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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday night TV chat

ern (12:36:41 PM): Jacob Lusk on American Idol needs to go home. I'm over him. what did you think of haley's performance?
Leeard (12:41:48 PM): i liked it
ern (12:46:10 PM): casey is lame now
Leeard (12:46:48 PM): i liked last night’s performance, but i didn't like his singing
Leeard (2:08:25 PM): question
ern (2:08:28 PM): yes dwight
Leeard (2:08:29 PM): have you seen Spartacus?
ern (2:08:33 PM): yes, unfortunately
Leeard (2:08:44 PM): really? because i had like 4 guys yesterday tell me to watch it
ern (2:09:31 PM): i didn't like the show. you might. I thought it was stupid.
Leeard (3:17:09 PM): OMG NEW Vampire Diaries IN 4.5 HOURS
ern (3:17:16 PM): !!!!
Leeard (3:17:30 PM): i'm so freaking excited
ern (3:19:00 PM): me too
ern (3:28:46 PM): :-)
Leeard (3:28:50 PM): :-D
(Right as the Vampire Diaries starts, hours later.)
ern (8:01:05 PM): eeeeeeee!!!
Leeard (8:01:32 PM): h*** yes
(During The Vampire Diaries)
Leeard (8:02:09 PM): poor jenna
ern (8:02:20 PM): Jenna needs to nut up, because it looks like they are going to tell her
Leeard (8:03:09 PM): that would be awesome
Leeard (8:04:17 PM): i love it when they punch uncle john. Or cut off his fingers. or anything
ern (8:04:43 PM): me too
ern (8:06:42 PM): do you think elena's mom is a bad actress?
Leeard (8:07:24 PM): oh yeah. i want to trust her though. which is annoying
ern (8:07:43 PM): I don't. I want her to be evil. she was a bad actress in 24 too
Leeard (8:08:25 PM): oh damon, i've missed you
ern (8:14:03 PM): she's such a bad actor!
Leeard (8:14:14 PM): i'm trying to ignore her acting. oooooooooooh damon, i've missed you. it would be difficult for me to love damon any more than i already do . as much as i love the drama she brings, someone needs to stake isobel just so we don't have to deal with her acting
ern (8:25:31 PM): mmhmm
Leeard (8:34:51 PM): i love that Matt is making a fuss about his sister. you know how much i loved vicki
ern (8:37:20 PM): I loved vicki too
Leeard (8:37:24 PM): no you didn't!
ern (8:37:33 PM): well, I love her now. in hindsight, I think they killed her too soon
Leeard (8:43:25 PM): this should be a very cool development
ern (8:43:35 PM): what?
Leeard (8:43:57 PM): bonnie just freaking controlled the weather
ern (8:44:06 PM): that's not that cool. Jesus can do that without witch powers
Leeard (8:44:28 PM): um is Jesus a character on this show? No. bonnie could barely light candles before
ern (8:44:57 PM): true
Leeard (8:45:00 PM): this gives her a ****ton of powers
(After Elena’s mom dies)
ern (8:47:35 PM): bad acting bye bye
Leeard (8:47:46 PM): but i wanted alaric to kill her
ern (8:48:28 PM): please, this show never gives him anything to do…. besides jenna
Leeard (8:48:55 PM): i know, but i thought that could be something for him to do
(Leeard finds the chat portion from a million years ago when Ern said she didn’t like Vicki. It says:
“Leeard: i miss vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ern: i don't. Leeard: how do you not miss her? ern: she was a jerk”)
Leeard (8:50:10 PM): found it
ern (8:50:17 PM): ughhhhh I hate you
Leeard (8:51:21 PM): awwwwww poor matt
ern (8:51:39 PM): don't do it! Don’t take his memory! Noooooo. stupid
Leeard (8:52:04 PM): i don't think it was stupid. i think it was realistic
ern (8:52:16 PM): well, you're wrong.
Leeard (8:52:38 PM): i don't think i am
ern (8:52:44 PM): you never do
Leeard (8:52:51 PM): i think i'd want someone to compel me
ern (8:52:54 PM): I just think it negates the cliffhanger weeks ago. I would NOT want someone to compel me
Leeard (8:53:20 PM): i think it allows for an even better reveal, when matt's ready to hear it. i want him to know, but he was NOT prepared . it needs to come from a place of love, not a near-death experience
(After we find out Matt still knows and so does Caroline’s mom.)
ern (8:55:30 PM): I like this development
Leeard (8:55:41 PM): i do too. vamp!alaric? huh? WHAT?!>!?!?!
ern (8:59:30 PM): klaus
ern (8:59:38 PM): called it
Leeard (8:59:40 PM): yeah, i got it when he started speaking Bulgarian
ern (8:59:45 PM): muah hahahahaha
Leeard (9:00:07 PM): this show is beautiful
Leeard (9:00:12 PM): BONES! Awwwwww no!!! Damn you, last minute of idol! want to know who gets kicked off of idol?
ern (9:00:46 PM): yes
Leeard (9:00:49 PM): because i just found out
ern (9:00:54 PM): will i be mad?
Leeard (9:01:03 PM): i think you might be a little mad
ern (9:01:07 PM): tell me.
Leeard (9:01:12 PM): america hates women
ern (9:01:17 PM): noooo
Leeard (9:01:18 PM): can you guess who it is based on that?
ern (9:01:23 PM): Lauren?
Leeard (9:01:26 PM): nope, then I'D be mad
ern (9:01:36 PM): mmmm. Haley?
Leeard (9:01:42 PM): who do you like more than i do?
ern (9:01:48 PM): ....don't say. it had better not...
Leeard (9:01:56 PM): yep
ern (9:01:59 PM): no. NO
Leeard (9:02:01 PM): yep
ern (9:02:03 PM): that's BS
Leeard (9:02:07 PM): america hates women
ern (9:03:34 PM): I'm so mad about American Idol. At least five people deserved to go home and not Pia
Leeard (9:03:48 PM): i'm kinda mad that no men have gone home
ern (9:04:37 PM): I'm not surprised. The guys I know (who aren't my brother) don't think it's manly to listen to female singers. Which is completely NOT manly, in my opinion. The girls I know want the guys too. Sensitive guys with guitars.
Leeard (9:04:48 PM): oh i know
ern (9:06:21 PM): It's true. It's been Ashthon, Karen, Naima, Thia, and Pia. Either America hates people with funny names, or America hates women
Leeard (9:06:35 PM): or both
ern (9:06:36 PM): Casey almost went home though...but he had to be unbelievably bad to do so
Leeard (9:06:42 PM): true point
ern (9:07:09 PM): Scotty is going to win


  1. I felt a little vouyeristic reading your conversation hahaha.

    I'm back again one of your faithful readers, I missed you posts but I had a little problem with the internet but well I'm back and so happy to read you!!!

    Let me tell you somethin, a month without internet is a hell! X.X haha

  2. Pia DID NOT deserve to go home. But I have to confess the awkwardness of the moment for Stefano as all three judges obviously thought he was the one who should have been axed.

    Pia is an incredible talent, and American Idol's audience showed just how little musical appreciation they have last night.

    Ern is probably right, though. If what happened to Pia is any indication Scotty is definitely a finalist if not the winner.

    What's next, Lauren gets kicked off next week? For shame, America!

  3. IF:
    Haha, we took out the personal stuff and some cursing, but it’s funny that it still feels personal. That’s good though. Glad to see you back. Once, Ern’s computer broke and she had to use one in her apartment complex’s office building for two weeks. She was pretty ticked. No internet for a whole month? Sounds pretty bad.

    Jim Z:
    Seriously. It’s whack. Who cares if they are charming? (Apparently everyone) That’s why so many American Idols have such poor CD sales. People vote for the person and not the artist. Who would you rather listen to for an hour, Pia or Paul McDonald?

  4. Loved the chat format!

  5. This is hilarious! FAN!

    And, yeah, America. Hates. Women.

  6. We are glad you like it guys! We will do it a bit more then. It is a lot easier than writing a post sometimes.

  7. Sidenote: Leeard would rather listen to Paul McDonald for an hour. Feel free to judge her accordingly.

  8. Paul mcdonald on cd maybe. Paul mcdonald is tone deaf live.