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Friday, May 20, 2011

Community Ended Its Second Season Last Week

We just wanted to quickly comment on Community ending. The two paintball episodes that closed the season were perfect. We only wished that we had watched them back-to-back. We are getting a major girl crush on Annie, and it was great to see Josh Holloway from LOST again.

We’re interested to see the group with Chang in and Pierce out. We kind of wish that Chang was a teacher again. Pierce makes a great villain, so we can keep him that way. Britta and Jeff are secretly doing it, but the beauty of this show is that very few people care.

Because this show does not completely hinge on love stories. It probably hinges on pop culture references. But it’s funny and consistently watchable. The first half of season one was pretty rough, but starting at season one’s Halloween episode, this show has been one our favorite Thursday night comedy, and that’s saying a lot.

Finale Grade: A (for both paintball episodes combined)
Season 2 Grade: A

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Finale

Well, that was depressing. More depressing than the shooting finale of last season. This gets us thinking: With the exception of season four, there has never been a Grey’s Anatomy finale with a silver lining. We should have been prepared for the doom and gloom, but we actually weren’t.

We are going to take a guess and say that Meredith and Derek are not over. He’s just mad and sleeping away from her for one night. That means they will bicker next season and get right back together. They will raise their Zola, and they may even get pregnant on their own as well.

Because what does Derek REALLY have to be mad about that is break-up worthy after all these years? That Meredith has a different view of morality than he does? Because she broke a hospital rule? Yeah, she was wrong, but it’s not relationship-shattering. We’re a little annoyed at the show for trying to make us think it is that big of a deal. But hey, at least Meredith has a plotline with some tension. It still heavily involves the chief, but we take what we can get.

Now Owen and Cristina? Before we discuss this, we feel like we should show you where our bias lies. This is a personal issue, but for the viewers at home, it's also a political and spiritual one. Just so you know what to take with a grain of salt, the blogger writing this is pro-life. But this blogger would ALSO not make it illegal in the U.S. to have an abortion. It can't be illegal. At this point, it just wouldn't work. And it's not the government's business (libertarians unite!). Back to Grey's: We don’t see how they can ever fix this, unless one of them caves. The sad thing about this plotline is that neither of them should cave. They are both right, in our opinions. She's brain right and he's heart right. Does that make sense? Cristina didn’t want children and Owen knew that when he married her. Cristina doesn’t want to be a mom. Love these hilarious lines, “I'm not a beautiful vessel for all that's good about the future. Are you getting all life-y on me?" She didn’t need to be thrown out of the house for not procreating though. We get that he was crushed, but he married Cristina, knowing about the no-kids rule, so he should have to keep her.

And as for Owen side, it’s a tad heartbreaking to see a husband begging his wife not to abort his baby. Just sayin’. And he even offered to be the stay-at-home parent. It's one thing to decide not to get pregnant. It's another thing to abort a baby the other spouse wants. Maybe scientifically, technically, or politically correctly, it shouldn't be different, but emotionally, it is. She also made the decision without him. We really believed his anger at the end of the episode. When she was walking away and he got up from his desk, a part of us thought he was going to punch her in the back of the head. Obviously, he didn’t, but he had to be thinking about it (if he weren’t fictional, obvs). This whole plotline was sadder than all of Meredith’s Alzheimer’s patients combined. It would help the show to have Cristina single and on the prowl again, but one of us really liked this relationship, especially in season five before Teddy came around to make one of the lamest love triangles in TV history. Owen softened Cristina.

But is there any way they can get past this? Is there any chance that Cristina keeps the baby but doesn't go back to Owen? Because it’s rare that a show that is so popular with so many grandmothers would have a character get an abortion. It’s not a common prime-time thing. One thing that might be interesting is seeing Cristina with a broken heart. As much as people liked Burke before he was thrown off, Cristina could only say “I love you” to that guy when he was asleep. She fell much harder for Owen. Except for the baby issue, Owen was very supportive and they went through a lot. We want Meredith to march down to Owen’s apartment and give him a piece of her mind, best friend style.

Onto Alex: He was genuinely sad that Meredith might get into that much trouble. It’s sad that he’s not living in the big, fun house anymore. He only meant to get chief resident, plus he was really drunk. We are happy about the departure of Lucy though. We didn’t like her much. But isn’t it about time that Alex got a woman who didn’t leave and who wasn’t crazy? Throw the guy a bone, show. Not that kind of bone. We’re talking long-term (at least a season) and healthy.

We’re happy for Henry (that Teddy kissed him), but does anyone like Teddy at this point? Or any point? Teddy shipped off to Germany with Andrew (rahhh) is just fine with us. But we guess that's not happening. We are happy that April got chief resident. We liked her this season, and she needs something to do. Lexie and Jackson walked off into the sunset, and we are happy to let them. Miranda and Eli went home together too. Unrealistic.

Lots to worry about over the summer, if you love this show. This has been a pretty great season, as far as soapy prime-time drama goes.

Episode Grade: B+
Season Grade: A-

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hellcats Was Cancelled!!!!!

No more Hellcats. We can continue to not write about it now. We saw this announced yesterday, but we just now decided to post about it, because we just remembered that some of you readers watch that show.

One of us actually really enjoyed this show, and is kind of bummed to see it go. Other than The Vampire Diaries, America's Next Top Model (and Gossip Girl), Hellcats was the only show on The CW that either of us watched.

Glee - Funeral review

Why would Mr. Schue hire Jesse as the Glee Club’s “show choir consultant” when the poor boy clearly needs to go out and get a real job? That job can’t pay too well. Still, we aren’t complaining much, since we like him and his voice. His cracks were true and funny. Dear American Idol: Hire Jonathan Groff as a judge instead of Randy, and have him judge as the character of Jesse St. James.

We loved how the audition idea just turned the episode into an excuse to just have one amazing solo after another. Our favorites were Santana’s and Rachel’s. One of us hates the song “My Man,” but Rachel just made her love it. If only all of her expressions during the song didn’t make her look like she was doing The Ugly Cry, because she looked like a troll during the whole number. Nice emotion, but can’t she practice looking pained AND attractive at the same time?

Mr. Schue totally ruined the plan of having Rachel sing every song at Nationals (yes, please!!!) by propounding his togetherness philosophy. No fun. We’ve already heard the original group songs they will be debuting next week. They are ok. Not as good as the last two. The group number is loud and annoying, shrill and twee. It’s called “Light Up the World” for heaven’s sake. Groan. The duet number between Finn and Rachel sounds like something that could grow on us, but we didn’t love it right away.

As for Sue dealing with the death of her sister: Ern TOTALLY called that death as soon as Sue kicked Becky off of the squad. It helped to know that there was going to be a death, but still. Let the record show: Ern rules. We think the show making Sue a good guy and friend of the Glee club is a mistake every time it does it. Part of what makes Glee great is its villain. But she saved the Glee club and NOW she claims to not be interested in terrorizing it anymore. We love that she has a soft side, but that side should be reserved for her sister, Jean.

Most of the Sue stuff this week WAS touching, but Sue’s letter that she and Will read at the funeral ruined an otherwise sob-worthy scene by being completely lame. The Willy Wonka theme was adorbs though. And one of us LOVES the song Pure Imagination. That might be our favorite cover. The best one we’ve heard is Maroon 5’s, but unfortunately they spliced several lines from an Obama speech into the beginning, middle, and the end. Whether we like Obama or not makes no difference. We don’t want a speech interrupting a perfectly nice song. Release a music-only version, Maroon 5!

Sue promised to embark upon a political career and join the House of Representatives, running for the Sue Sylvester American Liberty Party so that she can change the health care system because Jean didn’t get the free health care she deserves. That just doesn’t sound like Sue (the last part). Sue is all over the place and, this season, she hasn’t had much to do. We miss the Sue from the first half of the first season. Pure evil, out to take down the Glee club, full of one-liners, and with only a soft spot for people with Down Syndrome. Because those people are sweethearts, and no one could hate them and be tolerable. Terri moved away to Miami and said a sweet goodbye to Will. We will miss her, but it was a nice departure.

Finn and Quinn SO needed to break up. We know that there are actually people who want them together, but they are not us. Quinn needs to grow as a person, and we are starting to think that Finn should just go away. Maybe one of our readers is rubbing off on us, but he’s starting to be a bore. And Jesse is right: His singing is not up-to-par with the other guys’. It looks like Rachel is going back to Jesse for a second (which is how long Glee relationships last), even though he is clearly a douchelord and the show is gunning for her to end up with Finn. Finchel is a couple we are over, even though we were so into him in season one.

The other songs were “Try a Little Tenderness” by Mercedes, which was loud and straightforward, and “Some People” by Kurt. While we like Kurt’s drama and one of us think his singing has improved a LOT in season two, Jesse was right again. Linda Eder, Bernadette Peters, and so many more have killed this song, and this male version was the equivalent of those demo people on karaoke tracks. It’s time to retire the Gypsy songs, Kurt.

Episode Grade: B-

Glee - Prom Queen, a belated review

We don’t do weekly reviews of every show. Just when we feel like it. But we’ve never missed a Glee before last week. People were not pleased. Now we know which show is the most important to cover on this blog, haha.

So, for the first time ever, we will do a make-up post, even though it’s really late.

Let’s see…it’s been a while. Oh! We remember Kurt won prom queen (and Karofsky won king). We knew because of the spoiling extra, obviously. Kurt won as a joke though, and he stormed out and cried to Blaine. Then he went back in to make a statement, with the perfect line, “Kate Middleton, eat your heart out.” He should have done that in the first place! Sucked it up, done that, danced with Blaine (SO nice how he stepped up when Karofsky fled), and then gone out and cried. But we guess it’s more realistic that he didn’t handle it perfectly.

The Glee Club played at prom, and there were so many songs released to iTunes. Sadly, we didn’t like too many of them enough to download them. The choices were odd. What’s with this "Jar of Hearts" business? A boring, depressing, self-indulgent song that they played once on So You Think You Can Dance has been slowly taking over the world for a year now. They give us a Rachel solo and it was THAT one? Who wants that played at their prom?

Much more typical was “Dancing Queen,” which was nice, but we’ve heard that song and its covers too much. Unnecessary and uncreative. There was also Rebecca Black’s "Friday". One of us loves that song and one of us is ready for it to go away. We guess doing a Glee cover was fun, and making it all-guy was a good idea. Blaine sang, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You.” We don’t like that song. Glee was working with little to begin with, so it was no surprise that the song didn’t make us want to…dance. Sorry. Couldn’t help that, haha.

Artie sang “Isn’t She Lovely” to Brittany in class, which was sweet, in theory. But after he called her stupid and after Artie has BEEN stupid for-frickin-ever, we were glad she turned him down for prom. Plus, that song IS about a baby. Ugh. Listen to lyrics, people. Rachel and Jesse sang a stripped-down version of ADELE’s "Rolling in the Deep". At first, we didn’t like it. We like ADELE’s big version. But then the song sat on our iPods for a week, and now we like the Glee version. Glee needs to get off of ADELE though and go back to some classic rock or lesser-known stuff.

Loved Rachel and Mercedes asking Sam to the prom together. We got to hear that Blaine had been beaten up at prom at his last school for going with a guy. Ok, we wish we went to that old school so we could beat the crap out of whoever did that. Seriously, Blaine is our favorite gay fella and we will cut a bitch who hurts him. So wrong. In fact, we will extend that ire to people who beat up gay people everywhere. Just let us know, and we will become vigilantes. Well, we will at least call the cops and recommend a lawyer to sue the guys for battery. We liked Kurt’s outfit. His dad and Blaine were spoilsports on that one. It was gay Braveheart and it was awesome.

Oh, also, we forgive Karofsky. His genuine, tear-filled apology to Kurt got to us. We can’t wait for him to come out of the closet, love himself, and do a Lady Gaga number with the rest of the gang. Jesse and Finn got into a fight over Rachel and were kicked out of prom. Quinn slapped Rachel and Rachel simply appreciated the drama of it. Didn’t Quinn look great by the way? That was nice of Rachel to just let it go, but wouldn’t it have been MORE drama for her to run more drama? And after they made it look like there were going to be consequences in the promo…poo.

Decent prom episode though. With more good songs, it would have been great.

Episode Grade: B

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gossip Girl Season Four Finale Review

You call THAT a finale?

Boring season. Boring plots. Next to no tension. The last character we care about (Blair) cheated on her man AGAIN. Chuck and Blair are such pervs. They did it at some stranger’s Bar Mitzvah. There was a time when we would have forgiven her because it was Chuck, but now we don’t even care about Chuck and Blair being together anymore. The show is right: He did bring out the darkness and depression in her. And then he had to go and get violent near her, on a window. Was he aiming for her? We’ve watched that several times and we aren’t sure. But we are officially over that couple.

And that’s bad, because that couple is what carried the show through many a rough, Vanessa-filled time. The relationship between Blair and her prince is bland and unbelievable. That was an opportunity for the show to give Blair a beau we could really root for. Put her in a triangle where we feel for both guys! And what happened to Dan/Blair? We loved that a lot more than anything else this season. In fact, the Dan and Blair romance was the highlight of season four.

The finale tried to pull out all the stops for the finale. Russell threatened Blair’s life! And then that fizzled. Georgina showed up! And she was boring. Looking good though. Raina is going back to Chicago and Russell is going to jail. Well, they were a complete waste of time. Serena had to talk her fake cousin off of a ledge. Meh. Chuck and Nate are single, so they decided to travel around the world during the summer. Either Blair or Serena is preggers. It’s probably Blair since she slept with Chuck. That’s gonna ruin her wedding to the prince. Watching Blair and Chuck try to raise a child together might be entertaining…. Serena got what looks like the beginning of a career in making movies out of books. Nice. Our dream career.

One thing we DID like was Vanessa finding Dan’s manuscript tell-all about the Upper East Side, getting it anonymously published, and then taking off to Spain. Vanessa is gone!!! Gone Gone Gone. Because this show can’t write a lame character so that she’s interesting enough to save. The actress is appealing. Why can’t the show write a woman that other women can relate to? Why are all the show’s “good” characters so boring? The bad ones are getting boring too.

Also, we know that everyone hated Jenny. We hated Jenny. But the seasons where Jenny was on the show and the episodes where she came back were the best of the show’s history. We think the show needs her. We love to hate her. We NEED to hate her. We don’t care if Taylor Momsen is a brat on set, dumping her as a series regular was a mistake.

After the finales of years’ past, we were expecting some action. Even the season three finale had us on the edge of our seats! The season four finale didn’t end with a bang, but it set up a lot of interesting-looking plots for next year (like fake cousin Charlie/Ivy and Georgina conspiring). Too bad we probably won’t be watching. Plus, this show has proven that it knows how to dangle good plots in front of our eyes, get us interested, and then completely fail to deliver and come through on its promise to make things exciting. The show is not the emotional, fast-paced, addictive fun it used to be. It’s Boring with a capital B. We aren’t emotionally invested in a single character or couple anymore. They could all die in a fiery mess and we wouldn’t care.

Episode Grade: B
Season Grade: D+

How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Review

We are not sure that we like the idea of Barney marrying anyone, let alone Nora. She’s pretty cool and all, but we liked Barney and Robin. We KNOW that fizzled and we KNOW they seemed to wrap up their romance in this finale. But we still love them as a couple and we don’t want to believe it. If Barney gets married, that might take all the zing out of his character. We like growth and everything, but we would hate to see what happened to Jim and Pam on The Office happen to Barney too. He is a suit-wearing ladies man. Don’t change that, show! But if Barney has to get married, it had better be Robin.

Zoey is gone, and we don’t think any viewer who isn’t a huge House or Jennifer Morrison fan is upset about that. We thought that crack about Zoey having new drug-dealing roommates was funny. DUH she wanted to get back to Ted. Except for the occasional sandwich, Ted is drug-free.

As for the “this is the Mother, just kidding” fake-out, we are not amused. It is about time we met the mother. Also, that would have been such a cute way to meet her. Ern got really excited that it was her and was so mad when it wasn’t the Mother. Ern was also shocked when Lily was pregnant. As you can see, Ern is really gullible when it comes to TV, so much so that if Ern guesses something ahead of time, it’s way too obvious to the point of being bad TV.

Anyway, Lily being pregnant at the end was adorable and that ending was so sweet. It was a good way to find out too. Leave it to this show to announce big things with jokes about vomit and poop. But seriously, stop eating at that restaurant, Ericksons. Morons. We hope Marshall gets the job, but he’d deserve to not get it for eating that soup. Sidenote: We love jalepeno poppers too, Marshall.

Pretty funny. At least things happened.

Finale Grade: B-
Season Grade: B-

All the Cancelled Shows So Far

We are mostly pleased with the cancellations.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bridesmaids - Don't Go In Expecting The Hangover. It's Different

Bridesmaids is getting rave reviews and being called “a female version of The Hangover.” We want to correct this assertion, at least a little bit, so that blog readers won’t be disappointed at the theater. Sometimes having different expectations of a movie can ruin an otherwise enjoyable movie. Guys, don’t expect to go into Bridesmaids and see the wolf pack. With the way it's being advertised and the critics' blurbs, you might go in expecting the laugh-fest of your life. What you get is a good movie about friends that’s occasionally really funny. It's not fair to compare it to The Hangover, because it's trying to do something different here. It's trying to be a genuine, funny chick flick that actual women can relate to.

The most important point. 1) Bridesmaids is funny, but it also has relationship stuff, friendship stuff, life stuff, depressing stuff, awkward stuff, and serious moments. Like most Judd Apatow comedies, Bridesmaids sometimes hits the snooze on the comedy in order to inject heart and maturity. We like this sometimes, but that’s definitely a difference from The Hangover. It’s like if The Hangover and a chick flick had a baby. But that baby didn’t exactly make it to Vegas. That’s right. Don’t go in expecting a Vegas vacation movie. Ninety percent of the action takes place in the bride’s hometown of Milwaukee.

2) The sex scene at the beginning is reminiscent of something you would see on Sex and the City: Explicit and absolutely hilarious. There’s a pretty funny gross-out scene too. But this early sex scene makes you think you are going to see a movie like that the entire time. You're not. It calms down. It chills out. Some people won't like that.

3) It’s long and sometimes it feels long. Remember Funny People? Partly funny, but mostly long and grown-up? Bridesmaids is funnier than that movie, but it’s a movie like that.

4) Do you hate awkward humor where you just feel really bad for the people being embarrassed? Then a few scenes will be hellish for you, like they were for Leeard.

5) Lots of people thought the overweight, weird woman who farts or burps in the trailer would be overused and annoying. This is not the case. While not as funny or memorable as The Hangover’s Alan, she is really funny. And only used a little. We could have stood two more scenes with her, easily. We didn’t think Gilmore Girls’ Sookie could be that wonderfully weird and gross, but we were proven wrong.

6) Kristen Wiig is really good in it. And girls who aren’t, shall we say, the typical sorority girl will relate to her.

We recommend this movie, but only after you read these caveats so you don’t go in expecting an immature, raucous, shocking good time with no slow, serious parts.

Movie Grade: A-