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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Big Bang Theory - The Robotic Manipulation

So glad this show is back. This blogger has never actually watched it the night it airs, but then again, The Big Bang Theory has never been a "watercooler" show, so it's fine. That's how we recommend it to people, too - it's a fun show to watch, but it's just as good the morning/afternoon after.

Howard made a robotic arm unpack the gang's dinner. It may have taken 28 minutes, but it was worth it. Now we want one. But, as Sheldon so appropriately points out,"We must be cautious. Today, it's a Chinese food retrieval robot. Tomorrow, it travels back in time and tries to kill Sarah Connor." He really does get the best lines. We love that Wolowitz is using his robot, which is designed for use on the space station, to do something this mundane.

This isn't a novel thought, but Sheldon and Penny together is just awesome. He belittles her in almost every way possible, but they still manage to make it funny. Bravo.

We're pretty sure everyone knew where Howard having a robotic arm was going, but it was still pretty funny to watch. The end tag was great, too.

Episode Grade: B

Fringe season premiere review

This blogger got into Fringe this summer. The first attempt was a bust. We thought Fringe was a grosser rip off of The X-Files. (As the show goes on, you will find that the plot and what the team is investigating is very different from the goings-on of the X-Files, with investigating "strange incidents" and romance between the characters being the only similiarities.) But people said it got better, so we jumped back in, renting the DVDs. About halfway through season one, this show started to pick up steam, and now it is excellent. If you have trouble getting into shows that start out painfully slow, just read some recaps of the first 14 episodes, then start watching. But this is not a show that you have to see every episode of to follow, believe it or not, so you can just jump right in. We wonder how anyone got into this show from the beginning without forcing themselves to watch it, like we did. But now that it’s good, it’s very good.

In season three, the main female character, Olivia, is trapped in an alternate universe. Her friends and co-workers, Peter and Walter Bishop, went back to this current universe with the wrong Olivia (Olive). This episode dealt with alternate Walter (Walternate), the alternate universe’s Secretary of Defense, attempting to brainwash Olivia into taking on Olive’s memories through some scientific juice…or whatever. You kind of have to just go with things in this show. Olivia escaped Walternate’s clutches and ran around trying to get back to this world.

This episode was exciting and dark. It felt like 1984. You know, creepy and hopeless. In a good way. We even got a glimpse of the real Walter and his “son” Peter in the real universe, living with the mole, Olive.

If you like sci-fi, gore, humor, endearing characters, good acting, crazy scientific theories, suspense, mystery, nerdtasticness, and romance, read some recaps on Wikipedia jump right into this show’s current season. Or Fringepedia. That would probably be more detailed. If you area already a fan, get even more excited. This season is off to a good start.

Episode Grade- B+

Watch the premiere, "Olivia," here, as well as last season's finale hours:

The Office premiere review- Nepotism

We loved the cute intro (one of the bloggers LOVES lipdub videos) and thought what everyone did really fit their characters, especially Meredith and Dwight. The plot involved Michael hiring his nephew who everyone in the office hated. He hired “Luke” because he wanted his family to love him. This is something that happens in real life, haha. We thought it was a good idea with little payoff. We would have liked to see Luke stay and annoy The Office workers longer. We think the idea of a young, sarcastic brat of an employee deserved at least two episodes. Pam and Jim’s pranks on Dwight were amusing, but not as inspired as they were in the past. We like that the episode ended with Michael being assigned to undergo counseling with Toby. We liked Creed's Twitter speech.

The Office was in a creative slump for season six and most of season five (the episode “Stress Relief” being the exception there). This episode was about season four quality. It wasn’t the quality of The Office’s glory days (seasons two and three), but it wasn’t as bad as last season either. We hope that Michael’s departure and the storylines there will give the writers inspiration to bring some new gags into The Office…and then milk them for all they are worth.

Episode Grade- B- (and that's generous)

Watch the episode here:

30 Rock season premiere quick take

There were some nice topical digs in this episode. We loved the one about James Cameron. Matt Damon guest starred as Liz Lemon’s new boyfriend. Liz and Jack were both advising each other as to tactics to keep their lovers from worming in too close. They were also trying to destroy each other’s efforts. We love that pair. Jack said, “Would you rather let your boyfriend into your life or teach your cat to dial 911.” There were plenty of “would you rathers” in this episode.

This episode was right on par for 30 Rock. It didn’t have us rolling in the aisles or howling with laughter, but we were entertained.

Oh, and would you rather be with the person you love, but have to wear a shirt made out of their pubes, or be alone forever and wear what you want? Tell us in the comments. (We would rather be alone, quite frankly.) If you are a fan of the show, keep watching, because it looks good this year.

Episode grade- B

Watch it here:

Community season premiere review

Community brought in the big guns for its premiere, having Betty White guest star and immediately dealing with and resolving the Annie/Jeff/Britta triangle. Betty White played an anthropology teacher who was concerned with teaching the class survival and weaponry, for some reason. She immediately shot Starburns (who has added a top hat) in the starburn with a blow gun. We felt bad for Annie in this episode, and we think she can do better than Jeff. So can Britta, actually. Jeff and Britta shared the best bad kiss we think we’ve ever seen.

Shirley was upset to hear that Jeff kissed Annie right after Britta confessed her love for him. “What is wrong with you?!” she screamed. Jeff’s amazing reply? “Shirley, since you have clearly failed to grasp the central insipid metaphor of those Twilight books you devour, let me explain it to you. Men are monsters who crave young flesh.”

The last few scenes with Chang, as well as the Betty White/Abed/Troy rap version of “Africa” by Toto were pure gold.

The premiere was a solid and hilarious effort. This episode was every bit as funny as Modern Family’s premiere, if not more. We think Community is setting a new standard for fading shows like The Office. In fact, if you have been disappointed in The Office lately, this is a good show to check out.

The Vampire Diaries- Bad Moon Rising Review and Recap

Damon, Elena, and Alaric went to Duke University to look at Isobel’s research in an attempt to find information on the Lockwoods and Katherine. We love this show, because it doesn’t drag out what we already know by making it take a long time for the characters to catch on. About two minutes in, the main characters brought up lycanthropy. The three went on a research trip to confirm the information and find out more about werewolves vs. vampires. We were happy to see Alaric back. At Duke, the trio found a very pretty research assistant. I don’t know if anyone working on this show has actually SEEN a real research assistant, but they look less like models and more like they haven’t seen the outdoors in a decade. The research assistant recognized Damon and Elena (thinking she was Katherine) from Isobel’s research and tried to shoot Elena with a crossbow. Damon took the hit for her, making us wonder if Elena is going to start liking him again soon. Not freaking likely. After an amusing moment where she pulled the stick out of Damon’s back, she continued to snub him while manipulating him into helping her find information about her doppelganger. Damon was mostly concerned about the lycanthropes, especially when the research assistant (with whom they made friends, after the shooting) informed them that, according to legend, a bite from a lycanthrope will kill a vampire.

Meanwhile, Caroline was still adjusting to her transition, and Stefan stayed behind from the research trip to help her. We love that Stefan let Elena go on a trip with Damon. This is just another reason why this show is so much better than Twilight. Controlling, weird Edward would never have Bella go. Just as we were wondering how Caroline is going to go to school when summer is over, Bonnie showed up with a day-walking ring and a willingness to do the spell, as well as a few threats. Caroline was having none of Bonnie’s cold smack talk. We are hoping for a Bonnie/Caroline showdown, where Caroline takes Bonnie on for being such a shrew lately. For now, Caroline’s main concern was that she “doesn’t get to pick the ring she has to wear for the rest of her life.” Very Caroline, but we sympathize. Stefan informed us that Caroline’s emotions and personality are going to be amplified. Oh dear. In the middle of the episode, she was starting to remind us of Bill’s annoying protégé on True Blood, but then she calmed down.

There was a little run-in with a new girl, Amy, who is after Matt. Caroline compelled Amy to go find someone single to flirt with, and Matt got upset, thinking Caroline was running too much drama. Caroline apologized to Matt later, promised that there would be no more drama, and started kissing him at night, in the woods. Somehow, Matt cut his wrist. We think it was on a tree. This prompted Caroline to start eating him, until Stefan stopped her. Then there was a little run-in with Uncle Werewolf Mason where a finally useful Tyler saved the whole crew. Tyler ended up discovering the truth about his uncle. Caroline compelled Matt to think he was attacked by a wild animal. Later, at the town restaurant everyone seems to like, Caroline saw Amy talking to Matt again. Realizing that she can’t be in a relationship until she figures out her new inhumanity, Caroline freaked out about Amy again, purposefully causing Matt to dump her. That was really mature, especially the way she went about it. If she had dumped him, it would have hurt him. This way the only person really hurt was Caroline. She is really starting to become a useful and likable character this season.

At the end of the episode, Damon gave Elena a book on Katherine that he picked out of all the research. Damon was honest with Elena about the Jeremy incident from the premiere. He even apologized. But it wasn’t enough for our heroine, who said that Damon had lost her forever. Damon called Elena out for using him by making him think there was hope for their relationship. Alaric hooked up with Aunt Jenna. Katherine appeared at Caroline’s bedside, saying, “Don’t be frightened. We’re going to have so much fun together.” Love.

We liked this episode, because there was a lot of good Damon/Elena time. They flirted, he saved her, and the episode ended on an intriguingly cold note with them. It opened up lots of potential storylines for Matt and Caroline, who are quickly becoming two of our favorite characters. It finally got the werewolf thing out in the open to everyone. And the werewolves don’t look like large Chihuahuas like in Harry Potter! Plus, Katherine is back. The makers of this show are not interested in giving us filler episodes, and we are grateful.

Episode Grade: A

Undercovers pilot review

We wanted to watch this show for two reasons: 1) J.J. Abrams made it, and he usually makes good stuff, so we support him. 2) We were excited to see a healthy marriage on television, because they can be rare. But we were disappointed in the dullness of the pilot. There was no real twist on the genre or cool premise to hook us. Undercovers is just “two pretty caterers go back to being CIA to rescue a spy.” There needs to be more to it, and soon.

But we were given a clue that this show might have a bigger endgame, because one of the agents who pulled the couple back into the spy life intimated as much on a cell phone. He said that he hadn’t informed the couple of why they were REALLY recruited.

For all of you who wonder if it will be possible to maintain tension in a show with no will they/won’t they love story, just remember 24, a show that managed to keep us hooked without many romantic moments at all. The center of that show was the action and intrigue. We would like to see Undercovers go in that direction in the future.

We are going to give this more viewings, because we think an actual plot arc needs to develop before this one can get good. We wonder if this show is going to have trouble finding an audience problem. No offense to guys, but it seems a little too clean and classy for the 18-35 male crowd. My grandma would be bored. Girls like a love story where the people are getting together through drama. It’s not for children or teens. It’s not nerdy enough to really appeal to Alias or LOST fans. Who is going to watch this? Us, for now.

Episode grade: C+
Watch this episode for yourself here:

Grey's Anatomy premiere review

-This episode was all about change. Derek stepped down as chief, Callie and Arizona agreed to move in together, Bailey dumped her boyfriend, Teddy has moved onto a new doc, and Cristina got married. The only person who never seems to change on this show is Alex Karev.

-We thought there was something off about the Hunt/Cristina marriage. When we first heard about it, we thought it made sense. It’s the right guy now, in Cristina’s mind. She’s a different person. Why not get married? But then we got a flash to the proposal which happened and got accepted because….Cristina didn’t want to be alone? Because she was still freaked out over the shooting? That’s not ideal.

-Also not ideal: asking Derek to be your best man when you aren’t really friends. What, did he choke all his real friends? (ok, ok, that was the last choking joke on this blog, we promise) And just a note to you ladies, it’s ok on TV, because we know Hunt is a good guy and living far from his home town, but if a guy doesn’t have one good friend of at least a year to be best man at the wedding, that’s a bad sign. It’s a sign that no one wants to stick around this guy. It’s possible that no one wanted to be Hunt's best man because he went blonde. We do not approve. This show has no gingers now. It was bad enough they didn’t let the guy use his natural Scottish accent. We love a Scottish accent….

-We did grin during the proposal though, but only because Hunt was being so sweet, reassuring Cristina that he wasn’t going anywhere. He is oblivious to the implications of Cristina’s freak out. Not as cute as the “I want to be around in 40 years” line, but still nice. The wedding was nice and drama-free too. We have mixed feelings and doubts about this whole marriage, but we don't hate the couple. Was it just the wrong time to jump in?

-Bailey’s baby is a little kid now, and he’s so cute!

-We have a new shrink, Parker, who is dating Teddy. We think he’s pretty hot. Man candy is 90% of the reason we still watch this show.

-We like the new bad boy Derek, but we know he is going to have a big crash after this adrenaline rush fueled by guilt. Also, it must be nice to never be charged for reckless endangerment, just because you do your job. Meredith was being no fun ruining Derek’s buzz. Let a man be crazy. It’s better than hearing him whine.

-Question for Cristina: How is wearing white at your wedding racist? Love you in the red dress though.

-We don’t think the actress who plays Lexie (Chyler Leigh) pulled off crazy.

-When is Alex going to grow up? We loved Lexie’s burn to Alex: “You’re the opposite of bad ass. Whatever that’s worth.”

-April has a redeeming moment when she tells her fellow doctors that, at the cafeteria, someone called her Dr. Reid and said, “I thought you died.” Nice.

-Meredith confronting the shrink for dating Teddy was funny. “That was creepy and inappropriate…I’m not interested in learning how love blooms over day-old hot dogs.” We also loved Meredith confronting Cristina for reading a wedding magazine about flowers rather than wanting to watch a surgery.

-What is up with Pathetic Cristina, who got married mostly to “feel/be normal”? We fear for this marriage already. Let’s face it, Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t have a great track record with marriage. It’s essential on TV and in life that you get married for the right reasons. Maybe this relationship ISN’T a forever relationship like we thought, based on the last two seasons of drama.

-We only recently realized that Hunt was in the movie Trainspotting. How slow are we? We’ve been watching that movie and this show for years.

-And what is up with Pathetic Bailey? We are ready for her to be awesome again, please.

-After two years of moaning and groaning about Hunt, judgy Meredith finally accepted the relationship right before the wedding. Way to get on board with your best friend at the last second, Meredith.

-We still love the funny Sloan/Callie dynamic, although it’s such a waste that Sara Ramirez doesn’t sing more on this show. If you don’t know she’s a Broadway alum, YouTube her in the Monty Python musical.

This episode brought the humor and heart, but it left us feeling uneasy about the show, the characters, and the future. But maybe that’s good, because it’s opened up a few new plot possibilities. And the best news is, none of them seem to involve Dead Denny.

Episode grade- B

My Generation pilot review (kind of)


Episode Grade- D

(Don't waste your life. We couldn't even waste our lives writing a full review.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Better with You pilot review

Better with You is a comedy that fans of the type of humor in Friends will enjoy. It started off rough and a little cliché. It made the joke that after a long time being married, couples don’t even talk to each other…or fool around. We think that’s sad, and we’d like that stereotype to stop.

The show is about three couples. Casey and Mia have been together for a little over seven weeks. Mia’s sister, Maddie, has been with her boyfriend Ben for nine years, and they are not married. Maddie shrieks “It’s a valid life choice!” every time the subject of their arrangement is broached. The third couple are Maddie and Mia’s parents, who have been married for 35 years. After about eight minutes, the show got pretty cute. We especially like the young men, Ben and Casey. A few of the jokes made us chuckle. We will keep watching.

Episode grade: B-

The Defenders Pilot review

After the other two premiering legal shows were so unworthy (The Whole Truth, Outlaw), we were not looking forward to the third new one. But The Defenders was better than we thought it would be. One of us is not overly attached to procedurals, and the idea of two flashy Vegas defense attorneys made us yawn.

But then we saw the girl from Derek’s brain surgery trials on Grey’s Anatomy. If you watch that show, you will remember that she was the first success of Meredith and Derek’s trials (the girl who wanted to have sex with her boyfriend who went into surgery). She was a good enough actress to make us bawl on Grey's, and she’s good here too as a brand new attorney. We are glad the actress is getting work.

The main lawyers in the firm are Nick and Pete, and in the pilot, they defended a young man charged with murder. We found ourselves caring about the trial and the defendant. We chuckled at the lawyers’ tricky tactics in trying to get the young man off. We held our breaths as the verdict was read. We won’t give it away. This pilot brought tension, heart, and laughs. It was a lot of fun, for what it was.

Episode grade: B

Modern Family- The Old Wagon Review

If you didn’t get the hint from the Emmy Award wins that you should watch Modern Family, consider this another bulletin. This show is funny. This show is sweet. This show is possibly the best comedy on TV right now. The premiere continued in the vein of last season, with more one-liners and chuckles in one 22-minute episode than most comedies have in three.

This episode chronicled Mitchell and Cam trying to build a backyard princess castle for their adopted daughter. Cam’s dad helped out, and Mitchell tried to keep Cam away from the project without insulting him, because Cam is terrible with tools.
Meanwhile, Claire got Phil to try to sell their old car, but then she got choked up because of all the memories the car and its contents invoked. Phil tried to take the family out on a trip like the family used to take in that car when everyone was younger. It was a funny disaster, but the end was sweet. Gloria got jealous when Manny brought home a little girlfriend who was convincing Manny to listen to her suggestions, rather than his mother’s. It’s a testament to the Gloria character and portrayal that Gloria came across as endearing and funny during this plotline.

We are going to start putting salt in our chocolate milk.

Episode Grade- A-

You do not have to be caught up on this show to jump in. You can just start enjoying it. Catch this episode for free here:

America's Next Top Model- Patricia Field Review

It was the best of ANTM times (makeover), it was the worst of ANTM times (all the girls really suck at modeling). But it was all really entertaining. Not much model vs. model drama in this episode, but that’s ok, because we still have Tyra. Tyra loves to randomly pop into the girls’ houses and/or lives, so she can hear them scream with joy. You could actually see the “here I am, see and worship me” look of expectation on Tyra’s face right before the girls saw her. She walked in dressed like a high fashion Dickens novel, thus, the first line of this review.

Tyra announced that this week was makeover week, and we chuckled evilly. Makeover episodes are among the most entertaining staples on this show. One contestant, Ann, decided to team up with Lexie and another girl to pull a prank on the girls. They put a fake list of what all the girls were getting done to their hair in the house, and many girls fell for it. Lexie even pretended to cry when she read that she was getting a big, red afro. Lexie sure can act. Sadly, acting is not modeling. You’d think it would be, but it isn’t, because Lexie is one of the worst girls.

The makeovers came, and we tried to peg the crier early. We thought it would be Chelsey, because they decided to widen the gap in her teeth, taking her from cute to duck-like. Chelsey accepted it sunnily though. Terra was the crier, and we had no sympathy for her, because she looked way better with her new, shorter hair. Does this girl have a mirror? The show embraced long hair, for the most part, adding lots of body and extensions.

Here is a link to pics of all the cycle 15 makeovers (before and after):
That link also provides pics of the photo shoot.

Most of the girls ended up looking much better. Lexie looked like she was balding before Tyra had her hair darkened. She should keep it brunette. Liz’s hair got even shorter, and now we can’t decide if she looks like a strong, beautiful woman or a really hot guy. Sara was the worst. They gave her blonde eyebrows and brown hair. It just made her look like she has no eyebrows. People really need eyebrows. Only Milla Jovovich can rock the no-eyebrows look well. Kayla’s hair was dyed an awful, orange-red like the girl in the movie “Run Lola Run.” We don’t think anyone could pull this color off, and the haircut was nothing we would ever want. But the haircut went with Kayla’s face, which redeemed the look. Chris was excited to get extensions, holding them up and boasting, “I’m getting the Beyonce weave. This is the good hair. You can’t buy this on the street.”

Immediately, Terra was cut for being a baby. As viewers, we do not support this. It discourages future contestants from crying on makeover day, which is HALF THE FUN OF MAKEOVER DAY. What are you thinking, show? Then again, Terra didn’t have enough confidence or talent to really pull this off. Chris took her sister’s departure hard the first day. Without Terra to kick around and overshadow, her strength was dampened.

The photo shoot was “fallen angels” who had fallen in love with mortal men. Hellllll yeah, bring on the mortal men. The guys were really hot. This was good news for everyone except Kayla, but she still ended up pulling off “runner up best photo.” Kayla was this blogger’s early favorite, and we think only wild-card Ann has a chance of beating our pick. We liked Liz at first, but she has turned into SUCH a complainer and know-it-all. Esther had trouble connecting with her model because “he looks like a sexy version of Jesus.” He really did! Esther felt that it was wrong. “Maybe it’s a Jewish thing. I don’t know,” she said. We cackled. Kacey kept trying to inch her hand closer to her male model’s crotch during the shoot. On set, she flirted with him, despite having a boyfriend. Naturally, the other girls judged her for this.

At judging, not to be outdone by the girls’ new hairdos, Tyra had her hair all puffed out with curly extensions, and she looked great. Take note Chris: THAT is the Beyonce weave. You think Tyra would give it to you when she could just keep it for herself? Patricia Field, the woman who dresses the Sex and the City girls, was on the judging panel. She had the nerve to tell one model that her shirt was “too much.” Ummm, have you seen the way you dress Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw, Pat? You can’t talk about too much. We love you though.

Lexie and Sara had the worst photos, but only Ann, Kayla, Chris, and Kelsey were halfway decent. Predictably, Sara was sent home. She is less of a character than Lexie. Plus, Sara has no eyebrows. Eyebrows are the source of your power/beauty, ladies. If you don’t believe us, take a look at any dumb trinket who over-tweezes . We felt sympathy for Sara, who felt guilt at the end of the night for letting her son down by leaving him and then not making it on the show.

Episode grade: B+ for entertainment

CW posts episodes on its site one week after they air. If you can’t catch it live, catch it a week behind.

The Whole Truth Pilot

One of us actually really enjoys procedural shows, especially ones that deal with cops or lawyers. This is pretty much her cup of tea.

The Whole Truth has a pretty interesting premise: it shows the audience both sides preparing for a trial. Not only do we get to see the charming, handsome defense attorney (Rob Morrow), we also get to see the no nonsense, by the book prosecutor (Maura Tierney). The audience also gets to find out the truth. Unfortunately, we don't get to see what really happened, but we were left with a big enough clue in the series premiere that there's little question.

The series premiere dealt with the rape and murder of a 16-year old girl. We're introduced to the main suspect, her teacher and debate team coach, at the very beginning of the show, as he's arrested in his home in front of his wife (who has cancer) and two kids. We're given clues throughout the episode, but it's done well enough that there's room for interpretation. While we're on that subject, the editing is very well done. The episode was generally easy to understand, even though with the changes in view point, it easily could've been much more confusing.

The result of the trial is predictable, but it was still enjoyable to watch. We also really like that we get to hear the jury's verdict. Some shows don't always do that (Law & Order), but we like knowing. Finding out the jury got it right is satisfying, but hopefully that won't always happen.

This blogger likes the dynamic between the two main characters. Obviously they have history, which is pretty formulaic, but it's nice to watch two good actors interact.

Overall, while there were some definite problems, it was a pilot. Most pilots aren't amazing (the exception being LOST), but this blogger is looking forward to next week.

Episode Grade: B

What were your thoughts on the series premiere of The Whole Truth? Are you going to be sticking around for another week, or have you given up already? Let us know in the comments!

Cougar Town - All Mixed Up review

Bold statement alert: Cougar Town is like The Vampire Diaries. Now, before you call Bellevue, what this blogger meant by that statement is that even though it's an amazing show, you're ashamed to tell your friends that you watch it. Why? Because its name is ridiculous. That's the only similarity. Calm down. But for those of us who have watched Cougar Town from the beginning, we know it's about much more than the main character searching for a younger boyfriend. Cougar Town has quickly turned into an ensemble show about friends, problems, love, but mainly about life. Jules is a very likable lead, and we wish her friends were ours. So for those of you who watch the show, keep watching! Don't be ashamed! If you watched the first couple of episodes, then dumped it, pick it back up, because the show has changed. And for those of you who don't, give it a chance, especially if you liked the humor in Scrubs. Anyway, on to the review.

We start the season off with a drinking game: combining two movies that share a common word (Free Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, for example). How is it a drinking game? They drink while they do it. Duh. We would be good at this. Unsurprisingly, Jules sucks at this game (Marmaduke Gone With The Wind? Really?), because they aren't using "the six DVDs" in her collection. Note to Travis: That facial hair will not go over well in college. Then, the best idea ever - 2 PM naps. How can you not love a show that promotes drinking at all times of day, and afternoon napping? It's impossible.

We love the relationship between Laurie and Travis (as long as you forget that she offered to devirginize him last season). Also, we might be crazy, but an Estevez Festivez sounds pretty freaking awesome.

Then Jules freaks out because Grayson has to have 24 hours off of their "Graysonship" (relationship) and goes running to her therapist, guest star Jennifer Aniston. Ellie is jealous that Jules has been telling this new broad all of her problems, when Ellie gives Jules the same simple advise anyway. "It's the closest thing I have to a job!" she says to Jules.

Jennifer Aniston's character starts out as a sage-and-incense-burning, spiritual free spirit with a crystal that stops her from getting cancer. But then she is revealed to be a woman who hits cars and doesn't leave a note. Then Jules finds out that her therapist bases most of her advice on her experiences with her dog. We liked Aniston's guest spot and thought it was pretty funny. One of her lines to calm herself down was, "My anger is a puddle; I simply step out." We're using that. Bobby and Grayson bond as Bobby realizes that Grayson may be dating Jules, but Grayson is still a friend he can talk to. The ending was really touching, too. We like Grayson, but complaining about spending time with Jules to her ex, who happens to still be in love with her? Not cool. We liked that Bobby told him so, too.

A few more thoughts:
-It is ok to wear pigtails at 15. Ern still wears them to law school when the hair just isn't working out.
-It is not ok to keep your boyfriend up at night when he has to take the bar the next day. Not cool. That's a hard, important, and expensive test. Though in all fairness to Laurie, he could've slept elsewhere.
-The only cougar left on the show is Barb, and we have to say, she is gorgeous. The only thing old about her is her haircut. If she grew it out, she'd look amazing.
-This show makes us miss our mutual drinking buddy. Move back here, C, if you are reading :(

Episode grade- B+

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Unexpected- Parents Unemployed

In this episode of Life Unexpected, Cate and Baze were informed by Lux’s school principal that Lux is failing out of the school. Lux had to get an A on her English midterm to stand a chance of passing, so Cate started helping her study. Meanwhile, Cate started looking for her next job and Baze interviewed for a position at his father’s firm. After much effort, Baze got the job, and Cate took a job producing her old show that Ryan and Kelly took over. Lux and her new teacher fought over what happened between them last episode and then made nice at the end.

Notes/comments for those who have seen it:

-We are finding Paige (last week’s bartender) more tolerable now.

-We were annoyed with Cate’s freak-out at Ryan and the fact that she thought she was too good for some jobs. Some people already think that Cate is shrill. This isn’t helping our sympathy for the character. We thought she was sweet and motherly toward Lux while helping her study. But making flash cards for Lux was the wrong way to go. Silly Cate, you should have told Lux what to put on the cards, then had her write it out. That’s how you force her to learn.

-We also had no sympathy for Baze having trouble getting hired because his potential boss heard his cell phone call in the elevator. Cell phone manners, people. If you force other people who are trapped with you to hear your annoying business, you must accept the consequences.

-We were interested in the plot where Lux is failing. We have already seen Rory Gilmore. In fact, we feel like most young TV characters seem to be going to Ivy League schools. It makes us feel inferior, which makes us not like the character.

-In Cate’s interview with another radio station, the interviewers kept talking about how most good morning radio shows have two people to create banter. It made us wonder if a jobless Baze could tag along with Cate and be his new radio co-star. That might have been a good idea.

-We think Baze should date his new boss. Their budding working relationship is so cold it’s hot, and we need him to forget about Cate for a while.

-We are not as creeped out by Lux and her teacher liking each other as we should be. It’s only six years of a difference, and Lux is a pretty confident girl. Any other time or place in history, and they could get married. It’s not like this guy is taking advantage of Lux. Darn this show (and Pretty Little Liars) for manipulating us into thinking this might be ok. And message to Baze: Way to catch that it’s creepy for Lux to go off alone with her hot, young teacher. This guy is oblivious.

-We are glad Lux felt bad for cheating on her test.

-We are still wondering what Ryan’s lies and secrets consist of after the premiere, but he was annoyingly perfect again in episode two. Don’t think we forgot about that, show.

-We laughed at Baze’s face when he first saw Paige and then found out that she was Ryan’s sister.

Episode grade: C

If you want to watch this show, you can pay for it on Amazon and iTunes and watch it on your computer. If you want to watch it for free, wait one week and go to the CW web site. If you want to watch it for free, now, use your own means. Just don’t tell us about it. :)

Detroit 1-8-7 short pilot review

We are just going to give you the bottom line on this show. No snark, no comments, no detailed recap. This is a cop procedural. It’s a lot better than Chase, and we loved the ending of the pilot. But we don’t have time for a show that’s not unique or special or just plain amazing. Some of the shows this blogger watches aren't much YET, but there is definite potential (Raising Hope, Lone Star, The Event). This show is great if you are already interested in watching it. It is also great if you love cop shows and can’t get enough of them. As of now, it is not a must-see, but it’s not bad either. This blogger probably won’t return to the show unless she starts hearing raves about it. The other blogger has yet to watch the episode and may like it. She has a thing for cops.

In the pilot, the main character gets a new partner and investigates a double homicide at a pharmacy. Two more detectives look into a lawyer’s murder. The cases turn out to be connected, and the murderer is a vengeful serial killer. If that sounds good to you, check it out.

Episode Grade: B-

Watch it yourself here:

Raising Hope Pilot Review

The premise of Raising Hope is simple: a young man has a one-night stand and ends up with a baby. Although his family encourages him to drop the baby at a fire station, he decides to keep it and raise it. He also names it Hope, which is better than the name choice of the mother (Princess Beyonce). The main character has a pair of screwball parents and a crazy grandmother. Once, this blogger’s sister asked her to give her an example of a stereotyped old person on TV, and it is too bad this woman wasn’t yet on air to give as an example. But the stereotype of the senile old bat IS funny on this show.

The young man only met the mother because his family ran out of ice cream, and they had a rule where if you were the last to touch your nose, you had to do it. This blogger’s siblings do that, only it’s more annoying because they shout “NOSE GOES” when they do it.

Other than that relatable moment, the show started out slow and unfunny until the mother showed up. If you haven’t seen it yet, we won’t ruin it for you, but the backstory with the mother is really funny. The supporting cast is good, and this was a pretty funny look at the kid’s first day raising another kid under his parents’ roof.

Many of the jokes come from how unintelligent these family members are. In real life, this would be worrying. On a show, it is just hilarious. This is good for fans of comedies like “The Waterboy” and My Name is Earl.

Episode Grade: B-

Watch the pilot here:

Chuck Season Premiere

Here are our favorite things that happened in the fourth season premiere of Chuck:

· "Buddy. This is not the opening of a TV show. This is real life."
· Sarah and Chuck are still a happy couple.
· Dolph Lundgren as the villain (and saying "I must break you.").
· Casey (obviously) misses Chuck. One of the bloggers will always maintain that Casey is the best character on this show.
· Morgan thinking that sexting means "sex writing". Not that it's surprising, because we highly doubt anyone has ever sexted with Morgan.
· Holy crap the new Buy More is AWESOME. And General Beckman is the new store manager. And there's a trapdoor going from the Buy More down to Castle. So really, we love everything associated with the newly rebuilt and vastly improved Buy More.
· Chuck kicking everyone's ass, and then actually being pretty intimidating. We really enjoy Bad Ass Bartowski.
· Ellie is pregnant! Not that it wasn't completely predictable, but this development still made us happy. Ellie and Awesome are going to make great parents (not to mention the child is going to be BEAUTIFUL).
· Chuck is a spy again (like his whole "out of the spy game" thing was really going to last a long time).

The only things that were missing were Jeffster!, Big Mike, and Awesome. While it's been a whole summer without them, one of the bloggers isn't missing Jeff and Lester too much. They were a little too involved last season, and we like them in smaller doses. That being said, hopefully everyone will be back next week.

Episode Grade: B

Did we miss any of your favorite moments from the premiere? Let us know in the comments!

American Idol Judges

They are Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. No surprise there.

Sadly, they did not get rid of Randy. Simon was the best thing about that show. Is anyone else ready for it to be over?

Running Wilde pilot review- Not quite "A Huge Mistake"

We are glad we get to see what GOB would have been like if Michael had given him any money. Speaking of that, did you catch the Arrested Development reference in the narration toward the beginning?

Running Wilde, starring Will Arnet (Arrested’s GOB) and Keri Russell, is about a rich trust fund guy named Steve Wilde who is still in love with his high school sweetheart, an environmental rights activist named Emmy. Emmy has been “lording having nothing over Steve for years.” Emmy has an intelligent, funny daughter named Puddle. Good casting there. That daughter looks just like Keri Russell, and she’s one of the most magnetic things about this show so far. The supporting characters are a rich guy who serves as Steve’s competition in life and the employees Steve Wilde has to be his friends.

In the pilot, Steve concocted a plan to get Emmy’s attention: give himself an award for charity. Emmy saw right through this, and prepared to go back to the jungle, where she was living with her daughter and activist boyfriend (David Cross). We laughed out loud when Steve relocated the jungle indigents to a resort, because he had to get them out of that hole (the jungle). They were frolicking in the pool with floaties. It was a riot.

Random girly thought: We loved Emmy’s watercolor-style dress at the charity award party. It reminded us of a short version of Rachel McAdams’ lovely Oscar dress this year. Take note, Gossip Girl.

This pilot was pretty amusing, but to give it more than an average grade would just show that we are biased toward anything reminding us of Arrested Development. The Running Wilde pilot was more chuckle-out-loud than laugh-out-loud funny. Pretty good for a sitcom whose title is a pun though. The set-up isn't great or original. We are a little disappointed in this pilot.

Average grade not-withstanding, we think this show has a ton of promise, and we think it’s something to keep watching. Don’t give up on this one too soon. There is only so much a show can do in a 22-minute pilot.

Episode grade- C

watch the pilot for free here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lone Star Pilot Review

We were not excited about Lone Star because of the premise. Modern TV loves an anti-hero (Dexter anyone?), but asking the public to symathize with a con man in love with two women might be taking it too far. The ratings for this show were low, so apparently other people agreed with us. Characters should always be well-rounded and should possess flaws, but people like to root for good to overcome evil sometimes. This is the appeal of movies like Braveheart and Forrest Gump.

But this main character’s life is not a box of chocolates, and he doesn’t have a lot of freedom either. Bob Alan (who looks like the lovechild of Jon Krasinski and Kyle Chandler - gorgeous, is what we're saying) is a Texas con man who tricks would-be investors into signing over their savings to him to get a fake piece of imaginary rock. He has a rich wife, Cat, with a spitfire, bad girl personality and a middle-class fiancé, Lindsay, who is very sweet. They are both very much in love with him, and he loves them both too. We're supposed to buy this because, you see, Bob’s conning ways are not HIS fault. His dad made him participate in his schemes since he was a young boy. We think Bob is lying to himself about his intentions and doesn’t know what really drives him. He thinks he is driven by love for his dad and two women, as well as a search for something real, but his actions reveal the truth. Then again, that dad seems pretty heartless. If Bob stopped playing his game, maybe he would reveal all of Bob’s lies and cons. Even then, that would mean Bob's motivation is fear, not love.

Bob’s shady, interesting, and powerful father-in-law offered him a job with his oil company, and now Bob wants to take it rather than simply pull a planned long con on the father-in-law. Bob wants to take this job and start living a straight life. Er…two straight lives.

Now, in order to cover up his former lies and live out his polygamous dreams, Bob has to steal from his father-in-law’s oil company to pay back what he stole from the people in Lindsay’s town, or he has to leave Lindsay.

Bob’s dad has him on a tight leash. When Bob tried to give up the con man life, Bob’s dad knew just how to manipulate him. He said, “You’re a con man son. This is what you do. This is who you are. I'm the one who loves you for who you are and not who you pretend to be.” In addition to the love Bob feels for his father, Bob has an identity to keep up. Identity is related to your purpose in life, which is central to being human. Without a purpose, real or shallow, people become depressed and lethargic. We all have bits of our identity that are false or harmful, but they makes us who we think we are. Bob is becoming who he pretends to be, and he’s losing track of what’s real and what he was intended to be. When we don’t know who we really are, we have to take on a constructed identity. Are you “a stylish, pretty girl,” “a smart guy,” “a devil-may care guy,” "a good person," or “the funny one?” Or is your identity your job, like Bob's? Is your identity, like Bob's, built on something you can lose if things go badly?

Bob’s father has encouraged his son to take this human behavior to the extreme. The strength of this show is that we can all relate to Bob. We have all felt the moment when we’re afraid our lies have caught up to us. We all want someone to know us for who we really are and accept us. And we all have had habits, fears, and parental pressure that keep us trapped. Before you write this show off because you can't stand the actions of the charming main character, ask yourself what you think is the basis of you. If you lost it, would you be you anymore? And what would you do to keep it?

We are rooting for this show. And we are rooting for Bob.

Episode Grade- B

Chase Pilot review- zzzzzzzzzz

We didn’t HATE this show, and we can see how some people might have fun watching it, but we certainly won’t be rushing back to our TV sets for it next week. In fact, unless we start hearing some significant buzz saying that it has improved or completely changed (like Cougar Town did), we may never watch an episode of Chase again.

There is just nothing special enough about this show to make us actually want to watch it. We would describe this one as brainless and heartless. In fact, this blogger might go as far as, “Should have stuck with studying constitutional law instead.”

Chase is a by-the-numbers cop procedural. The team of Federal Marshalls chase fugitives across state lines. In the pilot, a shady con man was killing people and robbing them. He was actually creepy enough to make the whole episode watchable. The main character is as bland as they get, and she has daddy issues that come from some “mysterious,” yet to be revealed backstory. Are you surprised that a female law enforcement officer on TV has daddy issues? Neither were we. We think we are going to be ok never knowing what they are.

If you are looking for a cop show, try Southland, not this.

Episode grade- F

You can watch the pilot for free here (at least for the time being):

The Event pilot review

The Event was an engaging, frantic, and eventful set-up for a bigger story, but not much more. There wasn’t a lot of time to get to know the characters or delve deep into anything, but that’s fine...for now. This is just the sort of show this blogger likes, where it looks like the writers are going to hide the ball for a while. If you don’t, then be heartened. The show’s writers have planned a big clue or reveal in each episode, and they want to have smaller story arcs every five or six episodes. They have also promised us more character development.

The pilot changed time and locations often, showing us different characters at different times and giving away different clues. We will attempt to put it in some sort of order for this review.

In Alaska, about 13 months ago, there was a detention camp holding 97 prisoners, including the prisoner who seemed to be in charge of them, Sophia. There, someone told Sophia that someone named “William” had been recaptured, that he had been in Los Angeles, and we learned that he had been gone for some time. The president hinted that the prisoners “may not be Americans,” so we think they are probably extra terrestrials.

Nearly thirteen months later, the main character, Sean Walker, took his girlfriend, Leila, on a cruise after asking her father’s permission to marry her. The father (Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls) interrupted Sean’s nervous speech with a laid-back, “Sean, relax. You have my permission.” On the vacation, Sean and Leila met an annoying young couple when Sean saved the female part of that couple from drowning. The couple got Leila to drink too much, so Leila stayed in the next day. When Sean got back to their room, Leila was gone and a new couple was staying in the room. There was no record of Leila or Sean ever getting on the boat. Sean started freaking out and getting angry. With things like “Boiling Points,” “Punk’d,” and my family in this world, this blogger’s first assumption would have been that this was a prank. But Sean recognized right away that this was serious—Leila was gone.

Blair Underwood (the doctor who dated Miranda on Sex and the City) plays the president. He’s coming across as a David Palmer sort, not an evil president. He talked about how he wanted to set the prisoners free. Sean turned into a nervous guy hijacking an airplane. Apparently, his future father-in-law was flying the plane into the house the President was having a party in, because “they had offered him” something (probably Leila). Sean begged Leila’s dad not to go through with the deed. We felt sympathy for the teary father who was once so easygoing. At the last second, the plane disappeared. Sophia, who was at the party, told the President, “They saved us….I haven’t told you everything.” Our minds weren't blown yet, and we aren't ready to compare this to LOST. But we were entertained, and we want to tune in next week.

Episode grade- B

Watch the pilot here for free on NBC:

Gossip Girl Double Identity Review

When the episode opened, Serena and Blair were still in Paris. Serena was wearing an awful gold jacket that reminded us of Michael Jackson’s clothing choices, along with poofy blue parachute pants. We were not digging it. Blair looked cute though, which was a good thing since she spotted old flame Chuck Bass while passing him in her car. That moment wasn’t as heart-stopping as we wanted it to be, but we are glad the show didn’t make us wait any longer to see them together again.

Serena found out that Chuck was still alive when the body she was to identify as Chuck's was actually one of the thieves who tried to steal Chuck’s engagement ring for Blair. Serena tracked Chuck down, but he pretended not to know her in front of his new French girlfriend, Eva. Serena stuck around for a bit and got the whole story from Chuck, and then she went to Blair to get Blair to talk Chuck out of running away from himself. Chuck has ALWAYS dressed like a rich 80-year-old man, and since his injury, he has a cane to go with his ancient ensembles.

Blair found out that Chuck was shot and that he had bought a ring for her (that he would not let robbers have). Blair acted like she wasn’t going to go to the train station to stop Chuck from disappearing, but of course she did. Meanwhile, Dan got back with Vanessa by having sex with her. Bro, you just had a BABY. Have you learned nothing about keeping it in your pants? But Dan’s baby, Milo, is so cute, and we love his little bear ears hat. Dan’s character has been so boring for so long, we don’t mind that he is saddled with fatherhood. It won’t slow the already crawling character down a bit.

The show’s writers managed to credibly get Blair into a beautiful red ball gown for her discussion with Chuck. Chuck expressed his wish to leave his old life and mistake behind, saying “I destroyed the only thing I ever loved.” Blair’s comeback? “It takes more than even you to destroy Blair Waldorf.” Amen sistah. Blair was at her best in this episode, convincing Chuck to come back and resume his life in a stunning scene where our hearts broke for both of them. (Did it look like Chuck was about to cry, but in a totally manly way, when Blair said she didn't love him anymore?) Also, those two actors make this show. Chuck decided to return to New York City, taking his French girl with him.

French Girl: You got me a ticket?
Chuck: We don’t need tickets. I’m Chuck Bass.

Wooooo, he’s back. Our pet peeve with Gossip Girl right now is Juliet. How can that actress be 24? She looks 30, and has no business playing a 19-year-old. (Stop it. Katie Cassidy is an amazing actress, and has been the light in otherwise shitty shows). Also, we are already bored with her scheming character. Can Blair take her down already? Serena returned home to find Nate with Juliet and Dan with Vanessa (and a baby).

Thank God the show left France. This blogger has trouble understanding words spoken in French accents. This episode is what we wanted to see in the premiere, rather than last week’s Serena/Blair fight. Better late than never.

Episode Grade- B

Weeds Boomerang Review

Last night's Weeds officially ended the slow slump the show has been in while the family was hiding from Esteban.

At first, we were disappointed when the cops from last week didn’t catch Andy and Nancy with marijuana, because we needed there to be drama or a game-changing event on this show already. It turns out they were just after their van, which meant the family had to move again. Silas, comfortable pretending to be a college student, was upset to leave his new life and girlfriend Kimmy. He “borrowed” her car. Yeah, she’s not getting that back.

Nancy ripped the earlobe off of a woman trying to steal Nancy’s pot money. Meanwhile, Doug feared for his life and prayed to God, “I tried…I tried to read the Bible, but it always felt like a way less awesome Lord of the Rings.” We dig this comparison.

Nancy was having trouble contacting Shane (his voice message was “You must be old if you aren’t texting, so leave a message, mom”), when everyone the family had ever wronged showed up at their hotel room. The moms Shane befriended called child protective services on behalf of the infant (resulting in a funny moment with Andy.) The woman with one earlobe showed up with her man to exact revenge on Nancy.

Then, Doug and Esteban’s men appeared and got Shane. The episode ended with Nancy learning this news via a call from Shane and sinking to the floor. This one started out very slow, but ended well. We are excited to see Shane’s murder catch up to him, and we are also happy to see the family leave their attempt at a normal life. We wonder if child protective services will end up taking the baby (they probably will), and we wonder how Nancy is going to get out of this mess, as usual. This new set up is MUCH more promising than it would have been if Nancy and Andy had simply gotten arrested for having weed trimmings...

This episode also dealt a little with Andy and Nancy’s relationship, establishing that Nancy has been dangling the hope that they one day might hook up in front of Andy in order to stop him from leaving them. We know they will end up together, in the end.

Episode grade- B (because there weren't as many funny parts as usual)

Monday, September 20, 2010

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Premiere Review

We’re glad to see this show again, and we don’t think the last season was anywhere near as bad as people said it was. It wasn’t the BEST season at all, but we still enjoyed it.

The show opened outside of a church where a wedding was about to happen. In the future. We got to see nothing of this “game changing wedding” except Marshall and Ted drinking beer. Then it flashed back to our present, where Robin was still reeling from the aftermath of her breakup. Her state was worse than Marshall’s when Lily left him (and way more disgusting). She cleaned up to prove to Barney that she was still hot though. Barney is still scoping women (especially if they are wearing sundresses). Ted made up with his ex, played by the awesome Rachel Bilson.

The show teased us with a possible “mother,” but we didn’t believe it, because this show has dangled that in front of us before. We don’t actually believe there IS a mother. It’s a hoax. Those kids were adopted by a sad and lonely, Bob Saget-y future Ted. Just kidding. Maybe.

Thank God Lily’s hair has a reddish tint again. Now if she would just lay off of the spray tans. Lily and Marshall are trying to procreate, but Lily is upset that Marshall told his dad they were trying to have a baby and generally gives his dad too much information. Barney sides with Marshall, admiring his relationship with his father. Lily then revealed that her real problem was feeling pressured to get pregnant. Marshall said, “Not having a baby would suck, but the idea of you letting me down? That’s impossible. That would be like aliens landing. That’s a bad example, because that could happen.” They are a sweet couple, but we think the “trying to have a baby” plot is almost a cliché on sitcoms. Who do these people think they are, Chandler and Monica?

Then it went back to the wedding, where Ted was apparently best man. The narration revealed that Ted met the mother at THIS wedding. Of course, the episode ended before we met her. One of us wants Barney and Robin together in the end. PLEASE let it be their wedding. We don't want Barney to be some sad Hugh Hefner type when he's old. If he would be happy settling down with anyone, we think it would be Robin.

We are underwhelmed by this premiere. This blogger tends to measure the worth of comedies by how many laughs it produces. This episode brought forth no laughter, only a mild amusement at the show’s strongest characters, Barney and Robin (and a nice moment between Lily and Marshall). We expect better later in the season....or else.

Episode grade: C-

Boardwalk Empire Pilot review

Every time this blogger tries to study, the TV gods put something else on that’s good. Boardwalk Empire is going to earn this blogger a D in business entities, guaranteed.

We were nervous about this one because, frankly, leading actor Steve Buscemi is an uggo. We like someone nice to look at when it comes to TV. But he IS a good actor, and we really like him in this part. We were also nervous because one of us is still mad at pilot director Scorsese for Shutter Island. That movie’s ending was a cop-out, and the whole thing made one of us feel icky the whole day after it. We weren't that interested in Boardwalk Empire's subject either. But this show is a lot of fun. It's like a classy, nice-to-look-at Goodfellas in the 20s. Why is it on Sunday nights? It’s just going to make this blogger want to drink and dance. And this blogger never wants to dance.

This series is about a man who profits from getting people liquor during Prohibition (which was one of the top ten stupidest government ideas of all time, easy). We are history nerds, and we love period pieces. This blogger particularly loves this era’s clothing and music. It’s nice to see all that in a series. We hope it pays off so it doesn’t get cancelled like Rome for being too expensive.

The main character, Nucky (Buscemi), is all for prohibition, because it is going to make him rich. He even spoke at a meeting of the “Women’s Temperance League,” where the women seemed to be swooning over Nucky. Their motto was “Lips that touch liquor shall never touch mine.” Funny, our motto is “Steve Buscemi’s lips shall never touch mine.” But enough about how unattractive poor Steve is. His character, Nucky, is about the nicest gangster we’ve seen in a while. He goes to great lengths to help a pregnant woman with an abusive husband (even if one of the ways he helps her is by having the husband whacked). The other main character is a young guy named Jimmy who is played by one of the actors who creeped us out in the horror movie Funny Games. Jimmy has a wife and a cute kid, but plenty of demons from serving in the military/war. Jimmy’s goal is for Nucky to give him more credit and responsibility. He hangs out with a young Al Capone, believes he is going to hell for how he acted in the war, and most of this plot relies on questioning Jimmy’s loyalty to Nucky.

It being on HBO, there is a lot of violence, gore, sex, and the F word appears not five minutes in, so our young or discerning viewers should steer clear. This show was devilishly funny in bits. The pilot episode had more of a plot than most HBO shows’ whole seasons. There are a few surprises we won’t give away. Also, they played Enrico Caruso in a stretch where people were getting whacked, which always earns points with us.

Not yet good enough to GET HBO if you don’t have it, but it could reach that level. We expect this show to sweep the Emmy Awards next year. This is the best pilot in a long time. Looking forward to next week’s show.
Episode grade- A