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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Late-in-the-week dramas- Grey's, Scandal, Supernatural, TVD, and Arrow. None were Halloween themed. :-(

By [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Grey's Anatomy- I Saw Her Standing There
Cristina sleeping with her boss made us so sad. Even though there's been an abortion, cheating, choking, and moving far away, we hadn't really accepted that she and Owen were over. We don't like when marriages break up, even if they are fictional. (You should have seen Ern's tumblr after Amy Poehler and Will Arnett broke up.) We still think C/O will get back together after a while. Cristina sticking up for Dr. Feeny and helping him was one of the best things about this episode. We love when she shows her heart and loyalty to her friends. Age discrimination sucks. We understand that continuing education in medicine is important, but he hadn't made a mistake yet. We love them as best friends.

When she leaves the hospital to go back to Seattle Grace (something that MUST happen), can she take Feeny with her? Cristina's time at the Mayo Clinic has been way more entertaining and relevant than we could ever have imagined, but it needs to end eventually. After everything this show has done with penises, we didn't even blink at the nut elephantiasis. Arizona's prosthetics fitter is just the thing she needed. Tough love from someone who is not her wife or Alex is going to be good for her. We hope to see more of him. It's time for her to crawl out of that anger hole she's sitting in. Avery and April are still happening. Owen is in a dark place again. We know this because a) he moved into Derek's trailer and b) he's Owen.
Episode grade: A-

Scandal- Beltway Unbuckled
Ugh. We hated Fitz giving up on Olivia. We, like her, thought it would be a good thing. We've been rooting for him to give Mellie another chance, even though she's horrible. Now, we realized we were wrong. We chuckled when Mellie told the president that he was still having wet dreams about Olivia Pope. Yeah...we'd kick him out of bed too. The Jenny case reminded us of something we've been seeing on tumblr: lack of sympathy over a death when the girl was a slut. Fortunately, people still wanted justice, even though Jenny enjoyed sex with powerful men. Does that mean the only thing people hate more than sluts are foreigner's. Possible.

The storyline where Abby is turning on Olivia, falling in love with David, and helping him with his Beautiful Mind wall is fantastic. It could go anywhere, and it could get rid of a normally useless, judgmental character we hate (Abby). It looks like the baddies are going to be Big Oil. Snooze. How typical. We bet all these writers use oil in their daily lives. Oil companies aren't heroes or anything, but demonizing them is hypocritical. We all profit from that. Huck is five seconds from becoming a full-on Dexter Morgan. He's gonna need to give that six-month chip back. Can this end well?
Episode grade: B-

The Vampire Diaries- The Rager
We love hateful, rage-filled Elena. When she vamped out at Rebekah in the bathroom in the beginning, we were so pleased. Nina has a good monster face. It's still cute, but it gets the job done. We still think Caroline should train Elena, but Damon is the next best choice. Stefan doesn't know what he's doing. He's the worst at handling being a vampire. We'd rather be Damon than a ripper, just sayin'. Stefan can't even lighten up without risking major backsliding. So Tyler cheated on Caroline, huh? Not a surprise. Klaroline shippers, rejoice!

One of us has never liked Tyler. Never ever. Klaus is a much better option. He can take the Caroline character arc to more interesting places. We don't blame Tyler. It would be hard for a guy to pass up Phoebe Tonkin. We hated the fake out where Rebekah pulled Matt's heart out. Why would they make us watch that? Not cool, show. We love hottie Matt. The ships are everywhere this week. Matt and Elena met at their old makeout spot, there was tenderness between Caroline and Stefan, Klaus fed Elena, and Meredith has to end up with someone now that Alaric is dead, right?
Episode grade: B+

Arrow- Lone Gunmen
This show needs to do something more serialized, quick. We aren't digging the superhero revenge procedural. We keep wishing this show were about Oliver's more interesting best friend. We're glad Tommy and Laurel made it official. We meet and then say goodbye to a frenemy, Deadshot, who is also killing evil, rich people, but Oliver doesn't want help. The police bumble around again, finding and doing nothing. Some parents really don't know that kids crave discipline and structure. They may be yelling at you and whining, but deep down inside, they feel safe and loved when you enforce rules. Maybe Thea can stop being an a**hole now. We're not holding our breath. HOW DOES OLIVER SPEAK RUSSIAN?!! The best thing about this episode was Dig finding out Oliver's secret. We were mostly bored during this hour though. We only want to see island stuff if it's going to be more interesting than this week's.
Episode grade: C+

Supernatural- Bitten
The found-footage episode they've been teasing was pretty fun. We liked seeing Sam and Dean as side characters, cropping up randomly and being themselves. We loved the kids spying on the brothers and commenting ("awesome"). They thought Sam and Dean were a couple too, tee hee. This episode reminded us of the excellent, smart, and entertaining movie, Chronicle, which you must see if you haven't. The movie was better than this episode, but this was one of the more entertaining Supernatural episodes in recent memory. We're glad Sam and Dean got to show a little mercy, for once. We call shenanigans on the fact that Brian was perfectly hot and could totally have gotten laid. One of our major pet peeves with TV is that nerds and losers are usually adorable and would be cool in real life. Give us real geeks! We're still liking this season a lot more than the last one.
Episode grade: B

Revenge back on this blog weekly

So, Ern has decided to watch Revenge with Leeard again. We saw the most recent episode, and Ern decided Aiden is really hot, and he has a great chemistry with Amanda that she didn't share with the other guys. Ern wants to see more of this. We'll review two episodes Monday to make up for this week.

Basically, we will watch shows we otherwise hate for hot guys.

This has been proven time and time again.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here are Nashville and AHS. The other posts and tomorrow's posts might be's Halloween weekend!!

American Horror Story- Tricks and Treats
Well, it's safe to say we can never watch Babe again and look at James Cromwell the same way. The guy is seriously cracked, and we're grateful the prostitute escaped. Adam Levine is gone, after all the buzz about having him on the show. That was quick. Clea DuVall was also murdered by Bloody Face, who clearly isn't Kit, since he was locked up. We are sad to see both of them go, but happy the show isn't opposed to taking important lives in the second episode. We are fans of fast pacing. We rolled our eyes at the episode's kinky ending though. Oh Ryan Murphy, you would.

That exorcism was one of the most unsettling we've ever seen, so bravo. Also, it was great to see that Sister Jude backstory. It definitely sheds light on the way she is and makes her more interesting. Now the demon is in sister Eunice. We finally met Zachary Quinto's human psychologist. We suspect he's in for a dark fate. He's right about most things, but not the exorcism. That possession was legit. We want more background on the nympho, Shelly. Chloe is doing a good job, but when she talks, she reminds us of Velma Kelly in the Chicago musical movie. Not as scary this week, but still entertaining.
Episode grade: B+

Nashville- Someday You'll Call My Name
We want to reiterate: You don't have to be interested in country music to enjoy this show. Singing in a studio can be hard if you're not used to it. Singing live, you focus on power and hitting the notes right the first time. In the studio, it's more about tone and emotion. You don't have to be loud at all. Habit tells you to hit big notes though. Scarlett's problems seemed to be more mental thought. Ugh, we know that Juliette was going through emotional turmoil, but we hate that she stole something from a store. That's the dumbest thing privileged girls do. Just when she gets sympathetic, the show makes her unintelligent again. We have to give this show props for its original music, which is a lot better than the original music on smash. Everything Scarlett and Gunnar sing is pure gold.

We're surprised that Juliette opened up so much to Deacon. While competing with Rayna and admiring his talent seemed to draw her in, we think she has real feelings for him now. She turned off the vixen charm and got vulnerable. We kind of wish he had said yes to her tour. We welcome the return of the drug-addled mom. It could bring some good drama, and Hayden can sure cry well. Even when she does her "ugly cry face," she doesn't look ugly. Lamar needs to learn to be nicer to people. There's nothing worse than a guy who is bitter toward women (the other way around sucks too). Rayna's little girls are such adorable little singers. We liked their harmony-laden version better than the original. Avery posing as a good boyfriend just to meet Mr. White is going to backfire.
Episode grade: B+

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Girl and Happy Endings bring laughs, Parenthood brings tears (as usual)

New Girl- Models
This episode took on a relatable subject: What happens when friends change and you feel like you don't have much in common anymore? Plotwise, nothing happened, moved forward, or cropped up. There was no new side to any character and no development. However, this episode was hilarious. We loved the jokes about butt drinking and bra stuffing, the Russian monkey cartoon, and Nadia saying "YOLO." Can that die please? Whoever said that's just "carpe diem" for idiots was so right. The Russians are racist toward Romanians! Ha. Jess's physical comedy when she was modeling didn't work for us; we hate when Jess is turned into a stupid incompetent who can't do anything but be cute and clumsy. Idiot Jess hasn't made an appearance in a while. Here's hoping the show learns to retire her and bring Smart, Dorky Jess back around forever. We love all forms of Nick. He was great in this episode.
Episode grade: B+

Parenthood- I'll Be Right Here
THIS IS A HOUSE OF LIES. They didn't tell Haddie about her mom's remaining cancer. Although we get them wanting her to stay in school, they could really use her help with the baby, and it's just a semester. Also, Haddie will find out and trust will be broken. Does this season just exist to make us cry? Amber and her new boy don't have a whole lot of chemistry, but the awkwardness of their first date and its aftermath was realistic and comforting. There's nothing like dating to send a lot of people to the chocolate cake and television (just ask this blogger, who finds the whole thing just painful). Amber was a lot better with that politician, but we're not averse to this new relationship. We like that Ryan was direct, and Amber took it well.

We are so glad that Max won his election. This show has improved since the first season on its treatment of Asperger's. When Max was first diagnosed, his parents mourned like he was dying and talked about how there was something wrong with him. While we know it can't be easy to have a child who doesn't seem to connect with you on the level that a "normal" child does, we sort of cringed at the idea that Max was defective. It takes all types to run a world. In Max's speech, he recognized the things about his personality that work for him. He doesn't like to lie and he's focused. There are aspects of that condition that can be advantages, just like there are things that make it hard in lots of situations. That's why you learn coping skills, not to think of your entire personality as some disorder. We'll get off the soapbox and back to Max now. He expressed happiness at being the way he is. It was perfect. Look out world, here come the vending machines.

We are glad Crosby didn't forget the dinner. We are just now starting to not hate him, and that would have put us over the edge. We feel like Julia and Joel constantly get the shaft on this show. We bet if you took the screen time of all four main siblings and added it up, Julia's screen time would be the least. We don't know how we're feeling about Sarah and Mark lately. Drew is a whiner, so who cares about him right now. We're questioning whether that couple is even good together anymore. What do they even talk about besides spur-of-the-moment plans to co-habitate and/or procreate? Give us more Hank.
Episode grade: A-

Happy Endings- Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires
Ah, Happy Endings. The best show about six friends since Friends. In the premiere, Alex and Dave decide to be exclusive and accept that they are a serious couple, Jane finds out that Brad is secretly working, and Max "misery's" Penny in order to get a date, but she busts him. But this show isn't about plot; it's about the zingers, wordplay, fast jokes, and quirky tone. The dialogue is fast, and the characters are likable. We're glad Penny is out of the half-body cast. That would have gotten old if it went on for more than one episode. Also, the puppet thing is better left to GOB on Arrested Development. Oh, Franklin... The episode was alright. It wasn't as funny as most of this show's efforts, but there was nothing too wrong with it. We thought it was dumb when Brad took his briefcase in the bath though (unless it's waterproof).
Episode grade: B-

No Mindy Project this week.

Pretty Little Liars- This is a Dark Ride

By JJ Duncan (Ashley Benson) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Even if we could forget that PLL was having its Halloween special this week, we'd be reminded when the blog's stats doubled. Y'all love you some PLL, and we don't blame you. We need to update that summary...We don't know about you guys, but we would totally go out with the guy who pretended to be dead-and-buried Alison. Since the agreement was to dress up as a character from a movie, it's perfectly reasonable for Hanna to think Aria was Daisy from the movie and not the book. Also, Aria doesn't think it's okay to play dress up for her man when it's not Halloween? Wow, you're a lucky man, Ezra. Costumes? Yeah, no, that's too far. What WILL she do then? Teen show, teen show, stop typing. Moving on... They should have known Noel wasn't really choking because he could make noises.

Ashley was lookin' fly in that wig. Maybe short hair is a good option for her? It makes her look younger. The ghosts stuff was annoying. Ghosts aren't in the PLL mythology. It's not that kind of show. Is that even going to lead anywhere or be important? The girl was from the twins story Alison told last Halloween. Aria, this is why you never take your eyes off your drink when you're out. There might be trouble for Ezra from this night, which could be good.

Yeah...because Adam Lambert would get to Rosewood. Whatever. It's even more unrealistic that he would talk to Aria during his break and not one of the 10,000 hot guys on this show. We found out that Byron was talking to Alison the night of her death, and Jenna thinks Garrett killed Alison, but he didn't.  Garrett dies- good riddance. He was no one's favorite character. They finally found Alison's body (probably).

Yeah, Pigskin! Fighting one of the A's off of Spencer was a bamf move. Was it Toby who tried to kill Spencer? That would be so sad. Toby, she was half a virgin when she met you! Caleb makes a much better Phantom of the Opera than Mona, who is a molester of other teen girls now, apparently. Most of the costumes were pretty great. We liked them better than last year's. Spencer's was the only one that disappointed. We wanted her to be nerdier and more creative than that. Who was buried alive at the end of the episode? It could be a flashback to the night of Alison's death and a hint that she's not really dead. We'll find out in January 2013.

This show is making us want to become an A team and terrorize people this Halloween. Could be a bad idea...we'll think on it. HEY GUYS WHAT IF ADAM LAMBERT IS A. Why does this show keep ignoring our PLL one true pairing, Spencer and Wren? Aria finally being attacked puts a wrench in our "Aria is A theory." They could explain it away though. We're going back to the twin thing as our #1 theory. Aria's hair is growing back from her cute haircut. Nooooo. Please let Ezra be bad please let Ezra be bad please let Ezra be bad....

Episode grade: A- for pure, campy Halloween fun

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Season 2 of Don't Trust the B

Not as good as season 1

Downton Abbey and The Good Wife. No Revolution last night :-( But PLL was tonight! :-)

Downton Abbey season three, episode six
Oh, sob, she really is dead. Last week really did happen. This is the worst thing to happen to any of our shows all year. We almost started crying when Branson wanted to name his baby Sybil so that he could "think of her mother every time he looked at her." And of course the baby should be Catholic until she's old enough to decide for herself. Raising a child in a specific faith or no faith at all is a parent's prerogative. We're with Cora; who needs ol' what's his name (the dad) anyway? Matthew could manage the house and money better, he almost cheated on his wife (ew), actually kissing is cheating so he did (double ew), he's mean to Branson, he ratted out Isobel and Ethel, and he killed Sybil. We think we have a new least-favorite character.

We love Mrs. Patmore for trying to help Ethel, and also for telling the whole kitchen, "You're all in love with the wrong people." Bah hahahaha even Violet didn't leave Isobel's dinner after her son came in and acted like an assclown. We love Violet. Branson with the baby? Does this show want us to melt and cry into our ovaries? Bates will be free. Meh. Daisy, take the offer. Oh yeah, the dad's name is Robert. Ha, that's one of our dad's names. When they cried together at the very end, we stopped hating him. A little.
Episode grade: B

The Good Wife- Don't Haze Me, Bro
Alicia messed up. She hardly ever does that. This is why drinking is sometimes a bad idea. If you're wondering whether you should say something to someone, you're not going to be able to make the best judgment call in the moment if you're drunk. Jackie is losing her mind a little? Aw. Maybe that means Alicia will want to live with Peter again to comfort him. We loved the case of the week and wish the show had spent even more time on it. Eli is hilarious. We love when he gets angry and lashes out with his little body. Fortunately, there was no drama with Kalinda and her husband this week, making this episode one of the best of the current season. We haven't seen a bad episode of this show yet, come to think of it.
Episode grade: B+

Guess Which Show Has a Smoke Monster Now? (666 Park Avenue)

By Eva Rinaldi (Rachael Taylor) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
This episode was a small improvement over last week. It was weird at the end when we were rooting for Henry to make nice with the Devil. Once again, too bad the audience knows this guy is the Devil. We're glad Annie was alive in the beginning of the episode. Her story wasn't over. The stuff with Henry's bosses being against Gavin was getting old, so it's good that's over now. We were interested in Nona earlier, and that hasn't changed. She has some mute, catatonic grandmother, a stealing problem, and she's psychic. She's actually sympathetic too, which is what this show needs.

We're glad Henry shows backbone and tries to do the right thing. Now he needs to act honorable in a way that will touch our hearts a little. That's what's going to make us care about him. Hopefully the show writers know that. If we had cared about Annie before she got shot in the face, rather than just thinking she was a dimwitted, annoying liar, that death would have been good. Having some action at that party was a good idea though. It was also nice not to see that awful, weakling playwrite.

Jane needs to realize this place is haunted or at least report the creepy little girl roaming around her apartment. There's no in-between there. Either it's real, you're crazy, or it's haunted. C.S. Lewis's Narnia books taught us that (in completely different words, of course). We found out what's inside the suitcase. A smoke monster that sometimes turns into a man. Is it sad that we loved LOST so much that this actually makes us excited? The guy he morphs into looks appropriately evil too. Good casting.

We don't care about anyone on this show, but it isn't boring, so we're still watching. We're starting to lose hope that it will stay on the air or become one of our favorites though.
Episode grade: B-

Monday, October 22, 2012

We watched Once Upon a Time, Dexter, The Walking Dead, and then Homeland. Revenge shouldn't have had to follow that.

Once Upon a Time- The Crocodile
In the first ten minutes, we knew we were going to like this one, despite its characterization problems. Belle, Rumpy, Rumpy's wife, cute preschool Bae, and guyliner-wearing Captain Hook. It was nice to see Helena Peabody from The L Word. She's so pretty. Her character, Milah, didn't totally gel for us. We liked that she regretted leaving Bae, but we need to know why she married Rumpy in the first place, and we also need a flashback episode with her where she isn't so heartless toward people she's not in lust with. Our confusion at Milah's behavior is nothing compared to our head scratching over Belle's father's antics. You can't just have people act crazy for no reason and have us believe them as characters. We don't think it was cowardly for Rumpy to turn down the duel (even though he's been cowardly in other episodes). It was smart, because if he had lost, who would raise Bae? We're glad Belle finally grew a pair. Librarian is the perfect job for her. This episode was a clever twist on the Captain Hook story, introduced a good new antagonist, and entertained us. If only Moe and Milah had acted like humans.
Episode grade: B

Dexter- Run
We didn't like the romantic feelings between Deb and Dex resurfacing, but seeing Deb bait that criminal until he confessed made us love her again. Deb was being ridiculous about the Rita stuff, and Deb's mostly upset about Dex because his condition means that he might not be able to love her. That forced suicide was so sad, but such a gripping scene. We also loved when Dexter was being chased through the rigged building by Speltzer. We are dying to know more about Hannah. The baddies are closing in. We love that Dexter has grown out of his blood slides, and Deb was "glad" that Dexter killed Speltzer. We are so happy with this show lately. What a comeback.
Episode grade: B+

Homeland- New Car Smell
WHOA. This is the action version of The Vampire Diaries. Whenever you think this show is going to drag something out, it hauls out gamechangers in the middle of seasons. This might be the biggest one so far. The previews for next week have us squealing, but let's talk about this week. Carrie is back in the game, hopefully permanently. We love the hot new guy, Peter. He's blunt and upfront, yet sympathetic and perceptive so far. Carrie will not back down, ever. Confronting him against orders was so right-on, and yet such an unwise move. We loved it though. Dana and Finn are perfect. Finally, a Finn we can get behind. This show is not afraid to change itself, move forward, and tell new stories, rather than repeat itself and keep us waiting for big, gripping scenes.
Episode grade: A+

The Walking Dead- Sick
How hilarious was it that the inmates didn't know half the world was wiped out? Hershel's daughters crying over him broke our hearts a little, so we're glad he lived. We're hoping he doesn't mope around, get all depressed about his leg, and drag everything down. It was disgusting when Carol practiced the C-Section on a walker. We guess that makes them useful for something. We're not Lori haters, believe it or not. We're kind of over people calling the AMC wives "bitches" and wishing they were dead. We're glad Rick was nice to her. It's weird to see Carl all independent and capable now, especially since he still speaks with that stilted, annoying tone so prevalent in child actors on TV. This season hasn't been boring yet! Yay!
Episode grade: B+

We tried to watch this right after that great Homeland episode and only got 15 minutes into it. We think this show has lost its week-to-week status here. We will still watch it (it's worth watching), but we will do it five episodes at a time/let them pile up, and we'll talk about the season at the end. One of us hates this show and one of us won't blog it weekly alone.