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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glee - Furt recap/review

This week on The Kurt Show, Burt Hummel proposed to Carole, and a delighted Kurt got set on the wedding plans. He enlisted New Directions to serve as the band (and the bridesmaids and groomsmen). Shortly after the news was announced, Karofsky walked up to Kurt and took the little bride-and-groom figurine Kurt had. After missing weeks of threats, pushing, slushie-ing, and kissing, the sharp eyes of Will landed on this scene and Will thought, “Uh oh. Bullying.” He took Will to Sue’s office to report it, but Sue couldn’t do anything, because there wasn’t proof of actual violence.

Rachel, in one of her best moments, enlisted the guys on the football team to confront Karofsky and protect Kurt. Sadly, Finn didn’t step up and the others failed, with Sam getting pretty pummeled. Then Burt found out about the situation and sat down with Sue, Karofsky, and Karofsky’s dad, who seemed pretty reasonable and mature by the way he was polite to Sue even after she expelled Karofsky. The evidence this time? Karofsky admitted that he had threatened to kill Kurt. The school board let Karofsky come back, so Burt and Carole spent their honeymoon money on paying for Kurt to transfer to Dalton Academy. The glee club, especially Finn and Mercedes, were really sad and threatened to protect him, but Kurt was over the school’s tolerance of bullying. We like seeing this bullying arc come to a head, and Kurt’s transfer promises more Darren Criss sightings, but has anyone else had enough of Kurt? Sue stood up for Kurt, because decent bullies don’t push around gays. They only call names, take down New Directions, and target fatties, of course. Kurt pointed out that Sue was a bully for calling him “Lady.” In one of the best Sue lines of the season, she said, “I’m sorry. I thought that was your name. [To make up for it] I will allow you to pick between three nicknames: Gelfling, Porcelain, or Tickle Me Dough Face.” Kurt picked Porcelain. He would. We would have picked TMDF. It was sad that Kurt had to leave after the glee club, Will, his dad, and even Sue were on his side. Now that he had all that support, that was the best time to stick it out. But there’s more drama this way.

In Sue’s corner, Rod Remington announced that he was engaged to the co-anchor he cheated on Sue with. To celebrate her own life and success, Sue decided to get married too. To herself. She also decided to officiate the ceremony after getting an ordination on the internet. She invited her Nazi-hunting mother (Carol Burnett) and the two sang “Ohio” together, fought, and the mother left. Sue is now married to herself. Our favorite part was when Sue said, “You may now kiss yourself,” and started kissing her own hand. This plot was ridiculous and weird, but Sue is always funny, so it was one of the better plots of the episode for us. It also had Carol Burnett, who was excellent, but underused. If they had only given her at least HALF the screen time they gave Gwyneth Paltrow, that would have been nice. We hope there is an episode mending her relationship with Sue and Sue’s sister, because we think she should come back.

Finn lamented over his lack of leadership abilities and the chicken way he didn’t stand up for Kurt. To make up for it, Finn gave a sappy speech about how he and Kurt are “Furt” now, rather than giving a speech about Burt and Carole. The wedding was long and cheesy. And no one seemed to know who the wedding was about. Much like this show, the wedding was all about Kurt. The parents even gave mostly long speeches about their kids during their vows. We know you are supposed to put the kids first, but it made no sense. Bad timing. Have the speeches to each other "backstage" before the wedding. Songs performed included Bruno Mars’s “Marry You,” which the Glee club skipped down the aisle to, an English version of "Quien sera?" (that they called “Sway”), and “Just the Way You Are,” performed by mostly Finn for Kurt. Finn and Kurt danced together during that song. We can hear the gays screaming, “THAT WAS SOOOO IMPORTANT. WOW. BIG STEP FOR US ON NETWORK TELEVISION” from here, but we just thought it was lame. Some things in this vein are touching and some things in this vein are just stupid.

In other subplots, Sam and Quinn are official boyfriend and girlfriend, even though he gave her a promise ring. If any guy gives one of us a promise ring, we would vomit, even if the guy were as hot and nerdtastic as Sam. Also, apparently when Brittany and Artie fool around, sometimes he just lies there. We love you, Brittany.

This episode didn’t make a lot of sense to us. There were cheesy, unrealistic speeches, ridiculous character reactions, and abrupt happenings. It just didn’t flow for us. And don’t get us wrong, we support equality, standing up to bullies, and letting people be who they are, but the Kurt-centric thing is getting old. We wish it were The Rachel Show again. We think that Glee should have split its gay bullying episodes over the season, rather than giving it to us all at once. And the cheesiness of this episode kind of negated the show's good moments on this subject.

Beating the dead horse also does more harm than good to the gay rights movement. We know anti-gay people, and some of them watch or will watch Glee. A lot of them are young men in high school. If you beat them over the head with the messages and make the show all about being gay, they are not going to listen. They are going to turn off the show. Yes, TV can do a lot to change minds and hearts, but it needs to do it in small doses, like on Grey’s Anatomy. Callie and Arizona had one big gay rights episode with Callie’s dad, and because it was just one time, the words spoken in that episode are stilling running around in our heads today. If you make the show all about gay rights, you will end up preaching to the choir and changing hardly anything. It may give gay teens support, true, but does it have to be every episode? And how much support does it give young gay men to have STEREOTYPICAL Kurt crying in every episode? Blaine is a better role model and example.

The Kurt focus and the guest stars and theme episodes are taking away from the other elements that made Glee popular. Glee hasn’t given Rachel nearly enough solos this season or plots. What, now that she has a boyfriend, her main story and angst are over? Come on. And we didn’t love the songs. Marry You was ok, Ohio was good if you like that kind of music, and Will sounded good singing Sway. While we enjoyed these three songs in the episode, they will not be gracing our iPods.

Episode grade: C-


  1. I totally agree with your review. Weird episode with a few good moments. I'm a little bit annoyed that they brought Carol freaking Burnett on the show and didn't use her much. She's a living legend!

    I liked the actual wedding for the most part, including "Marry Me", which was cute, but why did this episode have to be all about Kurt AGAIN?! You make a good point about the difference between the gay rights episode on Grey's Anatomy and the gay rights season of this show: at a point, it becomes preachy and redundant. People that aren't particularly gay-friendly have probably already turned off this show.

    As per usual, though, I complain about this show only because I like it so much. Even with the unbalanced Kurt to Everyone Else ratio that's been happening this season, it's still such a thrill to see a musical TV show every week!

    Also, Will Shuester = cheesy wedding singer? That sounds about right.

  2. I enjoyed the show, mainly because it was back to being Glee, instead of Tribute Band or What Guest Star Can We Focus On Today Instead Of Displaying The Talent Of The Stars That Made This Show Famous. (Yes, I just made that up on the spot. I'm clever like that.) I agree wholeheartedly, though, that it's kind of disgusting how centered the show was on Gweneth Paltrow and how Carol Burnett only had a passing role. They chose the wrong time to stop focusing on the guest star.

    Also, I've gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed in the song choice this season. They seem to be trying to win over all the kids with hits on the radio this week... but one of the things I like best about this show is that they did showtunes. I'm biased. I am a showtune junkie. But that is what glee clubs do, so why do they keep singing Top 40 songs? Mix it up, throw in some oldies, showtunes, and Top 40. Stop picking craptastic songs, especially ones by Bruno Mars.

    Though I will say, they do a far better job on the Bruno Mars songs than he does.

    I'm impressed with the Rachel Growth, and I agree that it's far too Kurt-centric. We have so many awesome, developing, amazing characters on this show that the need to devote a little time to more people and less of this multiple-episode solely centered on one character. Though I did read that the bullying arc was 3 episodes so... it's over? Didn't feel like it.

    Still, best show on TV right now, hands down. I hate on it because I lurve it hardcore style.

  3. The reason Glee has been beating us over the head with the gay rights theme is that the creator is gay.

  4. We agree with Cat and CurvyGirl that we are all only hard on Glee because we love it so much and know how good it can be. We also want more Broadway type stuff and a cappella things that Glee clubs actually do.

    And sure, Ryan Murphy is gay, so he has to push his issues. But he is an entertainer and he needs to do it with taste and know when enough is enough. One of us is a libertarian, but you don't see rants about that on this blog, do ya? haha

  5. There has been a lot of Kurt lately but honestly I'd much rather have a "Kurt Hummel Show" than a "Rachel Berry Show"...

    Reading this review and the comments, wow, people seriously can't get past the fact that Kurt is gay.

    It's not like Kurt even had the majority of the screen time, Sue had quite a big story as well (although it was pretty dumb) and we had some Sam + Quinn.

  6. Yeah, a lot of people don't like Rachel. We have no idea why. Her voice alone makes her the best character (Brittany and Sue are the funniest).

    We can "get past the fact that Kurt is gay." We have no problem with that, and we like Kurt. We don't know the hearts and minds of the commenters, but the post writers like Kurt most of the time.

    It's just been like three episodes in a row on this subject. No one likes things to be preachy too much, no matter what they are preaching.

  7. To chime in, I like Kurt and I think it's great that a big 4 network show has a gay teen as a leading character, but, seriously, Kurt can be such a downer when he's the only character getting dramatic material week after week. This is an ensemble show, right?