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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Teen Wolf Summary / Synopsis / Recap of Season 1 and Season 2

Can't watch or re-watch 24 episodes before June 3rd? No problem. You can review and catch-up here. This might be hella long, but it's shorter than watching two seasons of Teen Wolf. You should probably at least watch the pilot, just so you know what some of these people look like.

First, know the characters:
  • Scott McCall- The titular teen wolf. At the start of the series, he is an asthmatic high schooler living with his single mom, Melissa. He plays on the lacrosse team, but he isn't first string. He has no girlfriend and he is not particularly popular (nor is he bullied or an outcast). He's a terrible bowler.
  • Stiles Stilinski- Scott's best friend and the local sheriff's son. He has ADHD, he's hilarious, and his mother is dead. Sad. He's the kind of character that nearly everyone loves.
  • Jackson- The athletic, popular, hot, rich guy in school. We're supposed to hate him, but we can't. Jackson immediately suspects that something weird is going on with Scott and tenaciously spends the first season trying to find out Scott's secret. 
  • Lydia- A mathematical and scientific genius, this pretty redhead plays dumb, dates Jackson, continually rejects Stiles, and has the "mean girl pout" down perfectly. She's our favorite female character so far.
  • Allison Argent- The new girl in school. Allison is pale, beautiful, and very good at archery. She's the main love interest for Scott. Allison starts out as a bland character, but we soon learn that she's an insufferable show off for doing gymnastics out of a window in front of Lydia! We love when shows allow their perfect female characters to have a flaw. This girl is after the root too. She keeps trying to bone Scott after the first date, but they are always interrupted by pesky parents. Ern thought Allison was really boring in the first season, but Leeard loved her. We both agree that Allison gets way better in the second season. 
  • Chris Argent- Allison's werewolf-hunting father. 
  • Gerard- Allison's werewolf-hunting grandfather.
  • Aunt Kate Argent- Allison's sly and vicious aunt, who hunts werewolves with a passion. Aunt Kate wants Allison to find out about werewolves and hunters, but Chris doesn't like that idea, wanting to keep his daughter safe and innocent.
  • The Alpha- The first season's main villain. The alpha bit Scott and has been killing humans all over town. He can transform into a huge, full wolf, because he is an apha. Beta wolves just get ugly faces, claws, and more sensory and athletic ability. It's kind of lame, actually.
  • Derek Hale- A beta wolf who had most of his family killed by an arsonist. His sister, Laura, was the alpha's first victim. Derek Hale is played by an adult version of the kid from Road to Perdition! That's so weird. He finally got his eyebrows waxed (a little). He's still perfect looking.
  • Isaac Lahey- The teenage son of an abusive father who runs the local graveyard. Isaac works in the graveyard for his father. Isaac is the first werewolf Derek Hale turns in the series. 
Season 1
Stiles and Scott sneak out into the woods after they hear the sheriff found half of a dead body there. In the woods, Scott is bitten by a werewolf. The next day, Scott realizes that he has way better hearing and reflexes than before. 

Scott rocks on the lacrosse field, earning himself a starting position and the ire of the school's former lacrosse star, Jackson. Scott charms the new girl, Allison, and secures a date with her to an upcoming party.

Stiles figures out what's going on and warns Scott not to go to the party on the night of the full moon, but Scott doesn't listen. At the party, Scott "wolfs out" and has to flee into the woods. There, werewolf hunters wait for him. Scott is saved by another werewolf, Derek Hale. Scott finds out that Allison's father, Chris, is one of the werewolf hunters. 

Derek Hale's whole family was killed in a fire except for his uncle and his sister, Laura. Now, Laura is dead too. She was the dead body the sheriff was investigating in the woods. Stiles and Scott find the other half of the Laura's body buried next to Derek's house and report Derek, who is then arrested as a suspect. Derek is released a short time afterward when the medical examiners determine that the victim was killed by an animal.

Scott initially thinks that Derek is the wolf who bit him, but Derek tells Scott that Scott's maker is an "alpha." The alpha is on a killing spree and is looking for his new pack member, Scott. The alpha wants Scott to kill with him on the next full moon. 

Scott continues to successfully date Allison and they share a kiss after an awkward group date. This awkward group date is followed by an awkward family dinner where Scott meets Allison's Aunt Kate, who just arrived in town to hunt the alpha.

After Aunt Kate shoots Derek with a magic bullet, Derek loses control of his faculties and scratches Jackson in the back of the neck with his claws, causing Jackson to suffer hallucinations. The magic bullet would have killed Derek, but Scott got him the cure.  

Derek takes Stiles and Scott to the hospital in order to show them his Uncle Peter, the only survivor of the Hale Family Fire. Peter has half a burned face and is in a catatonic state. Derek tells the boys that the Argent family, Allison's family, was responsible for the fire that killed eleven Hales six years ago. Some of them were even human.

Derek attempts to convince Scott to stay away from Allison, who he views as a dangerous distraction, but Scott figures out that Allison is a calming presence that helps him control his wolf.

Jackson and Lydia go to a video store to rent The Notebook for the millionth time, because Jackson is whipped. The alpha attacks the store, killing the clerk. Lydia and Jackson are traumatized by this experience. 

Derek suspects that Scott's boss, a veterinarian named Dr. Alan Deaton, is the alpha, because the vet once dealt with a dead deer with a werewolf symbol etched on its side. The vet lies to Derek about the deer and Derek can tell because of the vet's heartbeat. Derek captures the vet and starts hurting him, but Scott saves his boss.

Scott, Derek, and Stiles meet at the high school with the vet in tow. Scott uses the school's speaker system to send a howl to his alpha. The alpha shows up and nearly kills Derek and traps Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Jackson, and Allison in the school. The vet disappears.

The alpha terrorizes the teenagers for a while and murders the school janitor. We find out that Lydia knows, off the top of her head, how to make a molotov cocktail. Coolest high school girl ever.

The Alpha urges Scott (through their bond as maker/pack member) to kill all his friends. Scott resists this urge, and Stiles's father shows up with the police to save them. The vet is outside, sitting in an ambulance, when the teens emerge. Allison does not enjoy this night and realizes that Scott is lying to her about a few important things. She breaks up with Scott due to trust issues. 

Scott is devastated by his breakup and the full moon is coming up, both of which make him act out. He is angrier, more impulsive, and kind of a jerk, which Stiles does not appreciate. 

Derek tells Scott that he has heard of a cure for lycanthropy: you have to kill your maker. Derek offers to help Scott kill the Alpha if Scott will help Derek find the Alpha. Meanwhile, The Alpha continues to kill local townsfolk.

Jackson finally figures out that Scott is a werewolf. Jackson plans to become a werewolf himself so that he can defeat Scott on the lacrosse field, gain his status back, and upgrade his life. He starts by breaking up with Lydia. He spends a lot of time taunting Scott about his secret and threatening to seduce Allison.

The Alpha is revealed to be Derek's Uncle Peter. Peter has been faking catatonia for a few weeks, but he's done with that and has even been able to heal his burned face. It's a cool werewolf perk. Did we mention that Peter is kind of hot? We didn't want him to die.

Peter is seeking revenge for the deaths of his family members and claims that Laura's death was an accident. Derek joins Peter's side. Stiles gets his father drunk and finds out that all the victims of the "animal attacks" were somehow involved in the Hale fire.

Peter and Derek try to pressure Scott to join them in their quest for revenge against the Hales, but they are unsuccessful. Scott is shot in an effort to protect Jackson and is saved by the veterinarian. The vet admits that he knows about the supernatural and sometimes operates on werewolves who need help. 

Aunt Kate finds and captures Derek. She tortures him and shows him to Allison. Aunt Kate wants to supervise Allison's introduction into the supernatural world so that she can brainwash Allison into thinking all werewolves are evil. Turns out, Aunt Kate not only led the arson, but she once seduced Derek so that he would give her all of his family secrets in his youth, stupidity, and puppy love. 

The school's winter formal finds Jackson and Allison going together. Allison pressures Lydia to take Stiles. Scott's mom pushes him to go and tell Allison how he feels, so Scott attends the formal alone. That night, Jackson gets drunk and tells Allison's dad about Scott's lycanthropy.

Peter shows up and bites Lydia with werewolf teeth while he is in human form, but Lydia is immune to werewolf bites. Stiles and Jackson take her to the hospital. 

Scott finds Allison at the dance and confesses his love. Allison and Scott kiss and then go outside by the school buses together. There, Scott is attacked by Allison's father and his men, causing him to transform in front of a mortified Allison. Allison's parents try to shuttle her out of town while everything blows over, but Aunt Kate convinces Allison to join her in the hunt.

Derek turns on the Alpha after he finds out that the Alpha killed Laura for her power. She was the old alpha. The old alpha has to die for a new one to get that position.

Stiles convinces Chris that Scott is a good guy who has never spilled human blood, so Chris saves Scott from being killed by Aunt Kate. In the season's final battle, Peter kills Kate, knocks Chris out, and fights Scott and Derek. Stiles and Jackson show up with molotov cocktails, which Allison helps detonate with her archery, and Peter is set on fire. 

Severely burned, the dying Peter reverts back to human form. Before Scott can kill Peter and be cured, Derek slices Peter's throat and becomes the new alpha. Kate is blamed for all the murders, and the Scott/Allison relationship is back on track. 

Season 2

Allison's parents make her promise to never see Scott again, and Allison agrees so that her father will spare Scott's life. However, the pair continue their romantic relationship in secret.

Due to Peter's bite, Lydia has terrifying hallucinations, loses her mind for a bit, and flees the hospital, naked. Stiles, Scott, and everyone else in town goes out to look for her. Days later, Lydia stumbles into Stiles and the Sheriff, seemingly herself again. However, she gets a reputation as the town lunatic, especially after she zones out during class. Later, Lydia starts seeing Peter in her visions, because he is communicating with her.

Meanwhile, Alpha Derek is building his pack and bites a teenager named Isaac Lahey. Derek bites Jackson too, but Jackson's body resists the bite. Jackson gets sick and black fluid starts coming out of Jackson's nose at an alarming rate. Worst cold ever.

On the night of the full moon, Jackson sets up a camera to film his transformation and is upset to find that nothing happened. He is not a werewolf. (We, and everyone else who later sees this tape, totally thought he was gonna make a porn. He would.) 

Jackson mourns the fact that he's still human, but when his truck gets stuck in the mud, he discovers that he has superhuman strength and is able to move it.

Allison's grandfather, Gerard, shows up at his daughter Kate's funeral. Gerard reeeeeally hates werewolves. He has the mercy and tolerance of Kate, only less of it. He's dispensing with the hunter's code that provides that hunters shall not kill innocent werewolves who hurt no one. He is ready to kill them all for what they did to Kate. Gerard sets a trap for an Omega werewolf (a werewolf without a pack) and kills it. Derek and Scott watch in the shadows, confirming that the Argents are their enemies once more. 

The Argents force the high school principal to quit his job so that they can institute Gerard as the new principal.  Allison's mother becomes a substitute teacher so that she can watch over Allison and make sure she's not still seeing Scott. 

After being abused by his father for the umpteenth time, new werewolf Isaac leaves his home. During Isaac's absence, his father is killed by an unknown creature and Isaac is the #1 suspect. Isaac is taken into custody by law enforcement, but Derek knows Isaac is innocent and frees him. 

Allison's father, Chris, starts training her to become a hunter. Scott overhears the vet and Chris discussing a hunter who was killed by toxins coming from under an unknown creature's nails, probably the creature that killed Isaac's father. The vet tells Scott to look for information on the creature in something called a "bestiary" that the Argents have in their possession. 

The next teenager Derek bites is Erica, an unpopular, epileptic girl with bad hair who has a seizure at school. After voluntarily receiving the bite, Erica doesn't even have bad hair anymore, let alone epilepsy. Becoming a werewolf makes her extra hot and good with a curling iron, we guess.

Derek also bites a student named Boyd and we finally get our first black teenage character. Took you long enough, show. This show is set in America. There should be black teens everywhere.

Stiles goes to get his jeep repaired and is attacked by the creature. The creature uses its nails to paralyze Stiles with its toxins while it kills the mechanic.

Later, the creature attacks Erica, Stiles, and Derek. Stiles ends up saving Derek's life, but the creature gets away. The creature is reptilian and ugly. It's confused by its own reflection, so Derek is able to identify it as a "Kanima." And Derek doesn't even have a bestiary! Impressive.

Kanima have a problem with their own identity in their real life. They don't know who they are, so they seek someone to control them and tell them who they are. This particular Kanima is also afraid of water. 

Jackson takes the footage of himself from the full moon to his nerd friends and they are able to figure out that there are two hours of missing footage. Someone looped the tape because they didn't want Jackson to see what he became. 

Meanwhile, Scott endures another awkward family dinner with the Argents after he is invited by Allison's grandfather. Gerard is friendly toward Scott and acts like he approves of his granddaughter's "ex."

But later, Gerard stabs Scott (not fatally, because werewolves heal quickly), revealing that he knows Scott is a werewolf. At the hospital, where they run into each other, Gerard tells Scott that Scott needs to follow his instructions in the future completely. Gerard wants information about the other town werewolves on demand.

Jackson's nerdier friends are able to recover footage from the night of the full moon that shows Jackson sitting up in bed with gold eyes. Yep, Jackson is the Kanima, but he doesn't know or remember. It isn't long before the werewolves, Stiles, and Allison find out.

They want to save Jackson. Stiles and Scott abduct Jackson and tell him what he is. Jackson is terrified, but there isn't much he can do about the situation except warn the people he loves to stay away from him. 

After getting a page from the bestiary on Kanima, Allison reads that "the Kanima seeks a master," which she interprets as proof that the Kanima is being controlled. More research into the Kanima reveals that these creatures have unresolved issues from their past.

Stiles asks Erica for more information about Jackson's past. Jackson is adopted. His parents died in a car accident and he was pulled from his dead mother's womb. As an orphan, Jackson definitely has issues regarding who he is.

At school, Jackson comes close to sexually assaulting Allison, but he seems to snap out of it toward the end and start acting like his normal, non-rapist self. Too bad Scott sees him in a compromising position and tries to beat him to a pulp. Erica and Stiles stop the fight, but everyone gets detention.

Another guy creeping on Allison? A student named Matt who takes pictures around the school…mostly close-ups of Allison. Matt asks Allison to go to a rave with him, and she accepts his date offer so that her mother will stop suspecting that Allison is still with Scott. 

After two more killings, Stiles and his father realize that there is a pattern. All the victims graduated from the local high school in 2006. The victims were also on the swim team, which was coached by Isaac's abusive father. Scott and Stiles also realizes that the Kanima's master is afraid of water, and that's why the Kanima is afraid of water.

Allison tells Chris the identity of the Kanima. Jackson's master commands him to attack a ticket seller at the rave. Stiles, Scott, Erica, and Isaac team up to stop him. Stiles traps all the supernatural beings in the rave with something called "mountain ash," which is toxic to the supernatural.

After Erica and Isaac trap Jackson, Stiles interrogates him. Jackson's master speaks through him, telling Stiles that he, the master, is getting revenge on the people who killed him. Jackson transforms into the Kanima, escapes custody, and kills the ticket girl. 

Meanwhile, Allison's mom catches Scott and tries to kill him. Scott is saved by Derek, who bites Allison's mom. Allison's mother writes a suicide note and, with the help of her husband, commits suicide before she can become a werewolf. Allison is devastated by this news.

Lydia's birthday is on the full moon this year, and Peter wants to use the full moon to resurrect himself. Lydia has a birthday extravaganza where she spikes the punch with wolfsbane, causing everyone to hallucinate their worst fear.

While everyone is distracted by this, Lydia leaves her own party, grabs Derek, and brings him to Peter's corpse. There, Peter uses Derek's blood to raise himself from the dead. This all hardly makes any sense, but Peter's hot, so we don't care how he got back. 

At the party, Allison ends her short dating relationship with Matt, because she found his camera filled with all his pictures of her. No one likes a stalker, particularly a stalker who gets nasty when called out. Matt is accidentally thrown into the pool and freaks out because he can't swim. Matt is fished out of the pool by Jackson and confirmed as the Kanima's master shortly after the party. 

Scott and Stiles go to the Sheriff and tell him that Matt is the murderer. Just as they get proof, Matt takes them all hostage in the police station. Matt also gets Scott's mom down to the station and locks her in a cell. When Scott transforms to defend himself, Scott's mother sees him in wolf form.

Matt monologues to Scott, telling him that he is afraid of water because he was thrown into the pool as a nine-year-old by the drunken 2006 swim team at their coach's house. Matt swallowed water and blacked out, only to be brought back to life by the coach, who yelled at Matt. 

Matt has a lot of post-traumatic stress from this incident and wants revenge on everyone involved. After Jackson first transformed, he found Matt, and the two formed their master/servant bond. Matt is the one who erased Jackson's full moon tape, in order to control him.

In the present, Derek shows up and is paralyzed by the Kanima. Gerard arrives at the station with Allison, who he is slowly turning into Aunt Kate. Gerard poisoned Allison's mind and gave her a lust for vengeance. Allison now wants to kill Derek for biting her mother.

After a long fight, Matt leaves the police station and all of his hostages are released. Allison fails to kill Derek.

Gerard finds Matt and drowns him in a lake. Gerard takes possession of the Kanima while a horrified Peter watches. Peter tells Derek that he knows how to save Jackson: Jackson must be brought back through the power of human love. The means Lydia, specifically. Only love can heal Jackson's orphan trauma and resulting identity crisis.

Boyd and Erica are hunted down and captured by Allison. Chris is disturbed at how ruthless she has become, because she almost kills the werewolf teens. 

At the lacrosse championships, Stiles wins the game for the team, but Gerard spends the night threatening Scott. Gerard tries to kill Isaac, using his new Kanima. Scott saves Isaac, but Jackson is found on the field, bleeding and appearing dead, having stabbed himself with his own claws. Stiles is snatched by Gerard. 

Stiles is shoved into the Argent basement where he finds Boyd and Erica already restrained Gerard beats Stiles up before Stiles escapes. 

Chris has a change of heart and realizes that Gerard is the real monster. Chris releases Boyd and Erica. He teams up with Scott and gets Jackson's body to Derek. Jackson isn't dead, duh. He transforms into the Kanima and the final battle of the season commences.

Gerard shows up and finally reveals his intentions: Gerard wants an alpha bite to cure his cancer. Gerard has been using the Kanima and threatening Scott to get the cure. But Scott has already betrayed Gerard by putting mountain ash in his cancer drugs. (Scott realized that Gerard was sick when he ran into him at the hospital, and the vet helped Scott come up with a plan of his own.) As soon as Gerard receives Derek's bite, the mountain ash kills him. 

Lydia shows up and reminds Jackson of a sweet moment in their relationship, and this changes him from the Kanima into a real werewolf. 

Peter warns Derek that a pack of Alphas has just arrived in town. Erica and Boyd want to abandon Derek for this new pack, but they are not welcomed and their lives are in danger at the end of the season. 

Allison breaks up with Scott. 

Also, the vet and the school guidance counselor know each other, and she knows about the supernatural world as well. At the vet's office, Scott and the vet show Isaac that werewolves have some healing powers and can take away pain from others. Isaac turns out to be a decent guy who stays in town to help Scott and his lacrosse team when he had the chance to run with Boyd and Erica.

The season ends with Scott off the lacrosse team, due to poor grades, training Stiles so that Stiles can become good enough to be team captain.

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