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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grey's Anatomy - Not Responsible review

The most interesting part of this episode for us, even though it wasn’t necessarily at the forefront, was the fight between Cristina and Owen. First of all, because it was realistic. Second of all, because they both had great points. The show left it unresolved and we think that it’s going to start a bunch of problems between the newlyweds. We will be less amused if they break up over this, because they’ve been through so much as a couple, it would be a shame to break them up over babies. We've already seen that happen with a couple on this show. It would make our favorite character, Cristina, seem cold. It would make Owen seem like another Burke repeat who didn’t know or accept Cristina either. We don’t think that’s fair to either character.

Cristina told Owen that she married him because she was a “PTSD wastoid,” freaked out, and rushed into it. We were all thinking the same thing, but he married her for the right reasons. That’s not good…and not nice to hear from someone you are married too. He has been really nice to her through all her meltdowns, walking out, and offering to trade him for Teddy. She’s our favorite, but she’s not being nice. A career is NOT all there is to life. When you mature, you realize it is your loved ones who matter. He is completely right about that. Yeah, kids poop and keep you up at night, but they are part of life. It’s nice to be unselfish and have a family. Plus, he's being reasonable. He's not pushing for it while she's a resident and focusing on her career. He didn't throw down an ultimatum. His main point was that she should consider his wishes, discuss the possibility, and lay it out on the table. He thinks he should have a say.

However, when it comes down to it, we think Cristina should win this fight. He went into the marriage knowing that she didn’t want children and “thought she would come around.” She was honest. He married her anyway. You can’t marry someone thinking you are going to change them. It’s not fair and it hardly ever works. Case closed; he needs to live with it, even if he thinks she’s wrong. Even though Owen has been really good to Cristina this season and he has a point, we are Team Cristina on this, because she has been fair as far as this issue goes. Also, how funny looking would those kids be? Actually, they would either be really ugly or really gorgeous in an unconventional way. Whose side are you on?

Another reason this is interesting is that it may be related to other, more substantial insecurities. Owen doesn't feel listened to. Cristina is blocking him and insisting that their marriage might not have been a good idea. She might be wondering if he wants to change her like Burke. She might have intimacy issues because of her dead dad and freaky mom. We foresee that this is going to stir up a lot of drama for these two in the final half of this season. This looks like a catalyst to take this couple through a rough time. It might be about more than babies. This could turn into something VERY interesting. It could either mean personal growth for Cristina and more uncovering of the warm, gushy heart we know is hiding behind those walls. Or it could mean a split for this couple. That could create opportunities to couple these up and provide more plots for the show. Or it could create the opportunity for them to get back together and re-marry, and do it right this time and not rush it.

Other thoughts on the episode:
-Did anyone else tear up when the little boy, Kyle, started singing "Walk the Line" to his mother? So sweet (and sad).
-We liked Stark more after he asked April out. He wasn’t being a jerk and he was even cute in a dorky way when he did it. We always pictured April getting her V-card plucked by one of those male models posing as doctors, not mean, older Stark. This was funny and we look forward to an awkward date between these two. It rounds his character out, too.
-This episode also redeemed Lexie and Jackson a little bit for us. Lexie has many immature moments, but her speech to the cystic fibrosis girlfriend was direct, wise, and professional. It probably saved their lives as well. Jackson, known for saying really stupid things at really stupid moments, finally said something right when he told Lexie that he was “in line” for her. We know so many people will be upset that Jackson might ruin Mark and Lexie, but those two have had a while to get together and have blown it too many times for us to still care. Besides, Jackson and Lexie are more appropriate together.
-We were with Mark. Knowledge is not worth risking a miscarriage. Take it as it comes. Don’t risk making things with your baby worse. Plus, nine-inch needle. Mark is doing a great job with this whole inconvenient triangle, and he’s embracing responsibility. Lighten up, Arizona. He’s a laugh!
-Meredith has been benched, for the most part, for the SHOW for the last two seasons; the chief doesn’t need to bench her from the O.R. Ughhhh. Meredith was right (probably) about the chief’s wife. Maybe he hates her subconsciously because of that.

We liked that, while this episode featured the Mark/Callie/Arizona baby drama, there were other things in the episode. It was well-balanced between all of the characters. They all had substantial storylines Thursday night.

Episode Grade: B+


  1. Stark and April: SO AWKWARD. OMG. EWWWWWW.

    Jackson and Lexie: I like Jackson, and I like Lexie, and I like the idea of the two of them together, but wow, they kinda rushed it, didn't they? Did anyone else get the sense that this is just going to turn into some bad rebound relationship for Lexie? (and I know rebound relationships have worked on the show before, I mean, HELLO, Meredith and Derek, but rebounds don't usually work in real life)

    I'm ready to let go of Mark and Lexie. Mark has too much baby drama. And yes, I was totally with him on the amnio thing.

  2. You have to admit that Stark was pretty fair when he asked her out. He was direct, he said she could think about it, and he said he wouldn't make it awkward or detrimental if she said no. If only most guys you don't want to date pulled the request off that well. Sadly, most creepers have completely pathetic ways of asking you out.

    Jackson and Lexie ARE probably a rebound fling. We can't see them being forever, can you? But neither of them needs to settle down soon.

  3. I think that fight is interesting and realistic. There are a lot of couples today who are having that exact same fight. Personally, I like when people are up front and honest about it.

    Not everyone wants kids, and frankly, not everyone SHOULD have kids. If you're not wild about the idea, you shouldn't do it. Our population is plenty big without adding parents who are somewhat apathetic about the whole thing. Yes, it's different when they're yours, but still. Kids are not an inconvenience... you either sign up or stay out.

    As for Owen thinking she'd change, it's naive, but there are SO many people in that situation right now. You can't put yourself in that situation or you're only creating fights. I want kids more than anything else, so I won't last with someone who is at best mildly curious. I'm really curious to see what will win out (or who).

  4. We guess you have a point about some people not needing to have kids. We think it grows decent people up and opens their hears too much for people to miss out, but people who want it most probably DO make the best parents. We just balked at Cristina's reasoning. She doesn't like poop and surgery is her life? You shouldn't base your entire life on something you can lose, and she found out this season that she could lose her career. Branch out, woman.

    But Owen is ridiculous for thinking she'd change, yes. He shouldn't have married her. This is such an interesting plot right now, because it COULD go either way or they could break up. Most of the Grey's storylines are a little predictable.

  5. Does anyone know when the next new Grey's is scheduled to air??

  6. No :( Some time in March. Exact date uncertain.
    We're getting really sick of this show taking breaks. Didn't it just come off a break?