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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glee - Original Song review

This episode had a lot packed into it, including seven songs. We were not impressed with most of them. The winners, for us, were the two original songs ("Loser Like Me" and "Get it Right"), and Kurt’s version of "Blackbird". “Candles” by Kurt and Blaine was awful to our ears. It sounded dull and like some middle-schooler from YouTube did a cover. That would have been a beautiful cover for Rachel or Quinn, but as good as Blaine is, it didn’t fit his voice. Or Kurt’s. We didn’t like the harmonies either. Anyone who has heard the original song would agree with us. Who isn’t sick of Maroon 5’s “Misery” yet? The last thing we needed was ANOTHER version of that song to drive us crazy. Plus, it sounds a lot like a couple other Maroon 5 songs. How long are they going to dish out that song? “Hell to the No” was a great song. They should have used that as a third song. It was a great anthem for Mercedes too. “Big Ass Heart”? Not as good (though one of us liked it a lot), but it’s nice to see Puck still wooing his girl. It’s the cutest thing he’s ever done.

The good news from this episode? Kurt and Blaine are finally an item and they kissed. One of us was so excited, she texted the other "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG". Blaine’s words to Kurt were as bold and honest as Blaine is. We love them together, but the angle they filmed the kiss made it look awkward. It mostly made us notice just how large Kurt’s head is…. Maybe it was the angle, but Blaine’s head looked tiny in comparison. We want a better Klaine kiss, show. Can those two get themselves out of Dalton and to McKinley, stat?

We can’t believe the big Regionals death was A BIRD. Whoever leaked that spoiler is so cheap, getting us all riled up for nothing. But it DID have a big effect on Regionals, as promised. It made the Warblers lame by killing The Blaine Show that gave us the iTunes chart-topping “Teenage Dream.” Way to wreck a good thing in the name of plot progression and fairness, Glee. We are so, so glad to see bitchy Santana back. Her “Trouty Mouth” song was the highlight of the episode for one of us. It was hilarious, and we loved Sam’s reaction. We hope he tosses her to the curb. We don’t want him to get hurt by another girl so soon, so he should be the one to ditch her.

Quinn’s mean speech to Rachel should have made Rachel happy, in a way. Quinn basically said that Rachel was going to leave to go onto bigger things, but Quinn was going to stay and have Finn’s babies. Those are gonna be some dumb, pretty babies. But it made Rachel cry and write a decent song. The melody of that song never really soared for us, but we liked the words and Rachel’s big note in the bridge. Aural Intensity’s Jesus song was hilarious and it was very Sue to have Sue leak to the other two schools that the judges would be looking for “sexy,” when they were more conservative than that. We weren’t digging Kathy Griffin’s Tea Party judge. Tea Party stuff isn’t funny; it’s just annoying, even when it’s being mocked. We thought Glee might be able to make it sharp, but the show failed. It just wasn’t funny. This episode was light on the one-liners. New Directions absolutely deserved to win, and it did. For the performances, not the outfits.

Episode Grade: B

The next episode of Glee will air April 12th.


  1. First of all... OMIGOD FINALLY THEY KISSED I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER AND IT WAS THE BEEEEST. Except the awkward angle, agreed about the weird proportions.

    *deep breath* Ok now...

    I was slightly disappointed in their original songs, but I think that's because they hyped them up so much. Both were good, and I really enjoyed them in the show, but on their own they're not as pulse-racing.

    Ok, Warblers... disappointment. Maybe in a real schools they have to be judicious about giving out solos, but this is television. We don't want to listen to anyone else besides Blaine. I liked Misery, I didn't like the other one.

    Rachel is too good for Finn. She needs to realize that he's just a project for her and she should move on. Quinn can have him because for whatever reason, that's as high as Quinn wants to shoot for. Rachel is made for better things. Maybe she's realized it?

    Go away, Finn. Just give him some shiny tinfoil to play with and we should be good for a season or two.

    Any idea how long this break will be?

  2. We heard the original songs a long time ago, so we missed out on some of the hype ruining the first listen. Agree about Rachel and Finn, even though we sort of want to see them together, seeing as we have a higher tolerance for Finn than you do. We think that Rachel brings out the best in Finn (the leader in him) and makes him more tolerable.

    Glee will return April 12th. WE HATE GAPS.

  3. I just ranked Glee's 4 competition performances. I judged in terms of costume, choreography, vocal performance, and overall impact. Whew, it was really hard for me! See which sectionals or regionals episode placed first!

  4. We agree with you. Happy blogging!

  5. My daughter and I were so happy to see Mercedes highlighted for the first time in a LONG time, and really loved Hell to the No. We also loved Trouty Mouth and Big Ass Heart and are downloading them to our I-pods. I did really love the slushy bit at the end of Loser Like Me. Thought it was a little bit o' genius. Kathy Griffin wasn't as funny as on her own show, but the other judge, the nun, was a hoot. It was great seeing her do something offbeat after the rather boring character she plays sometimes on Gray's Anatomy. I really want to see more duets with Mercedes and Santana! And get Kurt back into some numbers with the kids from New Directions!!

  6. We hope they don't wait until season 3 to have Blaine and Kurt move to New Directions, but they might. For a second, we thought they were going to dump real slushies on the crowd at the end of Loser Like Me. It was cute and meaningful for us, but for most of the audience, it was probably a wtf moment.