his brain to deserve Rory. But we see ya'll's point.

  8. I just discovered you guys and probably have an unhealthy obsession. I haaaad to comment on this post because I COMPLETELY agree with the Booth/Bones thing. I find Hannah completely offensive, and I look forward to her leaving. Bones and Booth have grown so much together; he gets her, she softens for him. Just get together already!

    Sookie/Eric... YES. I don't know if either of you read the books, but they have a steamy book together. I enjoy it and hate that Sookie whores around with everyone while keeping Eric at arms length. They need to get together and tear each other's clothes off. Soon.

    And of course, Rachel/Puck. Loved it. She and Finn are cute together, but Finn's voice makes my ears bleed and Puck's makes me swoon. They should make beautiful Jewish babies together who have the voices of angels. :)

  9. We want Hannah to get sniped by the upcoming "evil version of Booth" sniper.

    We did a post comparing a few of the books to the TV show, but we haven't read many. We prefer the TV series, but we like the way the books like vis-a-vis Eric and Sookie.

    Finn's voice is really bad. We are glad they have Sam now, because we think he's pretty good.

    Comment anytime! We love it.

  10. I liked Dean while Rory was in high school, but the whole adultery thing drove me bonkers.

    And a question about Bones - I just started the second season. Does this Cam character ever get less annoying?

  11. Ern hates Cam, Leeard likes her. In the last season, she had a plotline that made Ern like her a lot more. You get used to her though. It doesn't ruin the show.

  12. Oh, and concerning the Rory/Dean adultery- One of us (the one writing now) liked that plotline because of how realistic it was. It didn't work out in the end, and there were actual consequences. Even though we love Rory and didn't like Dean's wife, it wasn't "different" or romanticized at all. Lorelai even took her to town for it. Young people are bound to make mistakes, especially on TV, but we thought the show handled this one well.

  13. Rory and Jess - YES. I fully believe that Jess and Rory were 100% meant to be together. They were PERFECT for each other. In my mind, they end up together. I hated Dean so much; he was boring and temperamental. I liked Logan enough, but once Jess and Logan met I was like, "Oh my god. Rory, are you a complete idiot? He's so perfect for you!" Rory and Jess forever. <3

  14. What I meant by Jess and Logan meeting is when they met when Jess came back for Rory later on.

  15. Dean had a big, fat vagina. Jess all the way.