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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Season 4, Episodes 12-15

Clearly, it's time for a Vampire Diaries post. We've been rolling our eyes and shaking our imaginary dicks at this show for a few weeks, because we didn't think it would have the balls to let anything actually happen. We have a fake relationship due to the sire bond (Delena) and a fake turning to vampirism (Elena, since there is a cure), and that's basically what the whole season has been about. We wanted those things to happen, but for REAL. No take-backs.

So when the show dangled yet another fake Jeremy death in front of our eyes, we were done. But then, last night, the show actually committed to something. We know lots of fans are sad, but we're rejoicing. We're sure The CW can find another place for a young actor that hot. Jeremy was kind of a whiner anyway. So that's our reaction to the actual fact. Now, we have to back up a little.

In episode 12, everyone was still getting their alliances for cure-finding together. Silly little rabbits really thought there would be enough for everyone. Idiots. It's never that simple on TVD. A View to Kill was one of the season's best episodes, which is saying nothing, since this season took a turn for the completely boring.

Rebekah finally got to go to her dance, which is what we've all been rooting for since this show lost all its "things we root for." That week, Elena's plan to kill Kol actually worked. Emotions were high. We loved Rebekah's longing to be human, as well as the trapping of Klaus. One group banned together to look for the cure. We were happy with this show. All was well.

Then we got to the island for the next three episodes. THREE episodes, really show? Did it need to take that long? We're sure Ian was thinking, "Oh God, get me off of an island; I'm gonna die again here." There is a very subtle LOST reference in the episode too. Hee. Everyone wanders around, thinking about motives and allegiances. Bonnie wanders off, Jeremy is kidnapped, Shane is clearly being manipulated by Silas, and Rebekah and Elena fight a lot.

Damon doesn't want to take the cure, so Elena gets mad at him. Some strange island man (THE OTHERS) meets Shane and Bonnie in the woods, towing Jeremy with him. The group is separated. The episode ends. Then we move onto the episode where everyone goes into the cave to reach Silas.

The beginning of it was meandering, but the end was good. Katherine is back. She and Silas both kill Jeremy and he falls to the floor. Katherine takes the cure (which, oh yeah, there is only one dose of). We don't know about having a Twilight actor on this show, but we like the new Scottish guy so far.

Meanwhile, Klaus acts his worst. We hate the way the character acts like such a petulant child. He's supposed to be 1000s of years old. Would it kill this show to give us a vampire who is actually wise? Or who is old-fashioned in the way someone really old would be? He hurts Caroline and then heals her again, and it's getting real abusive at this point, so we're over that ship. Screw you, Klaus.

He swears revenge on Tyler, who has to run for his life, separating him from Caroline again. All of this is dragged out so the whining goes on for as long as possible. Klaus can't leave this show fast enough. We blame him for killing it in the first place. Hopefully Silas will actually be terrifying.

Last night committed to the death and had some truly heartbreaking moments, but we fear it bordered on melodramatic. It was funny when Elena threw away the liquor, reasoning that Alaric wasn't here to drink it. Shane is stuck on the island with a broken leg, and Silas is having Shane's form appear to Bonnie and convince her to raise him for real. Coolness. Raising him will also bring all the supernatural creatures who have ever died back from the dead, presumably. That could either be the worst or the best thing ever.

It was sad when Matt cried in his truck. This whole episode was sad. Instead of letting Elena ride through her grief, the boys try to help her out of it. Damon uses the sire bond to compel Elena to turn her humanity and emotions off. This makes her really bad ass, as she coldly burns her childhood home down, and we'll enjoy it while it lasts. But it's going to be hell when she's normal again.

What we're shipping right now: Stefan/Rebekah (or Katherine), Elena/Matt, Damon/Bonnie (that hug!!), Klaus/death, Caroline/Tyler.

A View to Kill: A-
Into the Wild: C+
Down the Rabbit Hole: B-
Stand By Me: B+


  1. The last few episodes have been ok for me. Like you, I am also happy they are actually sticking with something. Although I am sad b/c I liked Jeremy. I thought Nina Dobrev & the guy who plays Matt both did really well in this last episode. I actually bought their crying scenes. I can see Bonnie turning into a bad Willow-type character soon. I expect her to totally loose it by the end of this season. Not sure how I feel about raising all the supernatural creatues. I think it could be fun & interesting if they do it right. But I think it could very easily drift into ridiculous & over campy. Guess we shall see!

    1. This season needs to build to something spectacular to make it all worth it. If, by the finale, we aren't impressed, we are going to be really mad

  2. But, would you stop watching?

    1. Depends. Probably not. It takes a huge drop in quality to get us to drop a show we've followed for years.

    2. Im thinking about doing that with Glee. It's gotten better but I mostly turn it on and put it in the background.

  3. Help- did I miss the Lost reference? Or is it just that there are Others on the island? -raforce

    1. Damon asked Shane why the cure couldn't have been stashed in Hawaii (it's a cold island, not like the island where Ian's former show, LOST, was filmed). Verrrrry subtle, but there, and coming from the LOST alum.