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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Unexpected- Parents Unemployed

In this episode of Life Unexpected, Cate and Baze were informed by Lux’s school principal that Lux is failing out of the school. Lux had to get an A on her English midterm to stand a chance of passing, so Cate started helping her study. Meanwhile, Cate started looking for her next job and Baze interviewed for a position at his father’s firm. After much effort, Baze got the job, and Cate took a job producing her old show that Ryan and Kelly took over. Lux and her new teacher fought over what happened between them last episode and then made nice at the end.

Notes/comments for those who have seen it:

-We are finding Paige (last week’s bartender) more tolerable now.

-We were annoyed with Cate’s freak-out at Ryan and the fact that she thought she was too good for some jobs. Some people already think that Cate is shrill. This isn’t helping our sympathy for the character. We thought she was sweet and motherly toward Lux while helping her study. But making flash cards for Lux was the wrong way to go. Silly Cate, you should have told Lux what to put on the cards, then had her write it out. That’s how you force her to learn.

-We also had no sympathy for Baze having trouble getting hired because his potential boss heard his cell phone call in the elevator. Cell phone manners, people. If you force other people who are trapped with you to hear your annoying business, you must accept the consequences.

-We were interested in the plot where Lux is failing. We have already seen Rory Gilmore. In fact, we feel like most young TV characters seem to be going to Ivy League schools. It makes us feel inferior, which makes us not like the character.

-In Cate’s interview with another radio station, the interviewers kept talking about how most good morning radio shows have two people to create banter. It made us wonder if a jobless Baze could tag along with Cate and be his new radio co-star. That might have been a good idea.

-We think Baze should date his new boss. Their budding working relationship is so cold it’s hot, and we need him to forget about Cate for a while.

-We are not as creeped out by Lux and her teacher liking each other as we should be. It’s only six years of a difference, and Lux is a pretty confident girl. Any other time or place in history, and they could get married. It’s not like this guy is taking advantage of Lux. Darn this show (and Pretty Little Liars) for manipulating us into thinking this might be ok. And message to Baze: Way to catch that it’s creepy for Lux to go off alone with her hot, young teacher. This guy is oblivious.

-We are glad Lux felt bad for cheating on her test.

-We are still wondering what Ryan’s lies and secrets consist of after the premiere, but he was annoyingly perfect again in episode two. Don’t think we forgot about that, show.

-We laughed at Baze’s face when he first saw Paige and then found out that she was Ryan’s sister.

Episode grade: C

If you want to watch this show, you can pay for it on Amazon and iTunes and watch it on your computer. If you want to watch it for free, wait one week and go to the CW web site. If you want to watch it for free, now, use your own means. Just don’t tell us about it. :)


  1. this comment belongs to the old/canceled shows list, I'm sticking it here because I don't know where else to put it-
    these are a handful of my very favorite old shows that didn't make either or your lists-

    prison break, now and again, Studio 60 on sunset strip, jack and bobby, undeclared


  2. here's why-

    prison break- i guess from your list that your not crazy about violent shows- i 'm not either, in fact I probably tend towards 'gal shows', but there's something about the first season of PB... the texture of characters, their motivations, their endurance and faith, the constant maddening plot twists; I've watched the entire first season of PB four, yes, four times- straight through

    Studio 60- I just loved this cast- Mathew Perry, Bradly Whitford, Amanda Peet, D L Hughly, and all written with humor and thought by Aaron Sorkin- what's not to love? But the best thing about studio 60 was Perry playing Matt Albie- perfect casting, I cold have watched for 2 more years...

    Jack and Bobby- written by Sorkin's co-hort and the director of M. Perry's newest show Thomas Shlcm. Jack and Bobby had the feel of The West Wing meets My So-called Life meets Gilmore Girls, I think you'd like it

    Undeclared- Judd Apatow ,Jay Baruchel, Carla Gallo, Charlie Hunnam, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal- all in one show? need I say more? how about guest spots for-Jenna Fisher, Tom Welling, Simon Helberg, Adam Sandler, Amy Poehler, Busy Phillips, Felicia Fay, Will Ferrel, Ted Nugent, Martin Starr and Ben Stiller- all in 18 episodes?!

    and Now and Again- I can't find full episodes of this short lived CBS hit anywhere online, but I do remember loving in when I was 13.....

  3. We actually agree with you on the first season of Prison Break. That was gripping, don't miss television that almost constantly surprised one of us. We'll probably add that to one of the lists.

    Studio 60 had ALMOST perfect casting. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are amazing, but Sarah Paulson shouldn't have been there. It had the potential to be must see tv (Aaron Sorkin is pretty genius), but unfortunately neither of us enjoyed it.

    Leeard tried to get into Jack and Bobby, but she thought it was a much better concept than execution.

    We were a bit too young to appreciate Undeclared when it first aired, but we will definitely check it out when we have the time. All of those amazing actors (plus Judd Apatow) in one television show sounds like a great combination.

    We've actually never seen Now and Again, but it does remind one of us of a show that she used to love - Once and Again.

  4. This is the other blogger:

    ok Hatts. You leave an interesting comment. This blogger was going to sleep in for another hour, but the smartphone kept emailing your comments.

    You have gotten both of us out of bed because this blogger had to add onto the other blogger's comment to defend our violence-watching honor. Dexter, 24, Rome, LOST, Deadwood, Dollhouse, Alias, Pillars of the Earth, Heroes, Harpers Island, The Unusuals, Fringe, and Southland are pretty violent. Guys read this blog. We have to let them know that's alright :)

    There just seem to BE more girly shows on TV lately.

    About Prison Break- We watched this show for one season, but then it just seemed to run out of story. By that time, most people were hooked by the excellent first season, but we have no trouble dropping shows once they start to decline in quality. This was also the case with Heroes and Desperate Houseives. It's like when you get your first, perfect child, but the next one comes out looking like voldemort. Thanks, but no thanks. Unless PB got better again. Did it get better again?

    Ern may give Studio 60 another shot, mostly because it's not on Instant Netflix. Ern will watch anything if they put it on Instant Netflix, even The Hannah Montana Movie. Oh wait...that actually happened/Ern watched it.

    Jack and Bobby and Undeclared and Now and Again:
    Ern hasn't seen those. Thanks for the recommendations. We at least have to check out Undeclared for sure. Now we have something to watch/catch up on during the mostly barren summers of our lives. If we can find Now and Again. Just looked and, you're right, it's probably impossible to locate.

    You know, we enjoyed PB enough to put it on the old list. At least first season. Good reminder.

    Note to Leeard: you have fewer show than I do. You can put PB on your list. As you can see, I am a nice person, so I gave you Wonderfalls.

  5. Dear Ern and Leeard,
    Now that I know that posts have the potential to wake you up I'll make sure my all-nighters don't interfere with your sleep!
    that said, you make very good points-

    first of all- I completely retract my ill consider suggestion that you don't like violent TV- clearly I was a little sleepy...

    secondly, I'm relieved to know that you appreciated season 1 of Prison Break. You are right, the following seasons were never as good as the first. If i remember correctly,the show was originally conceived of as a 13 episode miniseries, its popularity caused it to be extent for 4 seasons. the show still has some great moments here and there. I watched the whole series in big consecutive chunks and when I look back on the series as a whole I think it was excellent story telling. There was an almost organic development form a simple focused story into the conspiracy plot suggested in the first season and resolved in the last season. And what what really made me appreciate the bigger story telling arc was the ending devised for Micheal's character, which seemed just right to me.

    I liked sarah paulson on Studio 60, but I've read other reviews with the same complaint. I too will watch anything on netflix streaming, and was very happy when they recently added Studio 60 and Veronica Mars!

    Jack and Bobby, ok, admittedly this is not as great a show as the others, I consider it a little netflix gem since that's where I found it. I kinda stuck it in there just anyone hadn't discovered it yet, because I think its worth seeing. as for Undeclared I just get a kick out of seeing all these actors together and so young, particularly Charlie Hunnam since I'm a big SOA fan...

    thanks for responding!
    ..and if you ever find Now and Again let me know!

    -Hatts8 (aka Kelly123 on Y!answers)

  6. Thanks for the replies, and we will keep an eye out for Now and Again for sure.

    One of us is addicted to yahoo answers in class. One blogger's earlier favorite category was "Marriage and Family." Love the drama. But since she has never been married, she felt like a fraud and switched to TV.

    We remember Kelly123. Good answers. There's never really anything to add once Kelly123 answers, haha.