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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pretty Little Liars - Let the Water Hold Me Down

Hanna sat in her bedroom with her friends around her, questioning her about what happened with Lucas. Hanna wasn't ready to talk about it. We knew Lucas wasn’t dead, and so did Hanna. She had a feeling that he was ok, which was intended by the show to confirm our thinking. Because people worry about the worst possible scenario, we think it would have been more realistic for Hanna to have worried that she murdered Lucas. Just a thought.  Just about everyone also knew Lucas was a red herring and we were right. Lucas is not A, nor does he appear to be working for A, unless that story he told Hanna and Caleb was completely made up. He had enough time to think about it. Hmmm. Dun dun DUNNN. (That’s supposed to be scary music.)

While Lucas was missing, Caleb questioned Hanna about what happened and she told him nothing. Caleb was panicked about finding Lucas and wondered why Hanna wasn’t. They bickered and Caleb took off to find Lucas. Of course, Lucas snuck into Hanna’s house to talk to her. AT NIGHT. Why would anyone do that? Caleb arrived just in time to serve as protection, if needed. And it wasn’t needed.

Lucas said that he was traveling and selling his old nerd stuff (comics, collectables) to raise money. Apparently, Caleb left $4,000 with Lucas when he went to his mom’s, Lucas gambled it, and Lucas lost it on the sketchy website he had up on his computer a few episodes ago.  He didn’t want to tell Caleb but knew he had to. He was trying to rope Hanna in to help tell Caleb so that the blow would be softened by the presence of Caleb’s girlfriend. Good plan in theory, Lucas. In practice, it’s never good to start acting scary and weird around a girl. Rookie mistake. He’s in high school. He’ll learn.

Mona was dumped by Noel Kahn and got comfort from Spencer. She's the best. Emily found out that Maya hooked up with a boy while she was away and that boy has been sending Maya unwanted texts. Emily is ok with Maya having a romantic dalliance with someone else while she was at camp, but Emily is surprised that the hook up was male. Emily got Maya a fake ID so that they could go out together. It was one of Aria’s. Emily thought it passed because a) it was the best option Emily had, b) Aria is the same height as Maya, and c) Aria has the same hair color as Maya. But Emily: One is black and the other is white. But they were going to Camden, so it's not like it mattered.

Spencer found evidence in her lake house, leading her to the city where Melissa lives and Jenna went to school for the blind. Spencer was unable to get information about Jenna from the school, so she stole a logbook. Wow, that’s not smart smart. Or even smart. That woman saw Spencer and the blind kid got Spencer’s name. If they called Jenna, they could get Spencer’s last name. Speaking of the blind kid: Spencer talked to a cute blind guy who knew Jenna. He was really impressed and inspired by Jenna’s focus and attitude. In the logbook, Spencer found information that showed that Garret checked Jenna out of the school the night Alison disappeared and the two never checked back in.

Holden asked Aria out and she accepted. They went to a play, like a couple of literature jokes (not that there’s anything wrong with that) because Aria was pretty sure Ezra would be there. They saw each other. The world stopped, music played, Aria’s hair blew a little in slow motion, Ezra looked constipated, then Ezra avoided Aria and left the theater. We are a little annoyed with that, because Ezra has made us watch this love affair for nearly two years and now he’s not even going to fight for it? Not even take a risk? Chicken.

Holden noticed everything and figured out that Aria’s parents were forbidding Ezra and Aria to see each other. Don't let the smart one go, Aria! Holden impressed us there. Rather than be offended, Holden thought of a way that he and Aria could help each other out. He asked her on another “date.” It seems that they will be covering for each other, like a couple of beards, so that the Ezra/Aria affair can continue. It’s really Ezra who should have to nut up and concoct a plan for the two to be together, but we guess Aria has to do everything herself.

If we were the four girls, we would start setting up hidden cameras everywhere. We thought it was pretty cool when A put the boat in the flooded school sink, but it’s just another example that A goes everywhere and could be filmed at some point, if the girls are tenacious and creative with cameras. We also liked the worms in the food. One of us kind of wants to do that to someone, so watch out if you know us, haha. Good pranks this week, A. This episode was more character-driven than action-filled, and while we like action, it was time for a quiet, creepy episode like this one.

Adios for now. We are off to blind schools to find hot guys who are so blind that they don’t notice that we are not good-looking enough for them. Woo hoo. We always get the best ideas from this show.

Episode grade: B+


  1. Lol at the blind guy thing, that's so true.
    I laughed at Hanna being so scared and stressed and she still had time to dress up (super short skirt and lace) paint her nails perfectly,wear a ton of jewelery...Oh, tv shows. I normally don't complain about everybody looking so perfect but who on Earth wears lace to school? And Aria's furry red vest...come on!

    1. All of the clothes on this show = insane. Especially Aria's. Can't she ever just look relaxed?

  2. Okay I am so on this whole, probably way off, Melissa-is-A thing. All my friends think I'm insane but either I'm misinterpreting everything as a clue or she's at least a part of the A equation. Probably the former but I like to think I'm being super smart and Spencer-like. :)

    But seriously, why else would Aria specifically mention that Melissa lived right by the blind school? And according to the A interviews, when asked if A went to Rosewood, A said "I have." And A said s/he was interested in Toby...annnnd Melissa has a huge grudge against Alison. And if she found out about Ali and Ian she could have been angry enough at Ian to kill him, maybe?

    But then again, it has to be someone who can sneak in and out of Rosewood and not look crazy...I am so having a hard time figuring out who A is. Because A was Mona in the books but it's not the same in the show. It would make so much more sense if it was Mona. It's probably going to be Noel. That'll be a letdown. I swear to god, if they make A a major letdown, I am shunning this show for life. They can't tease us for two seasons and not give us an epic conclusion. Seriously. And it must not be Ali's twin, because that's who the 2nd A was in the who do you think it is??

    1. You are kind of convincing Ern that it's Melissa...

      I really have no idea. I thought they were going to go with the books' A, so I haven't been thinking about it.

      Leeard, if you have an idea, let us know, haha.

    2. Oh! Just thought of another reason it could be Melissa. When Ian was trying to push Spencer off the bell tower and A showed up, Ian sounded really confused when he asked "What're you doing here?" He did not sound like he saw a dead girl walking (like if A was Ali's twin) and he didn't sound freaked out. He sounded surprised and confused. Makes sense if A was Melissa...

    3. But wouldn't he have had that same reaction if it was Jenna/Garrett/Jason?

      Honestly, I think that they've just set up so many possibilities that it could be just about anyone.

    4. It needs to not be Jenna or Garrett in order to be surprising or satisfying.

    5. Jenna and Garrett would definitely be a disappointment. But they need to be involved with the whole thing in some way in order for the show to make even a little bit of sense. I hope A is someone totally surprising though. That's the ideal situation. I want to be shocked and then start wondering how I didn't think of that before.

    6. I found a great article about why Melissa might be A:

    7. Wow, those fans really know their PLL.