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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Ern and Leeard Season Awards-

This post is for Charvi.

Seasons/Shows Overall
Best season, overall: Leeard’s pick- The Vampire Diaries. Ern’s pick- Parks and Recreation
-Runner up: Leeard’s pick- The Chicago Code. Ern’s pick- Fringe
Worst season: Leeard’s pick- The Office. Ern’s pick- V
Best drama season: Pretty Little Liars
Worst drama season: Undercovers
Best comedy season: Community
Worst comedy season besides 2.5 Men: South Park
Guiltiest pleasure this year: Leeard- The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Ern- America's Next Top Model
Most overrated show this season: The Good Wife
Best reality show: American Idol (the pickings were slim, because So You Think You Can Dance airs in the summer)
Worst reality show: Bridalplasty
Best comeback season (after a lame season last year): How I Met Your Mother

Best finale, overall: The Vampire Diaries
Worst finale, overall: Gossip Girl
Best Comedy Finale: The paintball episodes of Community.

Individual episodes
Best episode:
“As I Lay Dying,” The Vampire Diaries (are you surprised?)
Worst episode: “Night of Neglect,” Glee
Best Pilot: Lone Star
Worst Pilot: Nikita
Saddest episode: “Taking the Plunge,” The Big C. (When the son finds all his presents.)
-Runner-up: Any episode of The Killing where we see those parents cry for their daughter.
Most entertaining episode that wasn’t very good: "Song Beneath the Song", Grey’s Anatomy (the singing one)

Best steady couple: Angela and Hodgins, Bones
Worst steady couple: Jim and Pam, The Office
Best couple getting together/execution of that plot: Blaine and Kurt, Glee
Worst couple getting together/execution of that plot: Arthur and Guinevere, Camelot
Best wedding: April and Andy, Parks and Recreation
Best proposal: Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights
Nicest breakup: Dexter and Lumen, Dexter
Nastiest breakup: Owen and Cristina, Grey’s Anatomy
Best Kiss: Ben kisses Leslie, Parks and Recreation
Best sex: Mina Minard and Tommy, Off the Map
Most unrealistic couple pairing that we hate: Eli and Miranda, Grey’s Anatomy
Most unrealistic couple pairing that we like: Puck and Lauren, Glee
Couple pairing we wanted to happen all season: Travis and Laurie, Cougar Town

Individual characters and actors
Best character, overall:
Santana, Glee
Worst character, overall: Maddie, Better with You
Hottest guy: Neal Caffrey, White Collar (mainly because we couldn't pick just one guy from The Vampire Diaries )
Least hot guy: Arthur, Camelot
Best actor: John Noble, Fringe
Best actress: Alison Brie, Community
Worst actor not on Secret Life: Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
Worst actress not on Secret Life: Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars (but it might be the part she has)
Best Dad: Burt Hummel, Glee
Best Mom: Kim Keeler, Make It or Break It
Worst Dad: Frank Gallagher, Shameless
Worst Mom: Anna, V
Nicest character, male: Sasha Belov, Make It or Break It
Nicest character, female: Tammi Taylor, Friday Night Lights
Most evil character: Lauren Tanner, Make It or Break It. She'll probably win this category until the show goes off the air.
Biggest slut, female: Kalinda, The Good Wife
Biggest slut, male: Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl
Most overrated character: Kalinda on The Good Wife. The way the media talks about her and her secrets and sexuality, you would think she was the most fascinating thing ever. We find Alicia more interesting.
Best reality star: Tie - Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams, American Idol
Worst reality star: Randy Jackson, American Idol
Cutest Baby: Zola, Grey’s Anatomy

Writing, directing, and plotlines
Best writing:
Worst writing: No Ordinary Family
Best cliffhanger: The Vampire Diaries (No hesitation on this one. Absolutely no contest.)
Most intense season: Make It Or Break It (That's what happens when you cancel 24)
Most boring season: Bones
Best twist: Caroline gets turned into a vampire, The Vampire Diaries
Stupidest twist: anything that happened on The Event
Most predictable season: Make It or Break It
Best use of gay characters: Callie and Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy.
Worst use of gay characters: Marshall, his jerk boyfriend with the white hair, and the boy Marshall cheated on blondie with, The United States of Tara.
Best plotline: Cristina loses her mind for half a season on Grey’s Anatomy. Although we wish it had led to the expected growth for the character, it gave Sandra Oh great material.
Worst plotline: Cate and Ryan’s marriage on Life Unexpected. Cate’s material that season probably killed the show.
-runner up: Emily Kmetko gets pregnant on Make It or Break It. Also, Sasha blames himself for everything that happens (irrationally) and takes off to Romania.
Most unrealistic show: Harry’s Law

Best fight: The Jim and Dwight snowball war, The Office.
Most disturbing image: Will and Beiste kiss, Glee
-runner up: the stuffed last supper, The Borgias
Best death: that surprise Southland death. Never has the demise of a main character been that unexpected.
Stupidest death: Jean, Glee
Most-hyped event that turned out to be not a big deal: someone getting sniped, Bones
Best removal of an unpopular character: Vanessa’s exit from Gossip Girl
Wisest moment: Kurt’s dad giving him “The Talk” on Glee.

Goodbyes and renewals
Show that shouldn’t have been cancelled:
The Chicago Code
Show that should have been cancelled: House
Show that lost us as viewers this season: Gossip Girl
Ending that angered us: Off the Map (it ended on a bunch of cliffhangers and is not coming back. Rude)
Show we will miss that had a good run: Tie - Big Love and Friday Night Lights

New show awards
Best New Drama:
Ern- The Walking Dead, Leeard- The Chicago Code
-Runner up: Being Human
Worst New Drama: Skins, US remake
Best New Comedy: Happy Endings
Worst New Comedy: $#*! My Dad Says
Best remake: Hawaii Five-O
Most disappointing new show: Boardwalk Empire

Show that’s getting old, even though it’s still good: Modern Family
Best wardrobes: Glee
Best hair: Quinn Fabray, Glee finale
Funniest piece of art: Jerry’s painting on Parks and Recreation, where Leslie was a centaur.


  1. Aww thanks guys! you rock :) Well I don't watch all of the shows you mentioned but I agree with your opinions on the one I do watch :) So great job on the awards! Also, now that all the shows are on hiatus, I'm catching up with old/new shows. I like mystery/drama shows like The Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars and Castle, so I think I'll start watching The Killing because you said it's good :) I also like comedy (Modern Family and Cougar Town) any other recommendations for me? Thanks again you two :)

  2. John Noble is one of the great character actors in recent memory. Wisht to Abrams: I would love to see Noble and Terry O'Quinn (John Locke from LOST) team up sometime.

    As a big sci/fi fan I have to admit the profound disappointment in the utter failure of "V" and "The Event". Two shows with tremendous promise that just fell flat on their face. A disgrace in every way.

    Props should go out to AMC for two of the best shows of the year in "The Walking Dead" and "The Killing". Totally out of left field, and a pleasant surprise.

    Also, my main pick for Most Distrubing Scene would have to be The Golden Crown from "Game of Thrones". That, my friends, is a death scene done right.

  3. charvi- The Killing is good, but it's not as fast-paced as the other shows you listed. Sometimes it gets slow and focuses too much on a political race. So as long as you are warned about that, it should be fine. If you like Cougar Town, you might like Scrubs, if you haven't watched it. That's a good one to get dvds of and watch in order.

    Jim: Love the golden crown scene. It was fitting for that guy. We're getting some new sci-fi next fall, so hopefully that will be better. We're glad the networks aren't giving up on it after those failures. AMC also makes Breaking Bad. It's getting to where we will watch any original show that channel comes out with.

  4. Really good picks! I agreed with most of them =)

  5. Thanks :)

    You don't want to argue with us about the ones you disagree with? :( One of us pretty much lives to argue and disagree. haha.

    Anyone can add their own picks or pick different picks in the comments too. That could be fun.

  6. This post is all kinds of epic. A few comments:
    - I totally agree with you about Kalinda on The Good Wife's overratedness (not a word. Don't judge). All of Alicia's stuff this season, especially in the last three or four eps of the season was much more complex.
    - Disagree about Lucy Hale on PLL. She's probably the weak link in a surprisingly adept cast, acting-wise, but she's got a watchable quality.
    - Least hot guy. Heh.
    - I just caught up with TVD, and OMG that finale!!
    - Best Use of Gay Characters, honorable mention: Emily on PLL coming out to her parents and friends.
    - "Thanks" for reminding us of Will and Beiste's kiss. Hurl.
    - Agree about Quinn's hair! Love it!

  7. It was very difficult to even think of a worst female actress not on The Secret Life. We probably should have left it blank.


  8. Cat - Leeard completely agrees with your choice for Best Use of a Gay Character (though that could be because she doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy). Actually, she agrees with you about Lucy Hale, too. At the beginning of the series, she was pretty easily the worst actress in the cast. Now? Even though we don't root for them as a couple, her chemistry with Ian Harding is one of the most surprisingly enjoyable parts of the show.