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Friday, May 20, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Finale

Well, that was depressing. More depressing than the shooting finale of last season. This gets us thinking: With the exception of season four, there has never been a Grey’s Anatomy finale with a silver lining. We should have been prepared for the doom and gloom, but we actually weren’t.

We are going to take a guess and say that Meredith and Derek are not over. He’s just mad and sleeping away from her for one night. That means they will bicker next season and get right back together. They will raise their Zola, and they may even get pregnant on their own as well.

Because what does Derek REALLY have to be mad about that is break-up worthy after all these years? That Meredith has a different view of morality than he does? Because she broke a hospital rule? Yeah, she was wrong, but it’s not relationship-shattering. We’re a little annoyed at the show for trying to make us think it is that big of a deal. But hey, at least Meredith has a plotline with some tension. It still heavily involves the chief, but we take what we can get.

Now Owen and Cristina? Before we discuss this, we feel like we should show you where our bias lies. This is a personal issue, but for the viewers at home, it's also a political and spiritual one. Just so you know what to take with a grain of salt, the blogger writing this is pro-life. But this blogger would ALSO not make it illegal in the U.S. to have an abortion. It can't be illegal. At this point, it just wouldn't work. And it's not the government's business (libertarians unite!). Back to Grey's: We don’t see how they can ever fix this, unless one of them caves. The sad thing about this plotline is that neither of them should cave. They are both right, in our opinions. She's brain right and he's heart right. Does that make sense? Cristina didn’t want children and Owen knew that when he married her. Cristina doesn’t want to be a mom. Love these hilarious lines, “I'm not a beautiful vessel for all that's good about the future. Are you getting all life-y on me?" She didn’t need to be thrown out of the house for not procreating though. We get that he was crushed, but he married Cristina, knowing about the no-kids rule, so he should have to keep her.

And as for Owen side, it’s a tad heartbreaking to see a husband begging his wife not to abort his baby. Just sayin’. And he even offered to be the stay-at-home parent. It's one thing to decide not to get pregnant. It's another thing to abort a baby the other spouse wants. Maybe scientifically, technically, or politically correctly, it shouldn't be different, but emotionally, it is. She also made the decision without him. We really believed his anger at the end of the episode. When she was walking away and he got up from his desk, a part of us thought he was going to punch her in the back of the head. Obviously, he didn’t, but he had to be thinking about it (if he weren’t fictional, obvs). This whole plotline was sadder than all of Meredith’s Alzheimer’s patients combined. It would help the show to have Cristina single and on the prowl again, but one of us really liked this relationship, especially in season five before Teddy came around to make one of the lamest love triangles in TV history. Owen softened Cristina.

But is there any way they can get past this? Is there any chance that Cristina keeps the baby but doesn't go back to Owen? Because it’s rare that a show that is so popular with so many grandmothers would have a character get an abortion. It’s not a common prime-time thing. One thing that might be interesting is seeing Cristina with a broken heart. As much as people liked Burke before he was thrown off, Cristina could only say “I love you” to that guy when he was asleep. She fell much harder for Owen. Except for the baby issue, Owen was very supportive and they went through a lot. We want Meredith to march down to Owen’s apartment and give him a piece of her mind, best friend style.

Onto Alex: He was genuinely sad that Meredith might get into that much trouble. It’s sad that he’s not living in the big, fun house anymore. He only meant to get chief resident, plus he was really drunk. We are happy about the departure of Lucy though. We didn’t like her much. But isn’t it about time that Alex got a woman who didn’t leave and who wasn’t crazy? Throw the guy a bone, show. Not that kind of bone. We’re talking long-term (at least a season) and healthy.

We’re happy for Henry (that Teddy kissed him), but does anyone like Teddy at this point? Or any point? Teddy shipped off to Germany with Andrew (rahhh) is just fine with us. But we guess that's not happening. We are happy that April got chief resident. We liked her this season, and she needs something to do. Lexie and Jackson walked off into the sunset, and we are happy to let them. Miranda and Eli went home together too. Unrealistic.

Lots to worry about over the summer, if you love this show. This has been a pretty great season, as far as soapy prime-time drama goes.

Episode Grade: B+
Season Grade: A-


  1. Yep. A very good ep. I actually keep watching this show for Sandra Oh. Can't decide though if it's for her acting skills or the lines scriptwriters are putting in her mouth. Prolly both.


  2. We think it's mostly the acting skills. She needs even MORE good lines. It's a waste of Sandra Oh to not use her more.

  3. I had the same reaction about the Mer-Der rift. The thing he said about how she was going to be a bad mother was uncalled for. She was wrong, but why can't he see that there are shades of grey (heh) in what she did?

    Agree with you on the politics of abortion in the USA. I'm also pro-life, but, like you, think it would be a disaster to make abortion illegal. The whole Christina-Owen thing this week was just sad from both angles. On the one hand, it's really gut-wrenching to watch the man beg her to keep his baby, but on the other hand, she'd been pretty clear about where she stood on this from the beginning. Plus, she was pregnant before. It's not like being pregnant again would all of a sudden change her mind! So sad, and I'm not even a fan of their weird, chemistry-free relationship.

    Speaking of which, that Bailey-Eli thing is completely out of control. Just because Shonda Rhimes declares it to be does not make it so.

    The weirdest thing about the Teddy-Henry thing is that she wasn't into him before this week. Seriously? Has she seen his face?

    This show is like a bad habit that I don't want to kick. I'm already depressed about summer withdrawals.

  4. I didn't think it was THAT depressing. As long as Meredeth and Derek work things out then I'll be okay. If they split then I really, seriously, would probably stop watching.
    While I am pro-life, MAJOR overreaction from Owen. He should have seen that coming. But I hope it works out for them. And I still have a small hope that Christina changes her mind since she hasn't actually HAD the abortion yet.
    I don't hate April as much as I used to, but I still don't think she deserved chief resident. I think Jackson should have gotten it. Do they not remember that she killed someone? That doesn't just go away.
    Also, I noticed a major double standard when the chief tried to tell Henry that there was a conflict of interest in letting Henry in on his diabetes trial because his wife worked in the hospital. HELLO!!

  5. Cat: The post writer loves having the same abortion views as Cat. More confirmation that she is right… It’s weird that you think Owen and Cristina have no chemistry, because we think their chemistry is probably the best thing about this rocky, drama-filled relationship. You didn’t see it in season five at least? We think they have smoldering chemistry. But everyone has their type. We creep message boards and comments and youtube videos. Either people hate Owen/Cristina or they love them and think they are the best thing about the show. It’s one of those weird things that take people to extremes in opinion. Eli is NOT our type, and if Shonda disappeared from the day-to-day of this show, it would be a better program. Agree about Henry. Teddy is nuts. She should BE so lucky. When this show goes off the air, we are going to be really sad. It entertains us and we look forward to it more than other, “better” shows.

    Mrs. Potts: If Meredith and Derek broke up, it would be sad, but it might make the show season-two good again. It helps to have your leading lady single. As long as the show was obviously heading in the direction of a series finale reunion between them, we would be totally ok with them taking a break again. Sadly for us, things are going to go your way. Shonda has sworn up and down that they are “forever.” We doubt she’d break that many promises. We think Owen should have seen it coming, but that he reacted better than a lot of guys would. Not everyone is as laid back as Atticus, haha. It would be amazing to see Cristina keep the baby. We don’t want to get our hopes up though. And we totally forgot that April killed someone. Maybe that DOES go away. It went away for Izzie… Next time a doctor kills someone, it should be the chief. Is anyone attached to that character? Not us.