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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season Two Finale

Photo credit biddi2.

Ern was not blown away by the season one finale like just about everyone else. They killed off the people it was convenient to kill off, plus Anna, even though she had a huge fan following and she was a great character. The cliffhanger was pretty cool, but the build-up to it was all action and few memorable moments. Leeard respectfully disagrees and thinks the season one finale is one of the best hours ever on the CW. But we're not here to talk about last year. We both agree - this season finale had it all. Closure, set-up for next season, and the coolest cliffhanger we never could have predicted. This show is making mincemeat out of oversexed True Blood AND Amish Twilight, and it doesn’t even have to try as hard as either of those things. We will recap in paragraphs and give you our reactions regarding those events by copy/pasting chat portions out of our aim logs.

Right into the discussion then: Damon got bit by Tyler, a werewolf, so he’s dying. He tried to get Elena’s forgiveness for last week’s events, but she (rightfully) pretty much told him to go pound sand. The show plays a beautiful song with lots of piano while he tries to kill himself by standing in a window, sans magic ring. There’s no reason to suffer, right? But Stefan ruined that plan by tackling him and locking him into that room they always lock each other in at the Salvatore mansion. Bonnie found out from Emily Bennett that the cure for a werewolf bite is the blood of Klaus. Stefan told Elena that Damon was bitten. She looked mildly concerned.

Leeard (8:01:53 PM): <3 Damon
ern (8:02:18 PM): He. Is. Wonderful.
Leeard (8:02:27 PM): Mmmmmmmmmmhmm. As is every other guy on this show. Basically. I still can’t believe that last week wasn’t the season finale. I mean, I’m GLAD it wasn’t, but last week was crazy. WTF Damon?
ern (8:04:13 PM): He didn't want to suffer
Leeard (8:04:27 PM): Um, that would still be suffering. Well, hellooooooo Klaus
ern (8:05:00 PM): Your TV is like five seconds ahead of mine
Leeard (8:05:05 PM): Good
ern (8:05:33 PM): Klaus has my pet peeve in actors :-(
Leeard (8:05:43 PM): Looking sexy?
ern (8:05:51 PM): Obviously not. My pet peeve is whispering in a normal conversation. I don’t mind when Damon does it much. It fits him.
Leeard (8:06:00 PM): Um everyone on this show does that. I’ve actually heard Paul Wesley talk about that in an interview with Ryan Seacrest
ern (8:06:38 PM): Nina Dobrev doesn’t do it. What did Paul say about it? GONE WITH THE WIND
Leeard (8:07:50 PM): If you had told me a year ago that Caroline would be one of my favorite characters, I would've had you committed
ern (8:08:09 PM): She is quite possibly my number one fave.
Leeard (8:08:18 PM): I honestly think that's in my top 5 for things that have happened on this show (changing Caroline)
ern (8:08:27 PM): I'm starting to like Bonnie again. Not like her. But not hate her
Leeard (8:08:34 PM): Finally
ern (8:08:50 PM): Her willingness to try to kill Klaus to save Elena is admirable, as is her taste in hotties (Jeremy). Elena is NOT upset enough that Damon is dying.
ern (8:14:56 PM): Elena is NOT upset enough
Leeard (8:15:25 PM): I agree

The town event in the background of this is a big excuse to get people in hoop skirts, reminding a delusional Damon of when he used to live in the hoop skirt days. It was a Gone with the Wind event, and they were playing the movie on a big screen outside. While everyone was distracted by this event, Sheriff Momma took the opportunity to stop by the Salvatore house to try to get rid of Damon. This is how he escapes. While the movie was playing, Damon wandered the town, hallucinating both Elena and Katherine. Elena goes looking for him, finds him, and helps him. He bites her neck, thinking she’s Katherine, but then he comes to his senses. He goes to the Grill. Sheriff Momma finds him at the Grill and tries to shoot him, but she hits Jeremy. Caroline and Bonnie rush in and Caroline tries to feed him her blood to save him. It’s too late. He’s really dead.

ern (8:33:23 PM): I just stopped breathing
Leeard (8:33:32 PM): I SCARED MY MOM. What the ****? JEREMY. YOU CAN’T DIE. NO. NO. NO. NO.. I seriously screamed, and my mom came out from her room to see if something was wrong.
ern (8:34:12 PM): nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Leeard (8:34:19 PM): He HAS to be fine
ern (8:34:33 PM): I screamed too, but no one cares if something's wrong with me, so it got no reaction. I think he’s dead.
Leeard (8:35:09 PM): No, he can’t be dead. I refuse to believe it.
ern (8:35:54 PM): He just got hot this season too!
Leeard (8:36:04 PM): I disagree with THAT. He got HOT at the beginning of this season, but he's always been good looking. I refuse to accept his death.
ern (8:37:30 PM): I’ve accepted it. He looked really dead, and vamp blood couldn’t bring him back.

Klaus killed Elijah with that special dagger, keeping his promise to unite Elijah with their family. Stefan makes a deal with Klaus to save Damon. Klaus offered a vial of his blood for Damon in exchange for Stefan becoming his new right-hand man. Of course, he had to evil Stefan up a bit first. The way to do that, as we know, is to get him on human blood. Klaus fed Stefan many bags of blood presumably stolen from the blood bank, and the mighty vampire who could kill whole villages without blinking emerged. Katherine broke this news to Elena, saying that this means that Stefan sacrificed his goodness and his relationship with Elena to save Damon, thus choosing Damon over her. Near the end of the episode, we see Stefan chow down on an innocent woman offered by Klaus. Katherine brought the bottle of Klaus’s blood to Damon and caught him cuddling with Elena in bed. Because Damon was dying and confessing his love to here, Elena had given him a kiss. Damon was cured, and Katherine left with these parting words to Elena: “It’s ok to love them both. I did.”

ern (8:18:06 PM): Noooooo. I liked Elijah.
Leeard (8:17:39 PM): GASP. Me too. I thought a vampire couldn't stake an original with a dagger?
ern (8:18:31 PM): But he's part were
Leeard (8:18:40 PM): But he's also part vamp. I mean, he's also an Original, and there seem to be a ****ton of special rules for Originals. But still.
Leeard (8:39:40 PM): mmhmm. Stefan!
ern (8:40:16 PM): Bad boy Stefan? yessss
Leeard (8:40:34 PM): awwwwww stefan! Poor thing. No, Stefan! Actually, yes Stefan. Because then Damon and Elena can be together. I can’t wait until they pull the dagger out of Elijah and he kills the hell out of Klaus.
ern (8:54:01 PM): “I like you just the way you are.” This show is so lame and yet so awesome.
Leeard (8:54:14 PM): And I'm crying again. KISS HIM. YESSSSSSSSSSS
ern (8:55:00 PM): I screamed
Leeard (8:55:04 PM): I didn't. I knew it was coming.
ern (8:55:29 PM): Katherine you wonderful b****.
Leeard (8:55:32 PM): Aw, yay Katherine. She brought him the blood.

Bonnie channeled the witches to save Jeremy, crying out to them. The witches warned that there would be consequences if they gave her the power to bring him back. Bonnie didn’t care and the show had its very first un-undead resurrection. Caroline let her mom know that Jeremy was alive, that she was still Sheriff Momma’s little girl, and then she and her mom hugged. Leeard cried. At night, sitting on his bed, Jeremy thought he saw something. He got up and wandered around the house and was followed by….Vicki. And then he saw Anna. Consequences.

Leeard (8:37:34 PM): This commercial break needs to die. Someone better kill Sheriff Momma if she killed him. He can’t be permanently dead. Man, I love Elena. Girl does NOT stay sitting down.
ern (8:39:33 PM): She's too awesome to only be 17.
Leeard (8:41:38 PM): They have to save him
ern (8:41:57 PM): Yeah, or they wouldn't be dragging it on like this. You were right, he’s coming back.
Leeard (8:42:00 PM): Power through it, Bonnie!!! I love Alaric. “He’s just a kid, tell them to shut up.” Come on old witches!
ern (8:42:40 PM): Bonnie is getting a nosebleed. YES SHOW, kill Bonnie and not Jeremy
Leeard (8:42:48 PM): I’d be okay with that. Elena can’t lose everyone in her family.
ern (8:43:07 PM): Ok, I love Bonnie now. This is really sweet.
Leeard (8:43:15 PM): YES. Thank goodness
ern (8:43:35 PM): Your instantaneous reactions are ruining my life. My TV is FIVE SECONDS BEHIND.
Leeard (8:43:44 PM): Then don't look at it
ern (8:43:54 PM): I can’t not look
Leeard (8:44:02 PM): Wipe your nose, Bonnie.
ern (8:44:06 PM): There has to be a death. This is a TVD finale.
Leeard (8:44:14 PM): There were FOUR last week. And Elijah died. If there is one, it had better be the sheriff or Mama Lockwood or both.
ern (8:44:23 PM): I don't accept that. It needs to be someone we will grieve. I need an ending that shocks me.
Leeard (8:44:33 PM): Maybe Katherine.
Leeard (8:59:17 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ern (8:59:54 PM): A+
Leeard (8:59:55 PM): UM NO. A++++++++++++++++++


  1. Great recap you guys! I love reading your chats :)
    And omg this finale was so awesome!!! Especially the end! I loved seeing Vicki and Anna again! But I am mad that I have to wait for 4 months(!!!) to see what happens next. But anyways this was a great end to a great season. Also, Ripper Stefan is back! Yay! :) And next season is gonna be "the year of the Originals" so I'm pretty sure Elijah will be back :) Can't wait for season 3!!!

  2. haha, thanks. Four months is so long!