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Saturday, September 18, 2010

TV's Most Dateable Guys Part 2 (We're thinking this is a three-parter)

Alex Santiago, Pretty Little Liars – Extremely sweet and genuine but we are sure he has a deep, dark secret, like every single person on that show does.

Owen Hunt and Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy—We know some people dislike these characters, but they are the only guys on the show who haven’t cheated on any of their women…even if Owen did dump one in an email. That's better than nothing. And they are the only guys on that show who don’t whine and mope around like a couple of girls…well, except for Jackson’s rant on how no one takes him seriously because he is hot. And we think Owen made up for the choking thing (that was ONE TIME) by running back into the hospital to get Cristina when there was a shooter in there. Even if he was useless and just ended up getting shot.

· Derek Morgan, Criminal Minds – Fiercely protective and ridiculously good-looking. Also, he probably has the least amount of baggage out of everyone on the show, which has to count for something.

· Sam Swarek, Rookie Blue – If you watch the show, you know exactly why he’s on the list. Swarek is gorgeous, sarcastic, and not afraid to go into the women’s locker room. This isn’t taking into account the season finale, which sucked.

· Matt Donovan, The Vampire Diaries – He’s not as hot as Damon or Stefan, and he’s not as BA as Alaric. But he’s cute, sweet, and loyal. Also, we like our guys human. And if he’s dating Caroline, obviously his standards aren’t that high. Easy man candy.

· Jeff Winger, Community – Yes, he’s a jerk. But he’s a funny jerk who really seems to care about his friends. And if he’s good enough for Trudy Campbell, he’s good enough for us. Plus, he reminds us of that awesomely hilarious guy on The Soup.

· Leonard, The Big Bang Theory – While Sheldon is easily the best character, Leonard is the only one actually worth dating. He’s sweet and socially awkward, but that’s his charm. Also, who else on that show is dateable? Howard? Raj? No.

· Danny Messer, CSI: NY – There’s a pretty common theme in this list. We love cops. Messer is adorable and definitely has the best accent of anyone on this list.

· Tony Reali, Around the Horn – It took some convincing, but he’s on the list. He is gorgeous, absolutely hilarious, the best host AtH has ever had, and seems to know everything about sports. Any questions?

· Matt, Friday Night Lights- He takes care of his grandma, plays great football for such a tiny little thing, and he’s totally sweet. There are a few guys on that show we would date, but Matt is number one on that list.

Only one installment of this hot TV guy thing left...for a while anyway. So remind us of who we've missed in the comments, and if we agree, they will make it in the third post.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Nikita episode 2 review

1) We are sick of the advertisements saying Nikita is a “new hit series.” Saying something is a hit when it isn’t yet insults the viewers, because it implies that we are stupid enough to go, “Oh, it’s a hit? I should watch it.” There have been two episodes. No one I know watches this show. Don’t count your chickens.
2) Watching people conduct most of their interactions through computers and cell phone conversations takes tension and humanity out of a show. It’s boring.
3) The show is called “Nikita,” not “Alex.” Why was Nikita’s role reduced to “supporting mentor” so much in this episode?

On this week’s episode of the CW’s James Bond (James Bond with only pretty people and no James), we were treated to the story of how Nikita met Alex. One year ago, Alex was a drug addict who was about to get raped by her dealers. She looked a little like Krisent Stewart playing Joan Jett. Nikita saved Alex and locked her in a sauna to get her off drugs. Then Nikita told Alex that she had a reason to live: to avenge her parents who we assume Division killed. We don’t think this backstory was interesting enough. Any 13-year-old on a fanfiction site could have written it. As for what happened in real time, the episode started out dull, and we could not get into the plot.

What’s with Shane West? He doesn’t come across as a government agent. He comes across as the guy in “A Walk to Remember.” And he always whispers when he talks, as if that makes the tone more dramatic. It doesn’t. It just means you’re a bad actor. No one whispers with a raspy voice across the room to another person.

The next episode looks better, but this one was kind of a chore to watch. We like to ENJOY television. That’s the point of all this, isn’t it?

New hit series my anus.

Episode grade- D

The Vampire Diaries episode 2 review

We were surprised by how sad we were about Caroline's transformation in the beginning of this episode. We like this new development as fans of TV, but not so much as fans of The Vampire Diaries. This definitely adds a new, interesting element to the show, but poor Matt! We just hope she'll be able to control it.

We liked Stefan trying to be funny when he was guessing what Tyler and his uncle were. We were disappointed in Jeremy showing Damon his ring that protects him. Damon removed it easily. Duh. After Jeremy snuck into Damon’s house to try to kill him with a wooden stake he made, he admitted his plan beforehand to Damon (great going, Jeremy), and Damon said our favorite line of the night, talking about when people tried to kill him in the town before: “It was 1864. People knew how to whittle.” Then Damon and Jeremy had a bonding moment (meaning Damon didn't kill him). Hopefully this means Damon won't try to kill Jeremy ... for the next few weeks, anyway.

We loved Caroline’s revenge against Damon, and the fact that she didn’t spend time wondering what she was, because Damon’s old compulsions started wearing off. Caroline remembered how badly Damon had treated her and threw him across the high school hall. It was less cool when she whispered, “You suck” to Damon as she walked off, but she IS a 16-year-old girl. We probably wouldn't have had the guts to even say THAT.

Bonnie had a new crush, but Damon brainwashed him into attacking Tyler, just to see how Tyler and his uncle would react. Then Caroline ate him. Poor Bonnie’s crush. Damon then tried to kill Caroline and Elena stopped him. Bonnie tried to kill Damon, but Elena stopped her too. Elena is one of the smartest, most reasonable teen heroines of all time. They SHOULD listen to her. Bonnie blamed everything bad that has happened (pretty much since the beginning of time) on Damon. Actually Bonnie, everything that happened was YOUR fault. We think that she probably realizes this, but someone on this show needs to acknowledge it.

Tyler and his uncle spent a significant amount of time looking for a white “moon stone,” which Tyler found and kept. Also, we predict that Uncle Mason and Mama Lockwood are gonna have sex. We generally like Caroline as a vampire, because she seems able to control it better than Vicki Donovan, thanks to Stefan’s training. The sweetest moment came from Caroline and Matt at the end of the episode. He said he loved her, and she didn’t bite him/controlled herself.

Stefan and Elena also had a sweet moment together. It’s about time we are reminded that these two enjoy being together, and that is the reason for all this drama. It was exactly what Elena needed. She resisted at first, because she felt like now was not the time for pleasure, with so much doom and gloom going on. Stefan said, “I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can’t forget to live it. We have to take these moments.” It’s nice to remind the kiddies that life is full of problems, but you need to live in the now and enjoy your life through the worrying. So the high school girl got to have a normal moment with her boyfriend. Except for the levitation. We forgot those vampires could levitate. Or at least jump really, really high. But how else were they going to get to the top of the Ferris wheel when the fair was closed?

We were disappointed we didn’t see Katherine, but it builds suspense to not have to most interesting new character waived in our faces all the time. We understand. And we approve.
Episode grade: A

Thursday, September 16, 2010

America’s Next Top Model Review- Episode 2: Diane von Furstenberg

This week, we were introduced to the Cycle 15 opening sequence, which has got to be one of the lamest things we have ever seen. It started with Tyra Banks making faces at the camera and leaning against some mirrors in what I’m sure she thought was a sexy way. Then the Cycle 15 girls did it too. The theme song has gotten even worse. Tyra, we get that you are in charge of America’s Next Top Model. We even remember that you used to be a model. You don’t have to plaster yourself all over the previews and put pictures of yourself all over every house where those poor girls live. You can just show up at judging and a few challenges, and we will remember, “Ahh, this is the boss.” And it would be much more tasteful.

We’re starting to like Ann. Chris was talking to Ann because, as Chris tells us, Chris is a nice person. In this charity conversation, Chris tells Ann that she is going to find her a man. “What’s your type? I got some homies.” Ann deadpanned, “My type is a sixty-year-old warlock who spits fire and knows how to make sushi.” While she is saying this, people in charge of the show play “Ann is crazy music.” The episode's challenge was to walk a wobbly runway four stories above the ground, and it was boring. No one fell off. They should have made it wobblier. There was also a bit of shameless product placement with the girls talking up this fancy hair straightener/curler device. We also found out that Kayla is gay. Chris’ reply? “I don’t care. I’m cool with everybody.” Chris thinks she is a much nicer person than she is (when, in fact, she’s a bit of a douchelord), but we like her strong personality, overall.

As we predicted, Anamaria's weight came under fire. Her reply? “I’m on a calorie-restricted diet…As a model, I feel like it’s how it should be.” Many clips were played of Anamaria talking about how she has this competition in the bag. “These girls are just small town American girls. I wouldn’t look twice at them on the street.” Then Jay saw her in the photo shoot and said, “I didn’t see a tall, skinny model. I saw bones.” Anamaria was stubborn and uncooperative when Jay kept trying to get her to pose in a way that didn’t make her look starving.

The photo shoot involved modeling in bathing suits with two words painted all over their bodies. One word was supposed to be a word bullies called them, and the other was supposed to be a positive word to counteract it. This anti-bullying PSA had Tyra written all over it. Sure enough, she showed up and revealed her source of childhood shame..again: her big forehead! She wore a T-shirt with “Big Forehead” written on it. Dear Tyra, you should have taken off the “fore.” Then she ripped it off like the superwoman she thinks she is, and it said, “SUPERMODEL TURNED ENTREPRENEUR.” Fair enough. She IS that.

Most of the mean words pertained to the girls’ looks: caspar (for being too white), soup cooler (for big lips), and elf ears. But some girls really laid their hearts before us on national television, revealing that they were things like called stupid and queer (Kayla, duh). Poor little Kayla was in tears. She was bullied so much for coming out in high school that she had to switch schools. Demi Lovato showed up to give a little PSA announcement about bullying. We were disappointed they couldn’t have let her treat the models to some a cappella singing.

At the judging table, we had Nigel (he’s hot), some fat guy one blogger doesn't know (the other blogger, of course, knows the wonderful and talented Andre Leon Talley), Tyra, and Diane von Furstenberg, fashion designer. Is it our imagination, or did Diane look irritated with Tyra at least twice? Our favorite quote from the judging was when Tyra said that Sara looked like a Barbie Doll. “But I want more than a Barbie Doll. I want a high fashion Barbie Doll” Ann was deemed to have the best photo, and Kayla was runner up. Anamaria got a lecture about health, and then the judges showed her the door. They said she was even thinner than the thinnest models working today. Tyra said that leaving her on the show would be a bad influence on young girls.

We think Anamaria was set up to fail from the start. From the first episode, it was obvious that her body was too thin to look attractive in photos. Did the show’s producers pick Anamaria for the top 14 just so they could throw her to make a point and look good?

Well, if kids would have been dumb enough to imitate these models’ life choices, they will be dumb enough to believe the show is genuine and eat “a piece of bread with butter and avocado” (the food recommended to Anamaria by Tyra). Maybe Tyra did a good deed. Maybe she should guest start on another CW show, 90210, and teach those girls a lesson there as well…

Episode Grade- C

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Unexpected Premiere Review.

We missed this touching family show. Sometimes we like our shows to lack cynicism, a homicidal protagonist, a big geeky endgame, or dry, dark humor. Sometimes. And when we do, we head straight for things like Life Unexpected, since Gilmore Girls is over.

At the end of last season, Baze had just walked in at the end of Cate and Ryan’s wedding, trying to stop it. Cate made the right choice. At the start of the episode, Cate and Ryan had just returned from their honeymoon in Vegas. They took Lux with them. How perfect is Ryan still, letting a 16-year-old come on his honeymoon vacation? Next time Lux whines about what a bad mom Cate is, one blogger will want to remind her that Cate took her to Vegas. One blogger's mom took her SISTER to Vegas…. (Just kidding Mom, you’re better than Cate. Prettier too.)

About six minutes into the episode, a desperate and pathetic Bug attempts to lock Lux down by proposing. Showing a lack of assertiveness that is very realistic for a 16-year-old character, Lux said yes because she had trouble saying no. Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan got a new co-anchor, Kelly, who is a “born-again virgin," and had conservative views on women and marriage. Because this is TV, Kelly was painted as a one-sided, unsympathetic villain from the first moment she was shown. She is the sort of conservative woman who hates women, and Cate was her newest target. Kelly’s role in the episode was to pick apart Cate’s life, saying that if Cate tried to do it all, Cate couldn’t do it well.

Baze had yet to have the awkward “I tried to ruin your new marriage" conversation with Cate, so Cate agreed to meet Baze alone in a park to talk. We don’t think that new co-host is going to have that much trouble picking apart Cate’s marriage. Baze and Cate had an emotional, boring, and predictable fight in which Cate said mean things.

Lux went over to visit Baze. Upon finding out that Baze wasn’t there, she parked herself behind his bar and started serving liquor to the first cute guy who rolled up to the counter. The cute guy, Eric, easily convinced Lux to drive in the middle of the night with him to see the ocean for the first time. His point was that a young girl should not get married if she had not experienced the world yet. Fortunately, Kelly was out of earshot for this particular TV lesson…To make a long, dull story short, Lux ended up kissing Eric. This was not surprising, because it was night, the two were perched on a high platform, and they started playing what we would call “kissing music.”

That night, rather than making sure her daughter (who has a boyfriend she tried to live with and has exhibited poor obedience skills in the past) is really where she said she was going to be, Cate got drunk and complained about Kelly. She told Ryan, “In our marriage, we both wear the pants.” Not to be Kelly or anything, but there is no better way to put a damper on your new marriage than to start emasculating the hubby, even if you’re right. A lot of a guy’s identity goes into “being a man.” If you’re a man too, what’s he got left to do? But it’s Ryan, so he will take it with a smile like the perfect kicked dog he is.

A saddened, abandoned Baze slept with his horribly grating new bartender (Dean’s wife from Gilmore Girls). As she was doing her walk of shame out of the bar (distracted by a cell phone. Girls like that are always messing with a cell phone when they should be paying attention), the bartender threw her cigarette into a trash can, and it caught the whole place on fire. She walked out, still yammering. Don’t smoke, kids. Baze got out of the bar just in time for it to explode a little bit. Finally this show gets some action. All it needs is for Jack Bauer to run in and shoot that stupid bartender in the leg…Baze called Cate during her show, and Cate told Baze that Lux was in the building. Baze ran into the burning building, panicking, to save Lux. Call us softies, but we were touched. Baze has become a real dad. Sadly, Baze is not fireproof and lands in the hospital with second-degree burns that, thankfully, don’t harm his hot face.

Lux showed up at the hospital, lied about where she was, and her excuse was “my phone was dead.” Child, when you stay out all night, bring your phone charger in case your parents notice and start calling. That's Delinquent 101. Cate and Baze had a nice talk at the hospital. Then Cate ruined it by not denying that she would have chosen Baze if he had interrupted the wedding earlier. Lux then saw Bug and took back her “yes.” It must have been seeing the earring and spider web tattoo again that did it. Or maybe it was the fact that when girls have good dads, they don’t have to run off with the first moron who winks at them and gives them a ring…

Now for the end of the episode twists:

Twist 1: Cate got fired, and Ryan knew it was going to happen. Is that right? Also, Ryan loses any points he might have had from us for his Robin Williams impression (Good Morning Portlaaaaaaaaaaaand) and for his fake, manipulative speech on the first broadcast without Cate. We guess Ryan isn’t a perfect kicked dog after all. And this plotline may open up new opportunities to develop the Cate character in the future. Cate, Kelly told us to tell you that at least you have a husband now who can support you during your time of unemployment!

Twist 2: Eric is Lux’s English teacher.

Twist 3: Stupid bartender is Ryan’s sister who is back in town. Ughhhh. Oh well. Last year, the NY Times reported that over a thousand people went to the emergency room for “accidents that occurred through texting while walking.” Maybe stupid bartender will be next.

Episode grade: B

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"My Boys" is over

The show has been cancelled. One of the bloggers is sad, one is happy. Very happy. That show was laaaaaaaaame.

Recap of the (series) finale:
This blogger didn't know it would be the last episode of My Boys before watching it, but it definitely felt like a series finale. Mike got married (!!!!!), Kenny is going to London with Stephanie, Brendan bought Crowley's (!!!), and PJ decided her friends are more important than her own front page column. Not much else happened, but it definitely showed how each character has grown up ... which explains why the episode was called "My Men". We probably should've known it was a series finale based on the title.

Overall, this season was pretty boring. It was all about the characters maturing which, though makes us proud of them, doesn't make for the best television. My Boys has never been Emmy-worthy, but it did have the benefit of being aired during the summer, when there's nothing else on. It consistently made one of the bloggers laugh, and for that, it will be missed.

Finale Grade: A
Season Grade: B-
Series Grade: A-

J-Lo is the new American Idol judge

Jennifer Lopez seems too normal to be a judge in our opinion. We don't need another Randy. But we'll see...

Weeds- “Bliss” episode review

Dear Weeds, nobody cares about Doug. Also, we had our filler hotel episode last week, and we want something to happen already. On that note, thanks for this episode’s ending! It’s about time cops caught Nancy, but we feel bad that they caught Andy too.

At the start of the episode, Shane was lamenting that Nancy was a bad influence to her new baby. “You’re not a bad influence because you’re a drug dealer. You’re a bad influence because you’re a BAD drug dealer.” Cue laughter from Andy. Nancy made a deal with the hotel concierge to deal hash to the guests.

Shane took the baby, met a group of mothers at a park, told them his little brother was actually his baby, and tried to bond. One of the mothers busted him on one of his lies though, so I guess he will have to make new, more appropriate friends.

Silas, in an attempt to regain his manhood after last week, starting hanging around a college campus, pretending to go there, and hooking up with college girls.

Doug led Esteban’s men to a homeless man who had found Andy’s old cell phone that Andy ditched. The homeless man is now homeless AND dead.

Andy had just been promoted to sous-chef at the hotel, and he was looking to keep his job and do well at it. “This is my Eat Pray Love moment. This is my bliss,” he said. But Nancy needed cooking oil to get more supply from a couple of lesbian hippies, so he went with her. As he and Nancy exited the hippies’ house with their supply, they were confronted by cops.

Definitely a filler, but Weeds sure knows how to redeem an episode with a cliffhanger ending.

Episode Grade- C

Gossip Girl Spoilers

-Juliet will offer to help Nate win Serena back. Her plan is to get Dan and Vanessa back together, thus removing Dan as competition for Serena.

-However, the Dan and Serena story has been officially “reactivated” and dealing with them is going to turn into a bigger story.

-The finale had a life-changing effect on Jenny, and when she returns in episode seven, she will be very different. But her return will bring drama. Doesn’t sound that different to me….

-Episode seven will feature Tim Gunn as a party guest, and the drama mentioned above involves Chuck and Blair.

-Blair will try to get into an exclusive social club at Columbia.

-Serena will suspect that Juliet is trying to sabotage her life. Looks like Serena has a new enemy who isn’t Blair (good).

Gossip Girl- Belles De Jour premiere review

We did not like this episode of Gossip Girl. It focused primarily on yet another rivalry between Blair and Serena, caused by the fact that Blair is jealous of her own best friend. If Serena were as mature as she appears, she would phase this girl out of her life. This song-and-dance is getting old. Premieres are supposed to sate us after a summer of waiting, and this did not. There was nothing here that we didn't read in the spoilers and magazines weeks ago.

Blair and Serena spent the summer in Paris, and Gossip Girl is judging the fun they are having by how many hookups they’ve engaged in: Serena= a lot. Blair= none. Quelle surprise. When Blair reads that her summer is a failure on Gossip Girl (even though she's in Paris, shopping, with lots of culture and dining), she laments that she will just being “going home with a Chuck-sized cloud over her head.” We would like a Chuck-sized cloud over OUR heads, thanks. That sounds dirty, and we meant it to, even though it probably makes no sense. We just miss Chuck!

But Blair’s taste in art, and her surprisingly excellent French, lands her a date with a hot guy named “Louise,” who pretends to be a driver, but is really a prince of Monaco. He wanted to see if Blair would like him for himself. It’s superficial Blair, so obviously she failed the test by fighting over Serena’s date, the real driver (who Blair thought was the real prince). Then Blair learned that Serena would be going to Columbia University in the fall, where she could overshadow Blair even more, and she pushed her in a fountain. We are so glad that Serena and Blair will be attending the same school. It was boring and useless having Serena take a year off to whine, crush on a married man, and watch other people having their lives. But now we have all the characters in the same area.

We miss Chuck and Blair, but Blair is a better person with Chuck. That is less entertaining. The highlight of the night was seeing her push her frenemy into a fountain, even though it was plastered all over the advertisements so we had already seen it.

Other goings-on-

Nate: He’s been dating vapid hot girls all summer from Chuck’s Little Black Book. You’d probably get an STD just from opening it. Luckily, Nate meets a gorgeous smart girl named Juliet Sharp (who looks like she could be 30 years old). We know she was smart, because she had a book when Nate met her, and she was a little mean to him. Nate was instantly attracted. Girls, this does not work in real life. In the end, Juliet gave Nate her number, but we saw a glimpse of her hotel room. All of her expensive clothes still have the tags (gasp!) and she has a crazy conspiracy map that could have come straight out of the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” with all the Gossip Girl leads’ faces pinned to it.

Dan: Dan kept his baby with Georgina a secret from his father, until Georgina showed up at a Waldorf party with little Milo in tow. The poor thing kind of looks like Georgina. Georgina left town in the end…and left Dan with Milo. Good riddance.

Vanessa: Still useless. She lost a ton of weight, probably to attain her prize role in Piranha 3D. She DID remind Dan to get a paternity test. Dan is an idiot for not doing it sooner. He and Vanessa deserve each other…

Chuck: He must really want to start over, and we don’t blame him. He’s made more mistakes in his young life than most people have who are twice his age. After getting shot, he washed up in France and was nursed back to health by Harry Potter’s Clemence Posey, who is funny-looking if you ask me. However, Chuck must like her, because he is staying with her in France, claiming his name is “Henry.” At the end of the episode, Lily learned that he had been shot. No one had heard from him all summer. We hate that Chuck has someone and Blair doesn't. It should be the other way around.

Jenny: Still gone. Yay!

Episode grade: D

Monday, September 13, 2010

True Blood Finale Review - Evil is Going On

Why is the picture boring? Because the season was boring.

After this dud of a season, we had forgotten what a decent True Blood episode was like. Now that we saw one in last night’s finale though, we are anxious for the next season. A ton happened, and it set up a lot of possibly interesting storylines, like “bad Sam,” “witches,” and “single Sookie.” Maybe a little TOO much happened, making the finale seem overpacked and choppy. The episode also lacked shocking moments. We could have written in ourselves, it was so predictable. Part of True Blood's appeal is that it delivers gross, weird, or shocking moments. This episode just tied up all the season's loose ends. We liked the writing and dialogue though.

We loved when Sookie dumped the gory remains of Russell’s annoying lover down the garbage disposal in front of him, but she seemed to enjoy it too much. A lot of her lines seemed out of character, and maybe she has a right to be angry, but Sookie is getting a little mean.

We were disappointed in Lafayette’s storyline this season, but it looks like the show is setting him up for a good one next year. We guess it’s time some people had a dull storyline, just living their lives. We are liking his boyfriend so far.

One of us may have jumped from team Eric to team Alcide, because he was looking nice when he showed up midway through the episode. Too bad Sookie had to ruin it by shutting him down when he made a move on her. We hope he comes back. And we’re kind of glad Eric isn’t real so that there is no chance of us ticking him off and getting encased in cement for a hundred years. Kind of. He IS pretty hot.

The biggest surprise of the night, for us, was watching Sam shoot his little half brother over stealing his money. We wonder if Sam only winged him or if he is really dead. Despite Sam’s abrupt change from the nice guy we love at the end of this season, he gets points for telling Tara he is a shapeshifter. He’s not ashamed anymore.

The two most touching moments for us were Tara’s last words to her mother and Bill’s last words to Sookie. Tara’s mother was sleeping with the minister, waiting for him to leave his wife. “I’m finally gonna be happy, Tara,” she said. There was a moment’s pause while Tara had what Oprah would call an “Aha Moment." Sitting around and waiting for something in the world or someone to make you happy isn’t going to work, and it’s what Tara had been doing with men and friends and booze all her life. Tara wished her mom luck, sincerely, and apparently left town. Before she left, she gave herself a haircut we don’t like at all. Tara, never cut your own hair. One of the bloggers did it once, and it was an even worse disaster, because she didn’t have the True Blood hair-and-makeup team.

After Sookie dumped both Bill and Eric, Eric was relaxed, letting Sookie know he was sorry and telling Bill he wanted his cell phone back in the same minute. Love him. He is consistently practical and hilarious. But Bill declared his love and (earlier) his desire to protect Sookie by killing everyone who might want to drink Sookie. One writer has never been a big Bill fan, finding him possessive and pathetic, but we must say, we felt sorry for him here. We loved when he took on Evan Rachel Wood’s queen at the end of the episode (“I’ve got nothing left to lose”). The episode ended, lamely, with Sookie joining the fairies.

Episode grade: B
Season grade: C

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This week's returning and premiering shows (Monday to Saturday)

Shows covered by this blog are in red

90210 at 8. (The CW)
Gossip Girl at 9 (The CW)

One Tree Hill at 8 (The CW)
Life Unexpected at 9 (The CW)
Parenthood at 10 (NBC)

Survivor: Nicaragua at 8 (CBS)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia at 10 (FX)
The Apprentice at 10 (NBC)
The League at 10:30 p.m.

There's only one new show premiering this week: Outlaw. Wednesday at 10 (NBC). Here's the trailer if you are looking for a new show to check out. The trailer doesn't have us super-excited, but we are going to watch it anyway. If you decide not to watch it, we will let you know how it was.

Follow-up note: It was not good^ So not good that we can't be bothered to write a full review. Just trust us.