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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Glee- Season four, episode 11

Sadie Hawkins- The midseason premiere was the dullest thing. Glee always makes a bigger deal of things than it should. A Sadie Hawkins dance is hardly a symbol for female empowerment in 2013 when asking out guys isn't as uncommon as it was when those dances were first invented. Also, girls like to be pursued and guys like to do the pursuing. Don't scream "gender stereotyping" at us. We usually hate that stuff, but when it comes to courting and mating, there are real differences between the sexes. Rebelling against the romance games because they are sexist is like rebelling against the sky for being blue: well intentioned (the sky would look so much better if it were purple), but pointless.

The Vampire Diaries- Season 4, Episode 11

Catch Me If You Can- We were going to double up on this show for next week, but a commenter wanted this week's post now. More proof of how much comments affect us, haha. The episode opens in the bar full of dead people. Klaus tells Jeremy to kill them before they all kill Matt, which he is going to compel them to do. Jeremy kills one as he and Matt run to the lake house, and Elena saves Matt from another. Damon also helps. The vampires can't get into the house, they are safe for now.

Ern Reads Every Stephen King Book Post 4: Rage

Yes, I'm still doing this. I just got stuck on this one. You see, it's a hard book to GET. Also, I feel guilty for reading it, because I don't think King would approve.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girls renewed. Don't Trust the B, Ben and Kate yanked

Rejoice and grieve.

American Horror Story- Season 2, Episodes 11-13

These episodes sped things up. The two before the finale felt a little all over the place in comparison with the detailed, slower season we've been used too. Episode 11 spans seven months, and it seemed like the 12th season took up a decade. The finale brought us to the present day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Parenthood- Season 4, episodes 13-15

Parenthood season four has ended. Too short, right? We guess the show got through everything though. We hope there's a season five, if only to give Sarah some semblance of a future, but if there isn't, most things ended pretty well. Let's go through the characters' doings in the last three episodes.

Drew and Amy- We knew Amy was pregnant way before the show told us, and we think everyone else did too. We also think, in reality, that Drew would have told his mom what he was stressed about when she came into his room to check on him. Kids WANT their parents to ask about what's really bothering them. Maybe they will act out or sulk to get their parents to notice. They don't always know how to approach parents with problems. We think Drew would have cracked.

Pretty LIttle Liars- Season 3, Episode 16

Misery Loves Company- This was a big one. The end of Spoby, Meredith losing it epically, and answers about Byron. But let's back up. Aria is sick on the couch, looking "terrible" in Spencer's opinion. She just doesn't have any pink makeup on. The staff at PLL has been generous with the foundation, trying to make her look pale and shiny. It doesn't work at all, because she's still gorgeous. When we normal people are sick, we're splotchy, our hair sticks up everywhere, there are little crusty things under our noses, we have a giant onesie on, and our eyes look like dead marbles. Ultra-terrible.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Following- Season 1, Episode 1

Pilot- Thoughts for people who HAVE seen this are after the jump. This first part is spoiler free though.

This show is about a retired FBI agent who is called back to look for an escaped serial killer. The criminal is a former English professor who killed a bunch of his students. Worst professor ever, right?  Also, he has a bunch of crazy followers who are willing to do insane things for him. The killer is obsessed with Poe, and we think it would have been more interesting if the killer were obsessed with multiple writers and ideas.

Ten minutes in, we already knew we loved this pilot. It was fast-paced and we cared pretty quickly. We didn't really want to watch this show because it had a boring name, but then we heard that LOST actress Maggie Grace was in it, and we think she picks good things.

Also, of course, Kevin Bacon, who is great in this. We spotted Rome and Justified veterans too. Once we found out the reason this show is called "The Following," we liked the name.

Yeah, there are a lot of cliches, like the damaged hero and the genius killer, but those are traditions because they work. Even with those staples, this show doesn't feel tired. The killer's cult is what separates this villain from Hannibal Lecter, although Hannibal was a lot more charming. This guy is too loud, talkative, and in-your-face arrogant.

We don't know if they picked the right actor to play the killer. The casting of James Purefoy might be our only complaint. He's good looking, as he should be, but he should also be more charismatic and terrifying.

The show is not afraid to be gruesome and very dark. Of course, this is the network that brought us the disgusting first season of Fringe, so we shouldn't be surprised. (We have GOT to watch that finale, by the way. We're the worst.) It's also pretty creepy. Even the flashbacks are creepy. Don't bother with this show if you can't stand violence.

We can see quickly that this will be a crowd pleaser rather than critic bait, kind of like 24 was. We can tell this show is dangling itself in front of an audience that isn't familiar with Poe or really can't process a remotely deep analysis of his work. A baddie literally writes NEVERMORE on a wall, in blood. THUNK. Der. We like when TV assumes its audience is smart and well-read, like LOST did. Still, we were highly entertained through the entire hour. If the show can keep up this level of quality, it will be one of our favorite shows. Can't wait for next week.

Episode grade: A-

Monday, January 21, 2013

Girls- Season 2, episode 2

I Get Ideas- We love Girls and one of us is pretty liberal, but we thought Hannah's comments about Republicans were so rude. Poor Sandy! In the first place, one of us was a hard core Republican in high school with a literal cardboard cut out of George W. Bush riding in the passenger seat of our cars. Even then, that blogger didn't support the death penalty. Hannah just assumed that because Sandy was a Republican, he agreed with them about everything.

Sandy felt awkward, judged, and didn't want to get into it. We liked that Dunham wrote him as a nice, normal guy instead of the spawn of Satan though. Also, Lena said, "Hannah acts like she has a political issue with him, but what she actually has is an issue with him not liking what she does...she feels like she should receive universal praise." Fair enough.

Once Upon a Time- Season 2, episodes 11-12

The Outsider- Last week, we had Belle lose her memories of Rumpy which, while sad, could not have made us happier. That means that the beast will have to win back beauty again. If you remember, we weren't all that happy with how they fell in love the first time. It seemed rushed, unromantic, and underwhelming. We want to love this couple even more than we already do. Giving Rumpy a chance to win Belle back fresh and start over gives the viewers a shot at seeing the love story we think these two deserve.

We also liked Belle and Mulan working together, as well as the cliffhanger of someone crashing into Storybrooke. We also liked that even though Belle disobeyed her boyfriend and put herself in harm's way, she didn't ruin everything in this episode. In the flashback, she saved Prince Phillip by being smart and compassionate.

Revenge- Season 2, Episodes 11-12

We triiiiiiied. We've dropped and picked up this show so many times. We just don't care anymore. After these two weeks, we've decided that Sunday is too crowded with amazing shows, and this one just doesn't cut it. Game of Thrones will join them in a few months. Maybe if this show were on a Friday. This show should have been a miniseries. We WILL check in on season finales and any other episode that actually gives some progression/answers. We feel like with all the mini missions and unimportant things that happen on this show, we can catch up adequately on the recaps and just jump into when people FINALLY realize that "Emily" is really Amanda.

Sabotage: C-
Collusion: D-

Shameless- Season 3, episodes 1-2

Last year, there was all this hope that things would get better. Frank was out of the house most of the time, Lip and Fiona kept talking about GEDs, Fiona actually got one, and Jimmy moved in full time. But things are darker than ever this year. It's depressing us a little, but we know disfunction is the whole show. Also, it shocks us and makes us laugh still, so it is doing its job. We miss Karen though.

Poor Deb. She's going to be so messed up. We feel even sorrier for Fiona because of her summer job. There are other jobs that pay that much an hour that you can get with a GED! What happened to bartending and waitressing? JEEZ! That poop scene nearly made us ralph. We liked the way Frank got back to the states, but it was interesting how the kids' lives were so much better when he was gone. We saw this week that as soon as he came back, everything went to hell. Part of that is Jimmy's difficult situation. How on Earth can he solve it?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our favorite movies of 1930-1989

We're finally finishing these lists. You can see 2012 (recently updated to include movies we saw late), the other 2000s, and the '90s if you click on the links, just in case you missed them. 

Our Top Ten Movies of the '80s (VERY difficult to narrow down)