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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Re-watching Gilmore Girls: Season five

Season five was the last season of this show that Ern liked. Leeard pretty much loved every minute of this show. The season started right where season four left off, only it showed Dean and Rory lying in bed together, joking. They jumped up when they heard Lorelai in the house, running around and talking. After fighting with her mother and starting to regret her mistake, Rory takes off to Europe with Emily. Rory writes a letter to Dean, breaking things off, but his wife finds it, leading to a confrontation. We loved Lorelai sticking up for her daughter to Lindsay's mom. Real moms are still on their kid's side, even when they disagree with their decisions. They still support them as a person.

Luke and Lorelai start dating. We find out the extremely romantic, kind of pathetic fact that Luke has kept a horoscope Lorelai gave him when they first met eight years ago. He's all in. Well, we're not surprised. Lorelai is touched by this revelation and sleeps with him. Whoa, first date is kind of fast, even if they've known each other for eight years, but okay. We guess fans didn't want to wait much longer. There are a bunch of people who don't like Luke and wanted Lorelai with Christopher, and to them we say, "Huh, what?"

Rory meets rich boy Logan Huntzberger. We liked Logan. We didn't love him. He was good as a character, and we like where the relationship took Rory. It was time for her to have a steady guy again. Logan was unlike both Jess and Dean. He wasn't a pathetic, uneducated puppy dog, and while he was a bad boy, he was a bad boy in an arrogant, entitled way. Jess had a different bad boy vibe. After Dean and Lindsay broke up though, Rory tried to give that relationship another shot, with predictably yucky results. The double date with Luke and Lorelai (with the Bop It) was painful, but funny.

Richard was always right about Dean. As much as class still shouldn't be a thing and love should conquer all, the reality is that most people marry others with similar educations and financial backgrounds. Dean worked in construction; Rory was a blue blood going to Yale. And Dean knew it. The rich girl/poor boy love story is everywhere, but it's not the combination that usually works in real life. Guys have a chip on their shoulders most of the time. They have to be the stars, the successes, and the breadwinners. The wives are the back-up, the support, and part of the overall picture of success. The arm candy. Should it be this way? No. Is it? Not all the time, but most of the time.

It was Dean who couldn't handle being with Rory around her grandparents' house and rich friends. Luke did a little better. Richard and Emily were rude to him at the start of his relationship with their daughter, and things never improved. For all their talk about manners and breeding, they acted like trash. A real respectable person treats everyone the same, regardless of status or income. As Sirius Black said, "You can judge a man by how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

Or in the words of Brendan Frasier in the underrated Blast from the Past, "Good manners is about making sure everyone around you feels as comfortable as possible." It's not which salad fork to use. It's "the oil of society," helping people to get along as much as possible. So, yeah, we started hating Emily and Richard a little for their behavior. Maybe Dean didn't have that big of a chip on his shoulder. Maybe he just didn't want to hang out with tools. Speaking of tools....Logan's Life and Death Brigade looked fun, but it was more than a little wasteful. We loved Rory calling Logan out for his poor treatment of Marty.

The difference between Logan and Jess was that Logan kind of wanted to be better. Whenever Rory pointed out the error in his immature ways, Logan made efforts to make things up to her, like buying her a coffee cart or apologizing. As arrogant as he was, he could take advice. He was moldable. He could grow. Watching him improve was charming. We also loved his guts and his pranks. His impromptu theater in Rory's class was hilarious. Logan's confidence made him. He did whatever he wanted, unless his father was around. It made him instantly crushable.

Emily and Richards separation continues, and Emily goes on a date. Lorelai has dinner with Christopher, who has broken up with Sherry. Sherry abandoned her daughter because she was tired of being a mother. Ugh, we hate how that show always demonized Sherry, but that was the final straw. It was just cruel to have that character turn out to be so crazy, cold, and heartless. Sure, Sherry was always the worst, but it seemed like lazy writing to us. We were just happy that Lorelai was actually having a personal life rather than forcing us to sit through Inn Drama. So boring.

Rory yells at her dad, who keeps jerking Lorelai around. Lorelai doesn't tell Luke that she's been hanging out with her ex. After Christopher's father dies, Lorelai and Rory make amends with Chris in order to comfort him. Lorelai brings the booze. And she stilllll doesn't tell Luke. Let that be a lesson to us all. That's going to come up to bite her. Emily and Richard get back together in the cutest way, but all that cuteness is ruined when Emily starts plotting with Christopher to break Lorelai and Luke up.

Richard and Emily renew their vows (Rory is Richard's best man, awww). Rory sneaks away to make out with Logan for the first time, and Luke and Chris interrupt her. They both go all He-Man Daughter Protector, making things super awkward. Chris drunkenly throws himself at Lorelai. Luke leaves, angry. We thought that after eight years of pining, it would take more than Lorelai's ex telling Luke that he (Chris) was always meant to be with her.

This break up made Luke look weak, flaky, and uncommitted. We hated it. We did love the final scene when they were all taking pictures and Lorelai leaned in and said to Emily, "You and me, we're done." We've always wanted to say that to someone nasty after watching that scene. She delivered the line like a bad ass. We all learn that you should never make declarations of love a) in front of other people b) while intoxicated. Oh wait, we already knew that. Chris, how old are you?

Lane realizes she won't have sex with Zack, her bandmate and boyfriend, until she is married. Yep, teachings from your upbringing do stick. We loved Lane for this, because it made waiting until marriage because that's how you were taught less creepy and more adorable. Zack didn't even push, earning him points. Meanwhile, Rory keeps her promise to go to Friday Night Dinners, but she's cold to Emily because of what she did to Luke, someone Rory likes. Since Lorelai is also shunning her mother, Emily marches down to the diner to tell Luke that he wins and she will stay out of the relationship. To his credit, Luke immediately goes to Lorelai's house and kisses her. Finally, some balls.

Logan and Rory are having a non-exclusive relationship, and since Rory is a girl, she doesn't care for it.  Rory gets drunk at a weird town function and ends up crying on her guy to a Tarantino-themed party. We have GOT to have one of those. He starts acting jealous. Rory gets drunk at a weird town function and ends up crying on her mother's bathroom floor, asking Lorelai, "Why doesn't he like me?" Amazingly, this did not make us hate her. Rory was now having troubles with "the typical guy," and most of us can sympathize. Especially if she was drunk and weepy.

The weird town function we mentioned, by the way, was Taylor's diorama house. We couldn't breath we were laughing so hard at that. Kirk and weird town stuff was appropriately used in this series. It was never too much and it was almost always amusing. Rory tells Logan that she is a girlfriend kind of girl and doesn't want to continue their open relationship. The ultimatum works, and Logan decides to date only Rory. We loved this. Girls have to stick up for themselves and demand respect. Say what you want, and if you don't get it, don't settle.

Logan takes Rory to meet his horrible family. Honor is cool, but she must have had some trouble in middle school, what with boys almost certainly saying, "Honor? Yeah, I've been ON HER." Logan's family treated Rory like she was Dean, unworthy of Logan and not raised properly to be a Huntzberger wife. Because he has bigger balls than Luke, Logan doesn't let this ruin his relationship. He marches out with Rory and defends her. Rory is crushed and protests, "But I'm a Gilmore." To "make it up to her," Logan's father gives her an internship at his paper. Then he crushes Rory by saying that she doesn't have what it takes to be a reporter.

Lorelai forgives Emily, Sookie has a second baby, and Luke buys Lorelai a house without telling her about it. Rory is so upset about what Logan's dad said, she steals a yacht with Logan. She is arrested. Rory wants to drop out of Yale for a while in order to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She doesn't want to take classes and explore other majors while in college (like the rest of us). She needs direction. Her grades weren't as perfect as they were at Chilton, and now the idea of being a reporter leaves her with a bad taste in her mouth.

This is what happens when you have a perfect, storybook life. As soon as one person doesn't like you or doesn't believe in you, you crumble? Ugh. Everything happened pretty fast. Lorelai disagrees with Rory's decision, so Rory moves in with her grandparents, beginning the longest rift between two characters in the history of this show. Man, was it painful. Richard and Emily first agreed to help Lorelai convince Rory to go back to school, but then they decided they couldn't believe Logan's father would have been that awful, or they couldn't say no to Rory. Or something.

Once again, characters were flopping around like fish. Some of these decisions weren't that believable. Do people really act this way? We went with it. Lorelai runs to Luke for comfort and ends up proposing to him. The season ends. All of this was interesting, but Rory's reaction to a little criticism was completely overblown.

Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller: A-, A Messenger Nothing More: B, Written in the Stars: B+, Tippecanoe and Taylor Too: C-, We Got Us a Pippi Virgin: B, Norman Mailer I'm Pregnant: C, You Jump I Jump Jack: B-, The Party's Over: B+, Emily Says Hello: A, But Not As Cute as Pushkin: B, Women of Questionable Morals: B+, Come Home: A-, Wedding Bell Blues: A+, Say Something: B, Jews and Chinese Food: A, So...Good Talk: A+, Pulp Friction: B+, To Live and Let Diorama: B-, But I'm a Gilmore: A, How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod: B+, Blame Booze and Melville: B+, A House is Not a Home: B+

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