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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Important information for Pretty Little Liars fans trying to guess who A is and everyone wondering if the A will be a good choice/satisfying

Ashley Benson has revealed that A is not the same person as it is in the books. The show wants to “throw its audience off a bit.” They “twisted it.” When the cast got the script and did the cold reading, finding out who A was for the first time, “Everyone’s jaw was on the floor,” according to Lucy Hale. Ian Harding started laughing because he couldn’t believe it. Everyone was yelling and talking at once. Lucy said, “I think it’ll make people want to go back and watch the show from the beginning because there are clues and it all kind of makes sense.”

Supposedly, if you do a series marathon, the clues are all going to be there. If you re-watch everything from the pilot onward, it will make sense. Keegan Allen said that the writers did a good job linking everything and making it realistic and that everyone is shocked at who A is. Shay Mitchell says that the finale should please fans and that it might be her favorite episode. Keegan Allen said that the finale opens up lots of possibilities for the show.

We are excited about this, because we want to be surprised about who A is, but we also want it to make sense. The best twist is one where you are shocked, but then you look back at all the clues and wonder how you could have missed it. We know who A was in the books, and while it is a good twist that would do the TV series justice, it’s better for everyone that it’s different.

We are a little nervous that Ian Harding was laughing. The revelation should not be funny. We hope it was mostly shocked laughter or laughter in gratitude to the writers for making a twist so good. There is little chance that we will re-watch both seasons of Pretty Little Liars soon, because we have so much TV to watch. We hope that we will be able to remember most of the clues. It would be a shame if the only way to appreciate the revelation would be to go back and have a series marathon.

Finally, we hope there is another A for season three, or some other mystery that is equally as good. While the personal lives and dramas of the girls are fine and interesting, they are not enough to carry a whole show, in our opinions. 

ABC cancels Work It

We like this news and wonder why the channel thought this show was a good idea anyway. Anyone who saw the trailer before the show aired knew it was possibly the worst show ever made. Good job for not watching, America!

Let's hope Rob is next (even though it's nowhere near as bad).

Friday, January 13, 2012

New show - The Finder and other Thursday shows

The Office - Trivia
Are we crazy, or was this a decent episode? We liked Dwight’s initiative. The scene where he grabbed Gabe’s arm after Gabe pretended to flush a toilet was inspired. Yes, Gabe, you are a great toilet. After that, the Dwight storyline fell flat. It should have had a different outcome and more jokes after Dwight bested Gabe. We like that the “stupid” team won the trivia and the whole idea of trivia. However, we wonder what kind of business like that can’t do $850 in a day. We knew Dunder Mifflin was pathetic, but we hadn’t grasped how pathetic until today. This episode was a lot better than the episodes in the beginning of this season. We still think that the show should quit soon and let its considerable talent move onto projects that have no run their course. These writers and actors need fresh ideas. 
Episode grade: B-

Grey’s Anatomy - This Magic Moment
The doctors take on conjoined twins with great success, and Webber cheats Karev out of surgery, twice, in order to teach Karev a lesson. We totally knew he was playing Alex both times, especially the second time. Come on, Alex! The only heartbreaking stuff this episode was Teddy questioning Cristina for two full weeks about the Henry surgery so that Teddy could get closure. April, an annoying bystander in this storyline, continues to bug us. We love the growth of Cristina, whose patience with Teddy rivaled Job’s. Cristina’s been to dark places herself now, and it’s given her the compassion we’ve always wanted to see her have. Bailey wasted our time waffling about her relationship with that nurse guy. No one cares. It seems like all of Bailey’s storylines are on repeat. Does she even want a guy? Bailey should focus on her career, because only Shonda is getting gratification living vicariously through the romantic life of this character. Baby Zola took her first steps and is still cuter than most kids we’ve ever seen. This episode was filler, but after the powerhouse last two episodes that bummed us out, we needed filler. We realized that this show is eight seasons in and still not a waste of our time. That’s an achievement, despite brief missteps over the years (Gizzie, musicals, etc) Too much Bailey this week though.
Episode grade: C+

Parks and Recreation - The Comeback Kid
Andy and April adopted a three-legged dog, which guarantees this episode at least a B- in and of itself. Fortunately, we also got the gang walking across ice and depressed Ben the claymation-ist. We got a few chuckles out of this one, even though it wasn’t on-par with some of the other episodes this season.
Episode grade: B

Secret Circle - Fire/Ice
Man, The CW is really targeting emo, freak, and goth kids with Adam. We wish he were more our taste, but you can’t blame the channel for wanting some variety with its run-of-the-mill Ken dolls and obvious cuties. The lucky girl kissing Adam this week was Cassie. It was bound to happen, but we were surprised it happened so soon. Adam’s jumping from pining for Diana to going after Cassie sure happened quickly. In other news, Faye tries to steal Cassie’s dark powers and almost kills her circle members (except Cassie), an unintended consequence. Cassie and Adam found out that Jake is back in town after he interrupted their kiss. While this episode was eventful, it didn’t really grab us. It had lots of noise and that by itself is not good. We found out that the house the kids use belonged to Cassie’s dad, who did not start the fire. We think this show needs to focus less on “danger of the week” and more on characters and overarching plots.
Episode grade: B-

The Finder - “Pilot”
This is called a Bones spin off and it’s nowhere near as good as Bones was in the beginning. It also has nothing to do with Bones. Main character Walter Sherman spends his time finding missing people and things. He’s talented at it, and he does it along with a few sidekicks. The first episode was generic and forgettable. It’s not awful, but if you have more than five decent shows on your weekly must-watch list, you don’t have time to add this one too. If you are absolutely obsessed with Bones and would watch it without the Booth/Brennan love arc, go ahead and watch this show too. We think Seeley and Temperance are what make Bones worth watching, and The Finder doesn’t have them. It’s a regular, comfortable procedural. It’s going for a lighthearted, breezy, quirky tone. The fun characters might make the show worth watching later, but it’s not a must-watch yet. Wait and see, then catch up on the first season if it turns out to be a hit.
Episode grade: C

The Vampire Diaries - Our Town

There’s no way we can do a short post on this episode.

Ern jokingly deemed this episode “decent,” to Leeard’s retort that it was, in fact, great. But the more Ern thinks about the events, the more Ern realizes that this episode was brilliant. It took the show in a few different ways, breathing new life into it. Not that the show was dead, by any means. We just wondered what was next after the Klaus/Stefan stalemate. First of all, this episode was aptly named. With Caroline’s “funeral” (the dead girl looking back over her life), and all the emotional points it hit about growing up, moving on, and love, bringing our minds to the play “Our Town” was a perfect way to let us know what was in store.

We were pleased to see that Alaric is still training Elena to be Buffy, as hopeless a cause as that is. Klaus orders Tyler to bite Caroline, because his bite would be fatal to our Vampire Barbie. Tyler refuses and is happy to find out that he can tell Klaus “no.” Stefan and Damon have been killing hybrids as they come across them (we love when Damon pulls out hearts, even if it’s overdone in vampire fare).  Stefan goes to Klaus and tells him that if Klaus doesn’t remove his hybrids from Mystic Falls, Stefan will just kill them all, and he will start killing Klaus’ family as well. Stefan unexpectedly kills a hybrid right in front of Klaus, and it’s bad ass. Stefan is becoming the better villain indeed. Damon doesn’t like this plan, because Klaus will simply make more using Elena’s blood. Even according to Stefan, protecting Elena is Damon’s job now. Stefan lets everyone know that revenge is his main priority now, but we don’t fully believe him.

Caroline has straight hair in this episode. She looks older with straight hair. It’s Caroline’s 18th birthday, but she’s too bummed about Tyler, Klaus, and being 17 forever to engage in her usual revelry. We love the way that this episode broached Caroline’s sadness about becoming a vampire at this point. As awesome of a character as she is now, it’s still an important thing. Bonnie, Elena, and (slightly surprisingly) Matt throw her surprise party which turns into a surprise “funeral” in the crypt, complete with alcohol and reminiscence about Caroline’s most significant life achievements.

Caroline and Tyler are texting, which always happens when you are drinking and emotional about a guy. Tyler comes to the crypt to talk to Caroline. Tyler gleefully tells Caroline that they can be together, because Klaus doesn’t control him when it comes to her. They start kissing and, of course, he bites her. This whole “sired” thing reminds us of that Saint Paul quote where he says, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” Tyler is tainted with a compulsion to do what Klaus orders, what he doesn’t want to do, even when he does not intend to do it. We feel bad for Tyler and sympathize with him. After all, Ern made a late-night run to Taco Bell for six tacos last night. Ern has clearly been sired by the Minister of Fast Food. He exists! He crawled into Ern’s bedroom at night! (Shut up, Ern.)

Matt and Elena go looking for Caroline, and Stefan shows up in the woods to smash (human!) Matt against a stone wall and kidnap Elena. Of course, Matt ends up without even bruises, gets up, finds Caroline sick on the ground, and takes her home to Sheriff Mommy. Soon, Klaus shows up to heal Caroline, in return for Sheriff Forbes’ invitation inside and “support.” Klaus is trying to get on the good side of the town and council. No one saw this coming, but Klaus is sweet on Caroline. Is it wrong that we are soooo excited and love this idea so much? Klaus feeds Caroline her blood and tells her that there is a whole world out there for her to explore, giving her hope for the future. Caroline wakes up and finds that Klaus left her a diamond bracelet that is much more mature than the stupid (but adorable) charm bracelet Tyler gave her earlier in the episode.

Meanwhile, Stefan puts Elena in his car, force-feeds her his blood, calls Klaus and tells Klaus that if the hybrids aren’t evacuated, Elena will be driven over Wickery Bridge. This is the same bridge where Elena’s parents died, making this the ultimate diss to Elena. Also, Stefan was always protective of Elena’s choice to stay human in the past. Klaus agrees to remove his hybrids from town and Stefan stops the car. Elena yells at Stefan, who replies that he doesn’t care what she thinks anymore. It’s a heartbreaking, important scene. Stefan drives away, leaving Elena on the bridge. Damon comes to retrieve her soon after.

Damon drops Elena off on the porch. Elena: “You’re not going to kiss me again.” Damon: “I know.” Elena: “It’s just not right.” Damon: “It’s right. It’s just not right now.” Clearly, Damon is writing this show and he inserted himself in as a character, because he knows what the audience knows - Elena and Damon are right, in some wrong way. Leeard spent the second half of this episode crying, off-and-on. This week brought the emotional depth along with the action, and we love it.

In addition to the main events, Alaric spoke with Meredith again. She is a founder’s heir, she knows about the vampires, she has an ex who hates her, and that ex ended up dead in the woods. He was staked in the heart, but he wasn’t a vampire. The episode ended with Sheriff Forbes deeming the killing a murder. This twist is just fan-flippin-tastic. We needed a new wrinkle in this season. We also want to mention that we loved Damon’s eye roll at Klaus upon seeing Klaus at the town’s party. It was such a Damon reaction to not respond to his presence with fear or concern, but with annoyance.

Also, Carol Lockwood has been alive for about two-and-a-half seasons too long. We trust the writers though, so we wonder what her purpose is going to be later. This show always has a reason for keeping people alive. Does anyone else remember thinking Caroline would be dead by episode five? Bonnie, self-righteous killjoy for the ages, said goodbye to Jeremy, who left town after spending the whole episode packing. We felt like we said goodbye to him last week, so we didn’t care much. However, there was a possibility that Bonnie was going to tell Jeremy about the compulsion, so we were glad when she simply said her goodbyes.

We love Bad Stefan after this episode. We kind of didn’t before. Paul’s acting felt forced and we hated that the show was ruining one of the healthiest relationships on TV. But we like seeing Stefan be badder than the show’s big bad. He really got the ball rolling, plotwise, with all the bluffing. The best move for Damon right now would be to get Elena to just leave town and hide her from Klaus until her death. And for them to kiss. A lot.

Episode grade: A

Glee First Listen Fridays

In case some of you don't know, if you like this on facebook, you will be alerted on your newsfeed every Friday when you can hear next week's Glee songs early.

Or just go here on Fridays:

While we are here, we will tell you what we think of next week's songs. We usually change our opinions once we see the performances, but based on just first listens, here are the grades.

Summer Nights by The Cast of Grease - Mercedes and Sam sound great and improve on the voices from the movie. Some of the back-up people are more annoying. Overall, we give this a B+.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack - We were disappointed to hear Rachel in this, because it's already a dramatic song and her drama sometimes gets on our nerves. It's too "on-the-nose" for us.  It should have just been Mercedes, Tina, and Santana. Still. Lovely version, except the background music sounded a little "karaoke" or outdated. And the song is a little boring. B

We Found Love by Rihanna - We felt like this song really fit this show when we first heard that Glee was going to cover it. However, it is a currently overplayed hit and Rihanna has a perfectly nice voice. We don't think it's a necessary cover. They also autotuned the hell out of it, which is annoying. We also wish the show had brought some male vocals to this song. Overall, this is lame version and a wasted opportunity. C-

Wedding Bells by Fifth Dimension - Emma, Beiste and Sue are a great combination idea, so the song gets points just for that. This song is perfect for Emma as well. Now, most of us can agree that Emma's voice is not among the top 15 strongest on this show, but it's pleasant once they autotune it. This song is cute and has nostalgia factor, however, it's hard to listen to the whole song without it becoming shrill. B-

Without You by David Guetta - We love gender swaps, and this song is great for Rachel. We've complained about autotune on this show enough on this blog, but we must mention it here. A voice like Lea Michele's doesn't need autotune. This is probably our favorite song so far this week. A-

Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash was not available today for the listen, but Artie sings it. We are sick of this show's attempts at irony. We also hate Moves Like Jagger, especially now that we've heard it several million times. We know it will annoy us, however it sounds.

Next week is a bunch of Michael Jackson. While we love Michael Jackson's music, we are nervous, because the last time they did Jackson music was dull.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Racist Parrot, a Magazine Cover, and a Sleazy Reporter

Parenthood - Just Smile
Crosby acted like a big baby when Adam ended up on the cover of a local magazine, along with a piece on the Luncheonette. All the drama was worth it for both Adam and the viewer when Max stated that his dad looked cool on the cover. Does anyone else hope that Amber ends up dating that politician? And bring on a baby for Sarah! Watching her with a toddler will be adorable, and you know always wanted to see clips of Lorelai Gilmore taking care of baby Rory. This is the closest thing to that. Julia and Joel’s kindness and patience with Zoe is rewarded when Zoe’s boyfriend (now ex) signs the adoption papers. Yayyy. We like Crosby’s new friend and probably love interest. 
Episode grade: A-

Revenge - Infamy
This is one time where we didn’t think the revenge was bad enough. A man lied to and manipulated a child to help his career. He should have lost a heck of a lot more than his house and memoirs. Things are really starting to heat up regarding Jack, Emily, fake Amanda, Daniel, and Victoria. Finding out that Charlotte is (potentially) Amanda Clarke’s half sister was a twist we didn’t expect, but we feel like we should have. Either way, it’s awesome. Of course this episode was good. It’s this show. But this episode was so much better and plot-thickening than that midseason premiere last week. 
Episode grade: A-

Happy Endings - Meat the Parrots
Dave’s father comes for a visit, bringing his new girlfriend. Dave’s dad is dating Penny’s mom, Dana, much to Dave’s annoyance and Penny’s glee. Alex gets a parrot to keep her company in her shop, but it is constantly saying racist things. Brad, Max, and Alex investigate a Chinese restaurant that they are convinced is hiding a brothel. Because it’s this lighthearted show, they are wrong. The racist parrot was a stroke of genius, and we always like seeing Megan Mullally. This episode was another winner for this show. 
Episode grade: B+

A post about the new show Are You There, Chelsea? is forthcoming.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paul Rudd + Parks and Recreation

We heard about this a little while ago and we decided today would be the day to share the news with you who have not yet heard. Paul Rudd will be guest starring on Parks and Rec. Now, we love us some Paul Rudd, and one of us loves Parks and Rec.

But don't you think this is a perfect combination? Rudd fits the tone of the show perfectly. Most movie-star guests feel forced. We are expecting major cuteness on this collaboration.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty Little Liars - A Hot Piece of A

Whoa, Hanna is so protective of Caleb. We thought she was going to bite the other girls’ heads off when they suggested Caleb hack the phone. Was Ashley Benson’s yelling a little too much? It sounded inauthentic to us at some moments.

Emily is finishing community service at a crisis helpline. Is that REALLY a good idea? Having juvenile delinquents counsel people going through crises? It’s like the troubled leading the troubled. Ern mildly wondered if that was actually a thing you could volunteer for if you don’t have any psychological qualifications. Ern is pretty much ONLY good to people in a crisis. It’s important to mix tough love with coddling and good TV recommendations to distract you through the hard times, right?

One of our favorite parts was when Aria’s dad busted her for her inappropriate outfit. Knee-highs are total slutwear, not schoolwear. They are for Halloween and the bedroom only. But they are no more outlandish than what Aria usually wears. Mr. Montgomery’s intervention was long overdue. If we can get rid of the tacky feathers AND Ezra, Aria might become a character we enjoy.

We have mixed feelings about the Ezra/Aria plotline right now. On the one hand, it’s phenomenal to see the Montgomery parents saying everything we’ve been thinking about the couple and trying to shut the lovers down. We’ve been waiting for the Montgomery olds to find out about this for AGES. On the other hand, the show is spending a lot of time on their drama. It felt like nearly half the episode revolved around them. We thought creepy thoughts when Aria’s dad told Ezra, “You were there for my daughter in a way her parents couldn’t be.” Ewww.

Hanna and Emily spent time studying for/taking tests. How do these girls still have the time and energy to care about grades? If someone was stalking and trying to kill us, we are pretty sure our GPAs would take a major hit. Ezra cut Aria off, because of her parents’ threats to go to the police. Aria decided to act like clingy, depressed Bella Swan in the second Twilight book and never let Ezra go. She called him multiple times, telling him to be patient. We know a new guy, Holden, is now in the picture, but we don’t think Ezra/Aria are over.

We were shocked when the caller was Lucas. It seems like he is the person who attacked Emily in the greenhouse as well. We are kind of sad, because we liked him. Instead of going right up to him and beating the poopies out of him, Emily was all nice and advised him not to do something he would regret to Hanna. Of course, there is an obvious ambiguity here. Lucas’ words fit his love triangle with Hanna and Caleb just as much as they fit a possible collaboration with A. For the record, one of us doesn't think that Lucas attacked Emily in the greenhouse. 

How dumb was Hanna for going out on the lake with him? It’s one thing not to believe he’s bad. But it’s another to take obvious risks when you should be keeping your eyes open, due to warnings. Even though Lucas probably isn’t as bad or involved with A as he seems, Hanna jumped the gun and nearly freaking killed him. Heck, she might have actually killed him. She knocked him on the head with an oar and he fell into the water.

The episode ended with Lucas underwater, the rowboat overturned. Ern was ticked that there was a such a big cliffhanger. It’s hard enough to wait week-to-week. Leeard doesn’t mind cliffhangers if they don’t come on a season finale. She can wait a week. In other news, Jenna left for Boston to get an eye operation and isn’t talking to Garrett. Spencer made out with Toby (yesssss). Noel Kahn and Mona are dating again. So far, the second half of the season is delivering revelations and action at a fast pace.

Episode grade: B+

New Show: House of Lies

Neither of us were too inclined to watch this show. One blogger just had little interest in the topic and show in general, because she knew that it would have lots of pointless, gratuitous sex (she was right, by the way). Also, she heard that it would be hard to find characters to root for. These people lie to and screw over other people who lie and screw people over. The other blogger was wary of how Showtime would handle her actual (future) career. The presence of Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle won out though (mainly because Leeard misses Veronica Mars on a near-daily basis).

As a pilot, the episode basically served its purpose: we were introduced to the characters and got a glimpse into who they are.  Marty Kaan is a womanizing management consultant with a cross-dressing son (Roscoe), nosy father (Jeremiah), and competitive ex-wife (Monica). Marty works with Harvard alum Doug, goofy Clyde, and awesome Jeannie (Kristen Bell). Presumably, since their firm, Galweather & Stearn, got the contract and afterwork, we’ll be seeing MetroCapital’s Greg Norbert again.

What happened: Roscoe auditioned for, got, and subsequently lost the role of Sandy in his school’s production of Grease; Marty brought a stripper on a business dinner who then hooked up with Greg Norbert’s wife in the restaurant bathroom; and Marty won over the client by finding them a way to get what they want while saving face. Also, we found out that Monica works for a rival consulting firm, which failed to get MetroCapital as a client.

What we liked: Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle. They have great chemistry, and we love them both in almost anything. Also, Roscoe is adorable. We can definitely see him getting annoying in the future, but for right now, he’s enjoyable. One of us also really likes the concept of the show; the business world is fascinating, and consulting is rarely on television.

What we didn’t like: The breaking of the fourth wall. It reminded one of us of the first season of Sex and the City, and not in a good way. SatC realized it didn’t work, and hopefully House of Lies will too. We assume that once they’ve explained most of their terminology, the asides will be minimized. Also, there’s no way a management consultant would wear her hair like Jeannie does. This is a nitpicky point, but it jumped out at us as inauthentic. Consulting is an image-based business, and while Kristen Bell is always beautiful, there’s no way a consultant would have hair that sloppy, especially when trying to land a client as big as MetroCapital. 

Verdict: We hear it gets better, but right now, it’s not must-watch TV. We’ll give it a few more episodes until we decide to drop or keep it.

Episode Grade: B-

Monday, January 9, 2012

I did not cry when the Challenger exploded

Once Upon a Time - Desperate Souls
Well, a good thing finally happened! Emma beat Sidney in the election for sheriff. Here’s hoping that means she will get a new jacket to wear. We are really starting to hate that red one. We were missing Graham, naturally, but this was still a good, heartfelt episode for the show to come back on. It’s about time we heard about Rumpel’s backstory. We thought it was really good, but it could have been better. It was almost creepy enough. We feel like the show needs to dip a little into the macabre, Brothers Grimm-style, but that might hurt its appeal with families, which is what is keeping it high in the ratings. We liked Gold’s manipulative plan and how Emma fell right into it with honesty. We like that Henry said Gold is worse than Regina. We need a big bad who is not her. She doesn’t scare us. Don’t get us wrong: we hate her. But we’re not scared of her. She’s a whiner.
Episode grade: B+

The Good Wife - "Alienation of Affection"
This one was intense. Our love for Carey just grew stronger with his pithy, brave little speech in his deposition. We also love Will’s choice of a lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni,  She’s weird, brilliant, and tough. Will has this one in the bag. Elsbeth is just the person to stare down that awful hag, Wendy Scott Carr. That fight just got more interesting ... We're wondering, as near-professional women, is Alicia’s red suit appropriate for an attorney to wear? It’s super cute and we look good in red, but we think it’s questionable. Let us know what you think about that, if you know. We were chuckling at Diane’s new suitor. We like him and we hope they at least have a fling for a couple of episodes. Diane is really growing on us.
Episode grade: A-

Shameless - “Summertime”
This episode felt familiar. Frank owes someone money and gets the family into trouble, so the family has to march down and fix it. It’s actually a good episode for anyone trying to jump in on the show. If you can enjoy this episode, you will enjoy the rest of them. We were disappointed with Fiona for being co-dependent and not leaving town in the finale, but we understand that she cares for her siblings’ welfare before her own mental and emotional health. Justin Chatwin was absent this week, and we have a feeling that his return will be a high point the show wants to build to a little more. Frank and the family are still funny (the back of Frank's sign!), and we enjoyed seeing everyone’s summer jobs. The show is still fun. Maybe it’s even more fun, because it seemed less sad/more light-hearted. Poverty and addiction never felt less depressing. Maybe it’s because we all feel that each and every one of these kids are going to be alright, and Frank will keep doing what he’s doing, which is fine by us. All the kids have smarts and potential, which is completely unrealistic. They should be way more messed-up.

There’s still lots of debauchery to be had. Frank’s bar bet was pretty good. We could have told him it was a bad idea, had we been there. Tasers don’t always take people down when they are angry, filled with adrenaline, very large, or just badass. We wonder where the show is going from here and if the characters are ever going to change or have some sort of arc, as people. We like what they are doing with Lip in the academic world and we like that Cash is done living a lie (not that we think his decision was kind; we just like it for the show). Overall, this is a remake done right and we will be sticking around this season for more.
Episode grade: B

The Firm - Pilot
This one wasn’t bad, but it’s going to have to get a lot better to earn our viewership. Leeard already has Suits and Ern already has The Good Wife. We tend to like our legal shows in small doses. Plus, it’s been ages since the original The Firm movie that this is based on, and even longer since the book (both of which are better than this show). Does anyone still care about these characters? How many of you remember them? How many of you saw that movie in the first place. This might have been a good idea right after the movie, but now it just feels like one legal show too many.

All this show really did was remind us that we kind of want to be private investigators for attorneys, like Kalinda. There are a lot of storylines at work here, and one of them could get interesting. But this two-hour pilot didn’t win us over. We don’t like the main character either, nor do we find him particularly original or interesting. There were also too many flashbacks. However, there is potential here. We have a good premise. We may check back later (when there is a whole season to binge on), but, for now, we aren’t watching it. If you love legal shows, check it out yourself. It’s decent if you have room for another lawyer/shady firm show in your life. We really don't.
Episode grade: C+