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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glee - "I Kissed a Girl"

Ugh. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This show is so insane. We can only watch one or two Tuesday night show, because of exams (which end December 14th, by the way, in case this is annoying you and you want to see the light at the end of our blog-slacking tunnel), and we chose Glee. We should have picked Parenthood, Ringer, New Girl (which one of us will be watching), or Sons of Anarchy, because Glee just hacked us off anew.

What we liked:

Sue's booty call list.

Burt Hummel won the election. He should win everything. The nicest things should happen to Burt Hummel. We should make him king. Of the world.

Santana’s Abuela rejecting her. Santana’s parents were cool with it and Burt was more than cool with Kurt’s sexuality. But the reality is that a lot of really old people are whack and care more about appearances than truth. At least the Abuela was honest about her real reasons for throwing Santana out. When Santana said, “I am the same person I was one minute ago,” it broke our hearts a little.

While Santana’s meanness was a little too much last episode, it was well-placed and understandable in this one. Santana was never going to react well to kindness from Finn and the others. She has been mean to them. They call it “killing them” with kindness for a reason. It’s heaps of burning coals.

We like any P!nk song, really, so covering “Perfect” was fine, even though the boys butchered it. We also liked that they slowed down “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and that Santana melted a little during it.

Shelby realized her mistake in sleeping with Puck quickly and threw him out. It’s hard to hate her.

“Fetus Face.”

"While there's nothing I'd love more than having two pretty ponies serenade me, I think we'd get further staging a gel-ervention for Blaine than singing lady music." … "I'm trying, but your hideous bowties are preventing me." Thank you, Santana. Why is Blaine’s style icon Tucker Carlson?

“You're higher maintenance than Berry and pretty much the most selfish person I ever met in my life. So, thanks for the offer but I'd rather raw-dog a beehive." – Puck

"The advantage of a relationship with a younger dude is that I've still got four more rounds in me before I need a steak sandwich and a Coke Zero."- Puck, again

What was insane:
Once again, Damian McGinty was on this episode, but they only showed him for about two seconds. Way to cheat a kid out of his seven episodes rather than write him a likeable, memorable character.

We’re sick of Kurt’s autotuned harmony ruining perfectly good Blaine solos. Give them each their own songs from now on. We enjoy Kurt’s solos, for the most part. We don’t think they go well together. Just look at last season’s “Candles.” Bleck.

Rachel is not that stupid. She would have known that she had to empty some ballots from the other box in order to succeed.

PUCK YOU IDIOT. Why would you tell Quinn about sleeping with Shelby. And on that note, YOU SLEPT WITH SHELBY. Puck knew Quinn was crazy and still told her a secret that could hurt the person that QUINN IS TRYING TO HURT. Honestly, all of these characters are so stupid sometimes that they deserve to die.

We’ve gone so long without a substantial, powerhouse Rachel solo that it is physically hurting us. West Side Story was too high and sweet for her. Give her Babs to sing and call it a day. When Rachel announced that she is banned from Sectionals, she might as well have said, “Hey Ern and Leeard, there is now no reason for you to tune in for Sectionals.” Leeard has already been disliking this new season; this development doesn't help.

While one of the five best female voices we’ve ever heard in our lives is sidelined, Finn gets a solo. With harmony from Artie. This is hell.

Finn’s sincerity was just too much. His campaign to stop Santana from killing herself felt patronizing and after-school-special-y. His support came out of nowhere and his speech about how awesome she is just felt manipulative.

Must Glee cover every Katy Perry song ever written? We get that they are popular, upbeat, catchy, and rife with opportunities for harmonies, however there are other songs like that. The Glee writers need to get Pandora and just listen to it 24/7 for a month. We'll pay for the upgrade, even.

We couldn’t care less about the Sue/Cooter/Beiste triangle. That’s the least titillating or romantic triangle of all time. The Cooter thing was cute when he was into Beiste, but that’s one of the storylines that just should have gotten dropped after that. We wanted to think of them as just dating, forever, until there was a wedding. That way, Beiste would be happy and Will would never have to pity kiss her again.

“Jolene” is one of the best songs of all time, so ruining it is nearly unforgivable. "Constant Craving" was boring (even if it was the best song this week), and so was “I’m the Only One.”

It just seemed like they were back to throwing crazy plots against the wall and seeing what sticks. It should set up a bunch of stuff, but it drove us crazy. Please, show, use Rachel before you lose her. Make her sympathetic again. Let her sing a big song at least every other episode. Make her gain a little weight so that her face is pretty again. Force her to grow out those harsh bangs. Get her away from Finn. We think a certain commenter's Finn hate is rubbing off on us (well, one of us).

Episode grade: C


  1. I totally agree about Damien. It's so awful! He was used in his first episode, but every since he's just been background. Ugh! And I also agree about Rachel being underused. I know in previous seasons some peole (not me) have complained Rachel was used to much, but the writers have gone the total opposite direction this season...More Rachel! Also, Quinn's "steal the baby" storyline...*Groan* I liked her pink haired loner storyline better.

  2. Funny that all the people who complained about too much Rachel are many of the people complaining that the show has changed/gotten worse. Back when there were about five characters who were "the heart of the show," including Rachel, things were more coherent. Some characters are better as side characters. Rachel is not one of them. Unless we see her struggles that we can relate to, via a deep storyline, all we get to see are glimpses of her diva side.

    Quinn needs some kind of intervention.

  3. I hated this episode. I have been watching glee since the beginning, and this episode nearly makes me want to quit all together (and just wait for Lea Michele to come out with a solo album)! I don't think the writers care about their female characters at all. The lack of Rachel, Quinn's crap storyline, the horrible I kissed a girl number which made NO SENSE. I kissed a girl is about a girl who is making out with another girl to turn guys on, not about a lesbian accepting herself or standing up for herself! Also, why would the writers say that it is ok for Finn to out Santana for "her own good" when last season Kurt specifically said how bad it is to out someone, and that he would never do that to Karosfky even though he hated him at the time. I guess its because on glee the women are not portrayed as equal- no matter how many cheesy girl power number they try to do. Ahhh it was so bad! I haven't even felt like downloading any of their music from this season, it pretty much all crap.

  4. Agree. Leeard has stopped caring about Glee. The guys do get the best storylines.

    If the music doesn't get better, we may drop this show. Nahh. We'll go down with the ship. Too many people read the posts on Glee.

  5. :D I love the Finn hate :D

    I agree with everything said here. You summed it up perfectly. Especially that Rachel has been sidelined and given songs that don't showcase her real talent, while lesser voices have been given time to shine. Let's face it, two of the best songs this show put out were Don't Rain on My Parade and I Dreamed A Dream. Rachel needs a powerhouse ballad (like Babs) and shut Finn up. Why is Artie even on this show?

    My ears bled with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Not just because Finn sounds like hell. They brutalized that song and Santana's response was contrived. She goes from hardcore to weeping? Not likely.

    I mean, let's face it, I'm going to keep watching. But I will be a hater until they get their act together again.

    PS Just when I start liking Beiste, they kill her. Jolene is rockin and I just stared in disbelief/disgust at the screen. Really, Glee? REALLY?

  6. Ern enjoys hating things, giving bad grades, and writing "hate posts". So one of us will watch this until the bitter end.

    This is probably the meanest review on this site:

    If Glee continues with episodes like this one, Glee might be the show that replaces Camelot as the show most deserving of a rant.