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Thursday, April 7, 2011

America's Next Top Model- Brittani v. Alexandria (and is Jaclyn that dumb, really?)

Last night was the best America’s Next Top Model episode in ages. Tons of drama, two photo shoots, and Tyra trying to make a point that no one really cared about. Plus, there was a smack-down of a major bully. Tyra heavy-handedly made it clear that she can be outvoted on the show. Meh.
This episode saw Brittani and Alexandria on opposite sides. Even though Brittani had an army of minions behind her (the other girls), Alexandria still came out the victor. Whatever her role in instigating all the hatred, Tyra was right, she handled herself well during the main struggle. But we don’t know how much this has to do with producer editing.

We felt really happy for her when she won a car in the challenge. She said, “But I don’t have a car.” Poor thing. But we don’t have to live with her, so it’s easy to feel bad for her.
We have a post rushing to Alexandria’s side from a few weeks ago, but we feel for Brittani too. We know how hard it is to live with people who have severe emotional and social issues. Even if they stem from abuse, it is still hard to deal with difficult people. The hardest thing is that you feel like you should say something, like you should teach them, or like someone else needs to see how messed up they are. The bottom line is YOU’RE RIGHT and they are crazy. When you don’t know what the right thing to do is, you can accidently do the wrong thing to handle these situations.

But one thing is sure: You should not badmouth them or get in a fight in front of your superiors, judges, and clients. Keep it classy. And that’s what Brittani did not do. Pride and anger go together. When you feel like you are better than someone and no one else is noticing that, anger and jealousy can take over. After Tyra put the bully in her place, she crumbled, unable to breathe. It was annoying when Alexandria insisted, “I’m strong, I’m alpha, I’m the lioness.” But that turned out to be true this week.

Monique and Brittani were our early favorites, but it looks like we are jumping on the Kasia train for the win. With Brittani on Tyra’s bad side and Monique, inexplicably, gone, neither of our early favorites have a shot. Alexandria doesn’t have a shot either, unless she gets sympathetic, fast. No matter how well they model, this show never picks the difficult personality who none of the other girls like (see: Melrose).

We know what you are thinking: Why aren’t we pulling for Jaclyn? Because she offends us. If this is really who she is and how she acts all the time, then we’re sorry for the following statements. But it seems like Jaclyn is sort of a diabolical genius working the “sweet, girl-next-door angle.” We’ve seen her dip like a stripper. No one innocent and naïve can dip like that! All of her photos are great and calculated. She’s friends with everyone, and her personal interviews are cute and likeable. And yet, she pretends to be stupid. She pretends to be scared and timid. We think she’s working a dumb sexpot angle, so that everyone will like her, and it’s an angle that we’ve hated since the first girl worked it and stole a hot guy from smart girls. Ugh.
Mikaela went home. We did not care. She consistently churned out poor pictures and no drama.

Episode grade: A


  1. Yeah, I have been totally pulling for Brittani since the beginning, her being the girl from the "wrong side of the tracks", kind of like Adrianne Curry the first winner - and Brittani models the pants off the other girls. Her attempt to take down Alexandria was timed badly, and perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut altogether, but I feel for her. I personally know a few people like Alexandria and having had to deal with a bad upbringing really isn't a good excuse to treat everyone else like sh*t. Or to put it another way, go ahead and act like a bitch if you want to, but don't be all surprised and offended if people don't like you.

  2. We don't think Alexandria knows how she comes across at all. It's a lack of self-awareness.

    We hope Brittani wins Tyra back. She is one of the strongest models, and she's gorgeous. She still has a chance.

    One of us is currently living with someone a lot like Alexandria. Strangely, this show is helping the blogger deal with her.

  3. Brittani's attitude was unprofessional and badly timed, but Alexandria really gets on my nerves. First she claims that she was abused, then she says that her bossiness (with the girls, directing the set TWICE) is just her being overprotective...I'm sorry but she just comes across as being manipulative and a self-absorbed me me me kind of bitch. I do not believe that she was abused, she's just an attention whore and not likeable at all. What I find unfair is that Alexandria got in the bottom two twice because of bad attitude and was not kicked out and Brittani's one-off meltdown made Tyra want to vote her off.

  4. It is unfair. We think it was true that she was abused. She said that she and her siblings had to be removed from their home. That's a ballsy thing to say on tv if there are many people, including siblings, that could contradict you. She is manipulative though. But abused people learn to be manipulative to survive.

  5. Brittany's melt down was a hundred times worse than anything Alexandria has ever done (that has been aired, I grant you). Brittany was a scary, angry, venemous witch and the hate was just oozing out of her. I noticed that my heart was racing after the show ended (good tv for sure) and I felt like I needed a drink. People like that are scary. I don't care what Alexandria has done. You are responsible for your own behavior. And I don't know why anyone would be on Brittany's side. She has incited an army of followers to hate and exclude one girl. I don't blame Alexandria for not wanting someone to point out her pimple in front of the judges or being annoyed about getting a lecture about food saftey. I agree that she was initially bossy on set but she has seemed to have learned and gotten better about that. I don't recall how much modeling experience she has but sometimes its hard to let go of the control and she is young and enthusiastic. What is inexcusable is the way Brittany has treated Alexandria. It is clear that Tyra is angry with her and possibly/probably edited anything crazy that Alexandria did in the house but without seeing anything like that, I can only feel that Brittany is a mean, disrespectful, childish bully and although she is a very good model, I cannot wish anything good for her. Go Alexandria.

  6. Good to see the other side show up in these comments! We agree. Of course, both are to blame. It is interesting because they are two of the strongest girls in the competition, modelwise.

  7. I thought I was on Jaclyn's team but I seriously think I'm for Alexandria now- I didn't notice it before but you're right: Jaclyn is too good to be true.

    There's something about Alexandria being ostracized by all the girls for her personality I can relate to. As far as arrogance goes, I think she's entitled to it- her amount of challenges won should speak for itself.

    As far as the other girls, none of them standing up for Alexandria shows their ugly characters. I would have enjoyed the show more if there was some sort of fair division- it was just girls vs Alex, which I hated. Alexandria, please wipe the floor with their asses.

  8. We guess you'll see what happens...but yeah, we agree with you for the most part.