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Monday, August 1, 2011

Decent Plot Lines for All the Major True Blood Characters This Season (So Far)

Surprisingly, this season has been really good so far. There’s been the sex, the shock factor, and the self-aware weirdness we’ve come to know from this show, but there’s also been a relatively fast-moving plot (for True Blood), and the witches have brought it and really mixed things up.

Necromancers are just what this show needs. For three years, vampires have been the biggest kids on the True Blood playground, but the new Petunia Dursley witch has the means to make mincemeat out of the bloodsuckers. We give the whole witch thing an “A”. Here, we are going to look at where the main characters have been this season and during the last episode.

Jason: Crystal is the freaking worst, so we are glad that he is off of that and back to bonding with his best friend and his sister. In this episode and the last one, it looks like he is developing a crush on Jessica, which could complicate things with Hoyt. His storyline was disgusting at first (what with all the raping), but the way he acting during it showed that he is a decent, normal guy who we can root for, unlike in the first couple of seasons. We are glad he’s not going to be a wereleopard. We need the humans on this show to stay human, for now. Plotline Grade: C+ (We weren’t really digging all the raping, and we don’t want him to steal his best friend’s girl, even if their relationship is really bad right now, because she erased Hoyt’s memory of her cheating.)

Sookie: We aren’t fully onboard with her sudden love of Eric. So she likes him when he is little more than a sweet child? Does she like submissive, immature men? Meh. Maybe she does. And really, we will take any plotline from her as long as it gets her sleeping with Eric, FINALLY. We hooted and hollered at the TV screen when they got it on. We guess that Sookie couldn’t let go of Eric’s selfish past easily, and it took a clean slate to get her to come around to him. We think it’s going to be interesting when Eric gets his memory back and has to reconcile who he has been for hundreds of years with who he has been these last few weeks with Sookie. Maybe he can find a happy medium? Plotline Grade: A (because they finally did it)

Eric: Has had his memory taken by Petunia Dursley witch, and he is so adorable it hurts to watch him interact. On reset, he also has a newfound integrity, sense of honor, and a willingness to take responsibility for his actions. Plotline Grade: A-

Alcide: His is an interesting plot, so far. He’s with his ex, Debbie, again and resisted joining the local pack. But this week, he’s willing to give the pack a try. We love werewolf hierarchy. It’s so dangerous, and it sounds like a great way to get rid of Debbie so that Sookie can sleep with Alcide too. Plotline Grade: B+

Bill: Is so much more useful as King. Even with all the incest, he’s way less annoying now that Sookie is no longer his. He’s been pretty hardcore lately, but he showed his soft side letting Eric go back to Sookie this week, rather than just killing him when he had the opportunity and permission. Plotline Grade: B

Lafayette and Jesus: Are at Jesus’ creepy grandpa’s house in Mexico trying to get some witch info. We don’t really get this yet, but it’s weird and it looks promising, so we like it. Plotline Grade: A- (especially considering most of Lafayette’s previous lame plotlines)

Tara: Her lesbian girlfriend showed up in Bon Temps, they made up, and Tara has stayed relatively sane. But will her girlfriend survive Pam’s attack? Plotline grade: C+. Plotline grade comparing this plotline to Tara’s other plotlines: B+

Pam: Is rotting and hilarious. Plotline Grade: A

Arlene and Terry: Have a pet armadillo?!! We like them a lot more now. They are still being haunted by the ghost of Rene (presumably) and have an evil freaking baby. Their house burned down this week. Plotline grade: C

Andy: Is addicted to V. Plotline grade: C- But he is also interested in Holly and has secured himself a date! Plotline Grade: B-

Sam and Tommy: Tommy is a horrible person. He accidentally killed his mom and her husband, so now he can impersonate people in his family. He started by impersonating Sam and sleeping with Sam’s current love interest, (Luna, another shapeshifter), and then yelled at her to get out when he was done. He also fired Sookie from Merlotte’s. And then he vomited on Sam’s carpet and passed out, looking like himself again. Sam’s pretty much been dealing with this. Plotline Grade: C

Due to quality and reader response (ok, one reader, but that's enough sometimes), we will be talking about this show more during the second half of the season.


  1. OMG I really loved the last episode. It's really True Blood again.

    Jason: I really don't care about him because he was so annoying in the last seasons.. Bu now he seems different, I don't know, I'll keep watching what he does before I say if I like him or I just still don't care about him.

    Sookie: Love her! In the season three she was so dumb, very brave but soooo dumb! But now she is what she used to be. Her relationship with Eric is something that I really wanted to see and finally happened.. Yay!♥

    Eric: "Tell her I was born the night she found me. And because of her, I went to my true death knowing what it means to love. Tell her, thank you"... I LOVE HIM! I don't know if for you that speech was lame, but I just love him!

    Alcide: His plotline it's okay for me.

    Bill: When he was about to kill Eric I hated him with "jarocho hate" but then he released Eric and was so sweet... I kinda feel pity for him.

    Lafayette and Jesus: I like to see the brujos, because, well you already know that I'm mexican so I like the nod.

    Tara: I want to see if they survive! Her plotline is like "meh" butit's okay for her.

    Pam: Love her! Funny as hell.

    Arlene and Terry: Meh... An evil baby? Well, let's see how this ends.


    Sam and Tommy: Sam never needed a "family" so I found this unnecessary but it could be something good with the time.

    Marnie (AKA Petunia Dursley): I like the background story of her spirit, she's scary and turn vampires into slaves, it's really something that makes this season good (so far).

    Thank you for writhing again about True Blood ;D I really love the show! Thanks, thanks a lot :D

  2. I agree. So much better than last season (though that's not so much an accomplishment as a necessity). Didn't dig the witch thing at first, but the possession angle made it cool. Nice to see the vamps actually afraid of something for a change. Love the evil baby subplot, too. i wish Tommy a slow death, and I think we will be rewarded. Glad to hear you're sticking with it.

  3. Israel: Yeah, Jason really turned us off in the first season and it would take a lot for us to actually like him. For a while, we just wanted his character killed off. We thought at the end of last season Sookie was too mean-spirited, like the show had lost sight of the character. For us, the Eric speech was lame, but he is so cute we will forgive it. Yay for brujos. Tara, Arlene, and Andy could all die and we wouldn’t miss them, but we like Terry and his armadillo. Thanks for the long comment.

    JZ- It takes a LOT for us to give up on a show, especially a summer show.

  4. I haven't been able to keep up like I'd like to... I don't have HBO and am too far away at the moment to mooch off my cousin like usual. BUT for the record, though this was my favorite book and I was looking forward to this season, Alcide annoys the shiiiiishkabobs out of me and Tommy is an unnecessary character that doesn't even EXIST in the books.

    If Tara fell off the face of the earth, I'd be quite content.

    Pam is still the best character this show has. Eric as an amnesiac is more adorable than a box of puppies. I just can't say that enough :)

  5. We agree about Tommy and Tara, for the most part, but Alcide? Most people really like him. Why do not like him? (Maybe you've read something about him in the book that's annoying? Does he end up serving no purpose?)

  6. Sorry, epic fail on my part to respond. Been off the grid for a bit.

    I had high hopes for Alcide in the books... I've had a fantasy obsession since childhood and I was hardcore werewolves/vampires long before Stephanie Meyer had the misfortune of picking up a pencil. And I thought vamps were all kinda angsty and lame, but the werewolves had the party (Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Underworld really amped that up... especially Bitten, which was the first).

    So that's my long way of saying, I've always had a nerd thing for werewolves. And I had high hopes for Alcide. And the fact that he is so stupidly in love with Debbie, who DOESN'T turn her life around in the books, really was ridiculous. She's not even a werewolf in the books... she's like... a were-badger or something equally stupid.

    Anyway, it always annoys me when a great, awesome, hot guy is lusting after trash. Just a pet peeve :)

  7. ha. Yeah. That's an understandable pet peeve.

    "the misfortune of picking up a pencil" hahahaha.

    We like werewolves. They are much more representative of hidden human nature than vampires, in our opinions.