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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty Little Liars - Over My Dead Body discussion

We love that Spencer referred to their newest situation as a “Terrorist Red-Alert.” Because it's nearly as serious as A has ever been. And it was mostly Garrett and Jenna, not A. But does this mean that Garrett and Jenna know about A? Are they in league with A? Because they knew about Therapist Anne and A helped blackmail Anne to go along with it. They also knew about the girls’ lives and struggles (thus, the tasks).

This is a great development for this show. If A has henchmen, then A can be in more places, the show can make more sense, and henchmen can be revealed early so that the identity of the main, real A can be postponed without viewers getting too impatient.

A few notes: In the beginning of the episode, a big deal was made of a cop coming back and being all, “Did ya miss me?” And Ern was like, no. Ern doesn't remember you, dude, but you are creepy enough to fit in around here. After and imdb search, Ern found that this was the guy involved in Hanna’s stealing episode in the beginning. Of course, she could've just asked the other blogger, since that one instantly recognized him. Hanna’s mom did him a…uh…favor to get Hanna off. So that’s that guy.

Toby talking about his future children was adorable, and so was his shouting that he loves Spencer in the police station. Too bad Spencer kissed Wren. She never kisses Wren when she’s allowed to kiss Wren. He’s probably too square and good for her (being a doctor) to kiss at the proper time, like when she’s single or her sister isn’t about to marry him. We’re team Wren, in the long run. Actually, Ern is team Wren. Leeard is “team threesome.”

We sort of want to start sending our friends creepy messages with talking dolls. That would be a hoot and a holler. We wouldn’t threaten to murder people or give them tasks though. That would just be rude. And creepy. Or as Emily said, “Is there a creepier word that ‘creepy’?” What about a phrase? Like, for example, “Mr. Hastings is probably Jason’s dad.”

A told Spencer to “keep Toby safe.” So she orchestrated a break up. Poor Toby. Poor Spencer. A told Aria that she had to use proof that Jackie forged a paper to get her to leave Hollis. First of all, we would have no problem with that. Why is Aria apologizing to Jackie? Jackie is a cheater and that’s called consequences. Aria made a huge mistake blackmailing Jackie to her face though. She could have gotten Jackie punted anonymously by going over Jackie’s head with the proof and just getting her booted. But no. Aria went directly to her, forgetting that Jackie has something just as big over Aria’s head. Oh Jackie, slut of our dreams. Way to act like a smart person.

Caleb is back! And he went to the wedding with Hanna and pretty much called Kate fat. We think there are way worse things to say to Kate, considering her character, but Caleb had to go for the cheap and easy move. One of us didn’t approve, but the other thought it was perfect. Hanna had to ruin her father’s wedding, which was easy. She just had to tell his fiancé that her dad cheated with his ex. If he ever forgives Hanna for that, he’s the best father ever. Spencer readied the getaway vehicle for Hanna, proving to us that we need Spencer as our BFF.

Emily nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning (courtesy of our villain/villains) and had a vision of Alison. But it might have been real. With the eerie, yet positive, music, we were feeling a definite LOST vibe, which is always a compliment. Then the girls went through the freaky “dig up the buried Anne” scene, but it wasn’t her, and they were arrested for Alison’s murder, because their prints were on the murder weapon, a shovel.

At the police station, Aria had a breakdown while calling Ezra, and that’s a side of Aria that we want to see more of. She’s kind of bland, but showing emotion, she was captivating. Maybe it was the actress milking her big moment for all it was worth, but she sold it. Aria is the girl we have seen the least emotion out of. Ezra accidentally (and inaccurately) confirmed to Ella Montgomery that he’s sleeping with Spencer. That's fun.

And so we left the girls in hot water. Suspects. We will see them again in October (on the 19th) for the Halloween special, and then again in January. We can’t wait. What a great midseason finale. Very exciting, scary, eventful, and revealing.

Episode Grade: A+


  1. Fantastic finale! This show knows how to bring it when it counts!

    Mr Hastings is TOTALLY Jason's dad! Also, he's a super hot dad. This show has a lot of hot parents, in fact.

    I had the same reaction to the Jackie situation! Plagiarism should have consequences...even at Hollis, where apparently 23 year-olds with bachelors degrees and half a year of high school teaching experience are allowed to become associate professors. Sham. Anyway, I have more respect for Jackie after this episode. And even less respect for Ezra because his taste in "women" is ridiculous.

    Back fat. Heh.

    And you're right: we all need a Spencer in our lives.

  2. I was really pretty disappointed in this episode. I thought it was kinda anticlimatic & didn't leave me with a big enough cliff hanger. We all knew that Jenna & Garrtet were bad & up to something. So the revelation that they are behind some of the girls troubles was not at all shocking...I don't know...I just think there were many better episodes this season...Although the "back fat" joke was hilarious! =)

  3. "23 year-olds with bachelors degrees and half a year of high school teaching experience are allowed to become associate professors."- Word.

    And Ali, we knew J and G were up to something, but we didn't know they were in on the BIG something (A). But it's only the midseason finale. The real, season, finale should be better.

    We guess one of us was alone in thinking the back fat thing was lame. You have to get creative! And did he even seen her turned around?

  4. Leeard is pretending that Ezra is at Hollis as, like, a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Hey, it could happen!

    And Ern - it doesn't matter if he saw her turned around. He knew that it would hurt her.

  5. This episode was super creepy and awesome :) But I'm confused, does this mean that Jenna and Garrett are Ali's killers? Are they A or know who A is? I need to watch it again. And poor Toby and Spencer :( I like Wren but I like Toby more. I hope Spencer and Toby get back together. And A has pretty eyes. Could it be Noel? hmmm. Anyways the halloween episode looks awesome but it's too far away! Can't wait :)

  6. They haven't really told us how involved G and J are with A. We don't think they are the A we've been seeing for 1.5 seasons. We think that they sometimes work with A and may know who A is, but it's not necessary that they know who A is. A could just send them anonymous directions, and they'd probably follow them out of hatred.

  7. I think the Caleb back-fat thing was awesome because it shows he really listens to Hanna even when she's going on about random horribleness in her life. She tells him the dress will give her back-fat, and he uses it to basically call Kate fat. Awesomeness. I think it's going to be cool to see where the Mr. Hastings/Jason storyline goes from here. I think it's about time Spencer and Toby broke up...I personally think they wouldn't have lasted long anyway, with or without "A". I think I must be the only person who isn't a fan of them as a couple.

  8. Ern isn't crazy about Toby/Spencer either. She likes him, but he's not good long-term. Spencer is too smart for him.

  9. Jackie is officially my hero. If she successfully breaks up Aria and Ezra, I will dance with happiness.

  10. For some reason, Aria and Ezra have been the longest-running couple on the history of this show, other than Spencer and Emily's parents, but do they really count? Why do other love interests disappear at the drop of a hat, but Ezra is like a leech you have to go to the doctor to get removed? It isn't FAIR

  11. Are you guys watching 'The Lying Game'? It's so bad, but I can't stop watching! What the h is wrong with me?!

  12. hahaha, we actually like it so far. It's better than most teen stuff. Not as good as TVD or Make It or Break It though.