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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Pretty Little Liars chat

The recap, comments, and questions are coming later, but for now, you can see a few of our thoughts from last night. Ern had watched Pretty Little Liars live and Leeard was sitting down to watch it online shortly after the finale aired.

Leeard (9:21:35 PM):      I finally found a link. I'M WATCHING NOW
Ern (9:21:43 PM):             I know who A is and you don’t. How does that feel?
Leeard (9:21:48 PM):      I’m more mad that I didn’t get to watch live than that you know and I don’t.
Ern (9:23:02 PM):             I was gonna go to bed, but I'm gonna stay up and chat with you while you watch it
Leeard (9:23:06 PM):      GOOD. Oh Melissa. What a ****ing weirdo. Who takes someone else’s ice cream?
Ern (9:24:15 PM):             Um, who doesn't? Ice cream is the best.
Leeard (9:24:20 PM):      Um, exactly. If you ever take my ice cream, I’ll stab you with my spoon. HA. Okay, so when Spence was like, “Hide and seek was always my favorite game with Melissa. Wanna know why?” I was like, “Um, because you always won, you competitive b*tch?” By b*tch I mean “best person ever.”
Ern (9:26:06 PM):             Mmhmm. Also, ice cream is worth being spoon stabbed.
Leeard (9:26:31 PM):      I will file it into a shiv
Ern (9:26:44 PM):             And I would still own you
Leeard (9:27:08 PM):      Please, you'd be too distracted EATING MY DAMN ICE CREAM
Ern (9:27:18 PM):             Ok, thats true. I get distracted by food. I am such a pig. i weighed myself before and after eating taco bell, and I ate four pounds. I blame my dad for telling me about the Dorito shells on the new Tacos.
Leeard (9:28:29 PM):      That's gross. Speaking of gross: gross gross gross. Aria just told the Liars about sleeping with Ezra. “It’s kind of…sacred land.” GROSS.
Ern (9:29:28 PM):             Gross
Leeard (9:30:05 PM):      S*** that scared me. That deer or whatever. “What is that?” Um, only the CREEPIEST EFFING HOTEL EVER. This motel dude is creepy too. Ha. “Mary Smith.”
Ern (9:31:43 PM):             I thought hotel dude was hot
Leeard (9:31:49 PM):      Not even a little. And he’s a liar. “The name doesn’t ring a bell.” MY ASS.
Ern (9:31:58 PM):             That was sarcasm. He’s an uggo.
Leeard (9:32:00 PM):      Oh okay. Good. “You’re little…but you’re big.” I need Spencer in my life. I’m totally Team Sparia. Not in a lesbian way.
Ern (9:34:33 PM):             Aria doesn't deserve that compliment
Leeard (9:34:35 PM):      DON'T LEAVE THE ROOM, EMILY. Why can’t they hear me? This is the second time I almost screamed. This music is so intense. Ha, did Spencer steal the registration book?
Leeard (9:39:20 PM):      Um, Toby let YOU in, Spencer, and look how that went. How did Jenna get access to a car if people think she’s blind?
Ern (9:40:20 PM):             Her allies?
Leeard (9:40:29 PM):      Yeah. It’s just so weird. OMG, the ball. Why was my high school not this cool?
Ern (9:40:53 PM):             No high school is. I hate all their dresses, except for Emily’s. Spencer’s is ok.
Leeard (9:41:08 PM):      I think they look damn good. Hanna’s isn’t great. I think Hanna’s dress would have looked better in a different color. Mona looks boss.
Ern (9:41:19 PM):             Aria's is the worst though, right? It looks chunky on her. It was a cool concept though.
Leeard (9:41:30 PM):      I actually like Aria’s dress, but not the gloves. I love Emily’s mask. Spencer, do NOT tell Mona anything. Dammit Jenna. So creepy and for no reason. Oh Ezria.
Ern (9:46:14 PM):             They will never die. I’ve accepted it.
Leeard (9:46:53 PM):      ****ing A, Spence, don't get in a ****ing car with Mona. This is just like the book, which makes me think it ISN’T Mona. But she’s so suspicious. Oh Ezra. You’re so ****ing gay.
Ern (9:49:51 PM):             I was so annoyed. By that point, you still don’t know who A is, so my patience for Ezra time was thin indeed. It’s like, NOW they are choosing to waste my life with this creep?
Leeard (9:50:25 PM):      I'm trying to enjoy the ride, but I would have been like that if I had watched it live. Aw, Paige! OH MY GOD WHY THE CREEPY CLOWN FACE?! OR THE BABY DOLL?!?! OH MY GOD. I'm going to have nightmares about that room
Ern (9:51:13 PM):             I love that room. A is the best.
Leeard (9:51:21 PM):      I mean, I agree. Man, Emily would be the best girlfriend. Okay, now I’m getting pumped. Ugh, it had better not be Melissa.
Ern (9:54:08 PM):             I wouldn't have minded/wouldn't mind/didn't mind Melissa
Leeard (9:54:35 PM):      I just think it would suck if it actually was the person they've suspected all along. Well, for the past few episodes. YES. F*** YES. HELL TO THE YES. I actually love that it’s Mona. That it’s pretty much EXACTLY what happens in the book. I’m marginally bummed because I liked when Mona was being awesome.
Ern (9:56:32 PM):             You love that it's Mona? I was pissed, because I thought it was her and then they SAID it wouldn't be who it was in the book. I feel lied to. Millions of fans have been trying to guess, and it’s an insult to them that it’s Mona when they said it wasn’t freaking Mona.
Leeard (9:56:44 PM):      I’m okay with it. I still thought it was Mona, even after they said that. So I feel vindicated.
Ern (9:57:13 PM):             I mean, they kept making her awesome, which is a red flag, AND it makes a ton of sense, so yeah. But also, even if there were no lies, I don't think it's surprising enough. I wanted to be blown away. I’m a bad guesser, and I would have guessed her if they had not said it wasn't her
Leeard (9:59:30 PM):      Damnit why didn't Hanna kill Mona and OH MY GOD SHE'S INSANE. Wow, this is EXACTLY like the book. Emily says, "It's over, aria." Oh Emily, you’re so funny. Dude, Mona wrapped in a blanket? The creepiest thing in this episode. MONA VOICE-OVER?!?! Weirdest thing.
Ern (10:10:43 PM):           I thought some of that crazy Mona stuff came off as stupid. Part of it was Mona's acting, I think.
Leeard (10:11:03 PM):    TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to cry. (After Maya's body is found) Yes!!!!!!!!! At first I thought it was going to be Emily’s mom, because I just saw the ambulances. Paige did it. I mean, I feel bad for Emily, but I’m fine with Maya being dead.
Ern (10:12:57 PM):       I’m more than fine with it. But I’m ticked Toby is with Spencer at the end of season two and not Wren.


  1. Aria: "Parties and body bags go together like drinking and driving"
    ...they really shouldn't but often do?
    ...when your decision making skills are impaired it seems like a good idea? often see ads about it on TV? common that the police lie in wait and test those who come by?

    I don't think I want to go to the parties Aria goes to.

    1. If she goes to a party, Ezra might be there too. That's another reason to stay away.