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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glee - The Comeback review

For the most part, season 2 of Glee spent most of its time making theme episodes, tributes, and trying to have things be as BIG as possible. It also spent a lot of time worshipping its favorite celebrities and trying to get attention. The past two episodes have not been like that. They’ve been back to form. The Valentine’s Day episode was amazing, and this one was good as well.

Granted, the episode was very weird. But awesomely so. Still, it felt a little off. We can't decide. It was like the show’s writers wrote it while they were a little drunk, but still having a good time. We can see how some people might think this episode was a dud. But we think the songs and Finn’s lines to Rachel at the end of the episode upped the grade to at least a B. It left us feeling happy and satisfied and still into the show.

One of us was cringing at the idea of a Justin Bieber tribute, but what happened was less of a tribute and more of a nod that actually served the story. We were especially amused by Sam wearing the purple hoodie for the whole episode. One of us thought the Glee versions of the Bieber songs were better than the originals, because Sam actually sounds like a man old enough to be singing about love. The other blogger vehemently disagrees.

The songs were diverse and good. We thought there was no reason for Glee to cover Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me” after the movie version of the song (the best version, in our opinions). But then Lea Michele and Amber Riley brought the house down. We don’t think they’ve ever had a duet before, and it’s about time. Also, as to who won, we’ve never seen a bigger tie. They have such different soprano voices, yet they went together well. They need to start a band. We also enjoyed the My Chemical Romance cover, but we strongly agree with Rachel and Finn that it’s not Regionals material. We wonder what sort of song the show is going to write for the kids to sing. We’re sure it’s going to be saccharine-sweet and sunshine-y. Hopefully it shows off the cast’s voices. Hopefully it isn’t as unbearably hopeful and lame as most of the songs written for American Idol finales, because that’s what we’re expecting.

The Sam/Santana/Quinn/Finn plotline was also a success. One of us doesn’t think Sam is dumb. He’s just na├»ve, young, and dorky! And his James Earl Jones impression, while creepy, was actually pretty good. The other blogger thinks he is, as Santana put it, “As dumb as a bag of wet hair.” He made a smart decision at the end though. Quinn is a horrible person for cheating on two of her boyfriends in just a couple of years.

What didn’t work for us was the Sue plotline. Unfortunately, this took up a lot of the episode. Did she discover the healing power of music and helping cancer kids? Yes. But she also took the dark side when she betrayed Will in the end. Showing Sue’s soft side so strongly makes her inconsistent, rather than well-rounded, like the show is trying for. There was no reason to have her and Will in the hospital singing to kids. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t entertaining, and most kids who watch Glee can’t just waltz into a hospital and start singing, because they were inspired by the show. We felt manipulated, not touched. Sue didn’t even look like Sue. She looked like the kindly older woman next door who gives you candy and lets you play with her dog. She looked like Jane Lynch (who is reportedly the nicest person ever in real life). It wasn’t a grudging softening with a reluctant smile; it was a complete break from character. The only cool thing about this scene was that it was filmed in a real hospital children’s ward, and the kids got to play with the actors and be on Glee. Ok, we guess that might be worth the dud of a scene.

A lot of people watching the show in the beginning complained that Sue was too mean. Then the show started softening her. First, they had Sue showing kindness and a good relationship with her mentally retarded sister. That was the most believable softening of Sue and showed us another side that didn’t negate her bad (and hilarious) traits. They should have stopped there. Since then, they’ve showed her having a truce with Will, saving the Glee club at the end of season one (which one of us actually liked), and now SINGING WITH CHILDREN AND THE GLEE CLUB? It was funnier when she was pure evil and calling people out based on physical traits. Now she’s just schizo. There’s no need for the character to commit Sue-icide. The writers may have already ruined her. Remember that ghastly wedding to herself? We DID like when she ripped the hat off of a kid’s head and screamed, “You know how I feel about hats!” That’s the Sue we find amusing.

Right now, the funniest characters may be Lauren and Santana. Santana’s mean little speech to Sam had us chuckling many times (“I wants on them froggy lips.”) The thing the two girls have in common? Cutting honesty. We were upset when we first learned that Sam and Quinn were breaking up, because they had mad chemistry, but after she cheated on him, we are ready for him to get his hot Latina revenge. We know better than to get attached to Glee couples.

Now, we are off to buy some leg warmers to wear on our arms. That had a cute 80s vibe, no?

Episode Grade: B+


  1. I too thought that this was much more like the old Glee, you know the one before all the themes and blatant attention seeking. And I loved it.

    I was horrified at a possible Bieber episode, but yes, it meshed well. And I loved Sam in his purple hoodie. Puck and his fake hair attached to the hoodie was hilaaarious.

    Ok, are we not supposed to like Finn? I mean, I'm a well documented Finn-hater, but seriously, it feels like the writers are trying to get us to think he's a shallow, arrogant prick. I always just thought he was a cheesy, dumb idiot but now... he's even worse. Are they doing it on purpose?

    Sam... oh Sam. He's so precious. I thought it was mean of Santana to crush his dreams (but true to form). If he wanted to believe Quinn was faithful, let him. But I guess I'm biased, because I really liked that couple too. Friggin Quinn... what's her issue?! Keep it in your pants, sister girlfriend!

    The whole Sue thing was ridiculous. Fox pulled this nonsense with House too. They create this fabulously horrible character, complete with a disdain for every social etiquette and hilarious honesty... then when people protest that he/she is too mean, they spend time "reforming" this character. NO. If you are going to subject me to mushy, touchy-feely losers like Will, you damn well better give me a student-throwing Sue. Save the cancer kids for Will, and leave Sue to plot evil plots and drop kick unsuspecting freshmen. Same with Santana. Let them be.

    I didn't like Lauren's song, because she can't sing. I love her confidence and sheer sass. I have to say, it's great to see an atypical girl up there, not whining about her weight or how she really eats healthy or whatever. She is unapologetically Lauren, and she knows you like it. And better yet, though I don't like the Puck/Lauren couple, I like that Puck full out admits his attraction is to her badass-ness. They make a kick ass team, even if I think they shouldn't date.

    Last but not least, Take Me or Leave Me is the most played song in my iTunes. The movie version cannot be beat. That being said, Rachel and Mercedes did an amazing job and they should team up muuuuch more often. It's not worth buying when I already own the movie one, but it didn't make my ears bleed like the Singin' In the Rain mashup.

  2. We're glad you agree that it was good! Lots of people were hating on it, but we liked it. We also like Finn. He has his moments where he's sweet and almost wise! This season he's been a little more of a douche though.

    We think Lauren not being able to sing is realistic. Most high school students in glee clubs have mediocre voices. They can't all be stellar. Also, that song doesn't require much good singing.

    THEY RUINED HOUSE? We haven't seen the later seasons, but we are upset by this news.

    Agree about the Singin in the Rain mashup, after a few listens. It doesn't hold up to the other Glee mashups. Also, remember the second battle-of-the-sexes mashup contest? The one where we said that the boys won? We take that back. Only one is still on our iPods, and it's the girls' mashup.

  3. Puckerman looked so hot in underwear right? Hahaha Sorry I really love this episode, you are so right, it feels like the old imperfect but so funny Glee! I really enjoyed theis episode but I miss Kurt hehe, but again, Puckerman was just so freacking HOT! haha

  4. Puck IS hot. We think Kurt will be back, and he will be bringing Blaine with him. It's sort of nice to have a break from Kurt for now, because the first half of the season revolved around him. We like him too though.

  5. Yes I HATED the Furt episode, well not the whole episode but was just awful. And well I think you are right about the Spoiler/Rummor that yopu posted a eek ago because in the next episode Rachel will kiss Blaine, and by the way I love the wasted Rachel haha.

  6. We were pretty sure the rumor was going to come up true. That's the first time we've ever posted something that we aren't completely sure about though. We don't want to make it a habit.

    And yeah the Furt episode could have been better.

  7. Also, keep an eye out for a Blaine and Rachel SINGING duet as well next episode. They will be singing "Don't You Want Me?" by The Human League.