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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grey's Anatomy - All You Need is Love recap/review

It’s Valentine’s Day at Seattle Grace, and MerDer are just trying to find a nice, quiet, babyless place to have sex. They try all morning and fail. Rubber duckies are a real mood-killer for these two. At work, Meredith and Bailey get caught up treating a patient with seizures. The spend the day figuring out that there is a tumor on one of her ovaries. They have to sterilize the young woman, and her significant other is depressed about it. Bailey had dinner with Ben planned, but she kept having to push it back. Ben knows Bailey, so he had dinner set up at the hospital, complete with a hired waiter. He anticipated this problem weeks ago. Despite our complete annoyance with everything associated with Bailey’s love life, we smiled. Ben really does have it figured out.

One sad Valentine’s Day case involved a woman whose boyfriend was in an accident after chasing her down. The woman had been dating the guy for eight years, with no proposal. When her boyfriend handed her a little box that contained a locket instead of an engagement ring, she had enough. She vented to Lexie, screamed, and acted like the crazy beeyotch that no one would ever want to marry. Team boyfriend! Also, if he doesn’t propose for that long, girl should move on a lot quicker. The guy ended up dying and the girlfriend learned her lesson about wanting to get married…or something. She was all, “I don’t care about all that stuff anymore.” If only he would live! He didn’t and Lexie opened the Valentine’s day locket, she saw a message that said “marry me.” So if only the woman had opened the locket, the guy wouldn’t have died. Stupid. We already had a “dead guy was about to propose” patient storyline on this show and it was way sadder the first time.

Lexie babysits for MerDer so that they can get some together time in. They even manage to get upstairs to bone while Lexie holds Zola. Richard is not as lucky. He gets home and his wife does not recognize him. We liked Richard’s attitude toward the holiday. “What’s wrong with a day dedicated to the person you love?” Exactly, Richard. We don’t have a whole ton of patience for people who are bitter toward this holiday. Yeah, it’s a fake holiday, but if you are single, remember it’s not all about you. Some people are celebrating what they have and your day will come. Bitterness is not attractive and you are not a lesser person on February 14th or any other day if you don’t happen to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Spend the day with your best girlfriends or buy your cat some kibbles or something. And, yes, this is coming from a single person.

Another Valentine’s Day patient is a little girl brought in because of a peanut allergy. A little boy gave her a cookie with nuts in it and his mom had to bring the girl to the hospital. The little kids are in love and it’s so cute. They are holding hands the entire time. Then the girl’s mom shows up, angry. She doesn’t like the little boy’s mom and thinks it’s crazy that she didn’t know about the allergy. She yells and makes the boy and his mom leave. Karev is all, “They’re cute and in love. Let them be cute.” But no. The moms make the boy go. He tries to refuse, but Karev tells him to write a note for his little girlfriend and Karev will be there when the girl wakes up so that he can read the note to her. The note is really sweet. After reading it, Karev tells the girl, “You picked a good one.” The only thing cuter than these patients is Alex Karev getting all sweet and human when he’s taking care of kids.

Callie has a romantic evening planned for Arizona and Arizona fears that it’s camping, which she hates. Still, she wants the night with Callie, so she tries to get Mark to cancel his evening with Julia and babysit Sofia. Mark loses a match of rock-paper-scissors, which is fine, because Julia had to cancel due to work. Jackson helps Mark babysit and Mark helps Jackson start studying for his boards. They do this with a bottle of wine, which we would think would ruin both the studying and the babysitting. We haven’t done drinking while babysitting (because we are not crummy people), but we have tried drunk studying. That was a fail. Callie and Arizona have a nice night in Derek’s trailer. Lexie nearly admits to Mark that she still loves him but doesn’t.

Of course, most of us were watching and waiting for the fate of our most troubled couple. Owen and Cristina are not speaking. Cristina tells Meredith that she thinks he is going to leave, and that she doesn’t care. She is a surgeon and will not beg. If Owen wants to walk out on her and hate her, fine. There’s nothing she can do about it. The concern on Meredith’s face tells us that she knows Cristina is lying. Cristina breaks the silence by asking her husband if she can go back on Teddy’s service and he immediately agrees to let her. This sort of means that he doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t want to teach Cristina anything; he just wants to be away from her and not have to talk about it.

As Cristina walks a way, a flower delivery van crashes into the ER and nearly hits her. Owen is able to push Cristina out of the way, and it’s pretty bad ass. He’s faster than the speed of sound. As fast as Edward Cullen, easily. They lie on the hospital floor together and Owen asks if she’s ok. She says yes. He asks, “Are you sure?” She nods, her expression like that of a romantic heroine in a bodice ripper. Owen lets go of her and walks away, abruptly. Worst Valentine’s day ever, ya’ll.

Owen, Cristina, and Teddy have to do surgery together and it’s awkward. Owen and Cristina have to take the elevator together afterward (“I already pushed…. Whatever.” Cristina is so funny.) and Owen tells Cristina that he’s moving out. Cristina says, “Ok,” and manages to keep it together until Owen gets off at his floor. Then she breaks down in tears. We hate when Cristina cries. It always breaks our hearts a little. Owen decides that he needs a friend today, so he tries to talk Teddy into going to Joe’s with him for drinks. He wants Teddy to finally stop hating him. Well THAT’S not happening. Teddy gives him this little gem of a speech:

“Are you done? Are you finished? I hate you. From the moment you decided to put the needs of your hospital over my dead husband, I have hated you. I lie alone at night and I look at the spot where my husband used to sleep and I actively, with every cell in my body, hate you. I wish you were dead instead of him. I think about all the soldiers, good men who died over there in Iraq, and I don’t understand what kind of God would allow you to survive. We are not friends. This is not grief. It will not pass. I hate you! Please, don’t speak to me again, unless it’s work related.”

Whoa. Heavy. Also, WHY? It’s not Owen’s fault Henry died. It would have made no difference if Teddy were told right away. Owen was not the only liar that night; Teddy lied to Cristina about who Cristina would be operating on. We guess Teddy feels betrayed, but we think Owen made a rational decision not to tell Teddy that her husband had died while she was operating on someone. It wasn’t the needs of the hospital. It was the needs of another life. We can’t even… Teddy’s being crazy and that speech was mega-harsh. She said it with extra venom too. It's like back when Jack Bauer killed her husband, only then she actually had a reason to be mad. If Audrey can forgive Jack Bauer and give up her sanity for him, Teddy can let Owen buy her a drink while he rambles about his horrible marriage and dead baby. 

We thought Owen and Cristina were over, for now, but there is still hope for the couple that can’t catch a break. At the end of the episode, Cristina finds Owen in his weird little air duct room, having alone time and looking upset (as usual). She swallows her pride and says, “Please, don’t hate me. I’m begging you.” Then they get close and touch each other a little. Meredith’s voiceover talks about calling truces. The episode leaves us wondering if they will separate a little more amicably (without hate) or if they will give it another go. At this point, either would be logical.

Episode grade: B


  1. Def better than last week's alt reality episode! Not the best episode of the season, but not the worst. Not a ton of plot progression (and I'm really big on plot progression). Having said all that, it was enjoyable enough. I agree with you about Teddy. Seems like she's being awfully immature...Maybe it goes back to when she had feelings for Owen & he rejected her? Repressed anger? I don't know...

    1. Overall entertainment > plot progression with us, but plot progression is necessary. It needs to happen eventually. We can wait though. We both watched LOST.

      Glad you agree about Teddy. We wondered if we were being insensitive, but no. When you hold a grudge, and you shouldn't, it at least needs to be logical. He did reject the crap out of him though. STILL "I wish you had died in Iraq," is below the belt.