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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pretty Little Liars - Touched by an A-ngel

That alphabet cereal trick of A’s was pretty nifty, but is Emily really the weakest link? Spencer seemed more paranoid than ever in the first scene. Emily might be physically the weakest, because her stress expresses itself by attacking her body, but we think she’s emotionally one of the strongest. Also, who doesn’t grind their teeth, especially in their sleep? (Ok, fine, we know some people aren’t stressed. Lucky bastards.) Ughhh. We need massages too.

Finally, we were proud of Aria. She went right up to Jason and confronted him about the creepy pictures. The best way to handle any creeper is to just confront them in the safest or most public way possible, especially if their creepiness thrives on secrets. As we suspected (and one of us hoped), Jason had a perfectly good explanation for the photos. He didn’t take them. Ali did. Jenna heard Jason explain.

Aria’s mom, Ella, asked Anne, the girls’ old therapist, about possibly talking to depressed Mike. Anne recommended another therapist, because while siblings should learn to share most things, therapists are an example of something they shouldn’t share (along with toothbrushes and boyfriends/girlfriends).

Ezra showed up at the school with our favorite slutbag, Jackie Molina, and Aria saw her flirting with him. Now, we are going to keep the Ezra hate at a minimum for a while. We don’t know how long one of us can stand to do that, but it should last at least a whole post. After having a tough moment at her locker, because she’s stressed and missed swimming, Emily agreed to meet Anne in her office to talk. We did not get excited about an adult possibly finding out about A. That never happens.

Spencer spent time with Toby, packing up Ian’s things. Yay!! Toby!! He doesn’t get enough airtime. They found Ian’s yearbook and saw that he had been a member of the “N.A.T. Club” with Jason and Garrett. Neither of them had any idea what that club was. Rather than suspect it was an innocent inside term between best friends, related to some funny incident, Spencer’s wheels started turning and we immediately saw that she was thinking it was a real club with sinister, secret motivations. Well, on this show, that’s probably a safe assumption to make.

At the high school college fair, Ezra came up to Aria and said, “Have you considered Hollis College?...I think you’ll find the teachers are very hands on.” (*&*^&*%^&%^&%^&%^&) Nope, not gonna say anything. Aria told Ezra about Jason kissing her. Ezra was not pleased. Jackie interrupted his reaction (that we were very much enjoying). When Ezra walked away, Jackie said something that implied that Aria was naïve for being with Ezra. We kind of love her for that.

Emily unwisely went to her massage before seeing Anne, probably giving A lots of time to thwart the Anne situation. Also, a massage is a pretty vulnerable experience that requires just a smidge of security. Emily doesn’t have that now, so she was visibly nervous. We just knew something creepy was going to happen. And yup, her massage therapist was A. (Insert stupid happy ending joke that fosters misconceptions that might put real massage therapists in danger, if you must.)

Back at Nancy Drew Headquarters, Spencer was still looking for clues, and even Toby was worried about how obsessive she was. Then she found a shirt that said Nos Animadverto Totus (NAT). This means “We See All.” BLECK. Spencer deduced that because Ian liked to film the neighborhood’s girls, his friends were in on the pervy film fest. Then she jumped right to, “Maybe Jason killed Alison for the same reason we thought Ian did…to get back those tapes.” We know this can’t be right. It’s only season two and we’ve seen TV before. We believe Jason will turn out to be an ok guy, overall, like Toby.

Jason framed Ali’s picture of Aria sleeping and brought it to Aria as a gift. One of us can't decide if it's creepy or sweet. We know Ali took those pictures, but still. They sat in a café together, talking. Spencer and Toby happened by and saw them. Spencer broke into Ezra’s car and waited in his passenger seat for him. She told Ezra about Jason and Aria in the hopes that Ezra could keep them apart, because Aria isn’t listening. Ella Montgomery saw Spencer and Ezra in the car together. This is amazing and totally ironic. We love it. Good twist, show.

Hanna went riding with Mona and her new, snooty stepsister, Kate (and two of Kate’s friends, Margeaux and Bitsy. Nice names, huh? They say it all). Mona and Hanna lost Kate’s horses, because they are terrible, inexperienced riders. Hanna went back to the stables to complain about “Isa-hell” and Kate ruining her family. Too bad her comments were broadcast on a loudspeaker. And by “too bad,” we mean AH HAHAHAHAHA. Kate called Hanna at home and threatened her, comparing her to a horse that needed to be broken. We love that Kate is a super, upfront, mean girl. Hanna needs a worthy opponent while A bides his/her time.

Jenna stopped by Spencer’s house to threaten her to stop digging. Spencer hit her with a “tell Garrett I said hi.” Jenna met up with Garrett to tell him the unfortunate news that the girls knew about them. She said, “They are looking at yearbooks. It’s only a matter of time before they figure it out, if they haven’t already…It’s time to talk to Jason.”

Jason and Aria went to Jason’s house to get a box of Ali’s stuff. Ezra showed up to get Aria. He made a (*&^%$) love speech that was (&^%^*#%$), saying that he wanted to go public with their relationship, starting with Aria’s parents. Then they kissed and Jason saw it. Aria left with Ezra and Ali’s box. There was nothing interesting in it. At home, Aria and Ella spoke and Ella brought up the Mr. Fitz rumors and Spencer. Ella made it clear that Ezra dating a student would be an abuse of power, and if she found out that it was true, she would feel betrayed. This put a damper on Aria’s plans to come clean…probably ever.

Emily came home and took five showers. Spencer and Hanna comforted her. Reasons why Pretty Little Liars has socially redeeming qualities: We know we’ve covered this before, but the friendships!!! Seriously. That’s such a big part of this show and such a big part of life! We think friendship is really important in growing up. Yes, you might figure that out later (especially if you don’t want to spend life alone), but when you're young? It's so freaking important and the sooner kids learn the lesson, the better.

Aria showed up and told Spencer that she wasn’t mad at her. Cut to Garrett driving up to Jason’s. “I just want to make sure we’re still cool, Jason,” Garrett said. “What does it matter anymore? It’s over, right?” Jason asked. “I’m a cop now. It matters more than ever,” Garrett replied. The episode ended with A paying a visit to therapist Anne. Poor Anne.

Another good one.

Episode grade: A-

Let us pause now, at the end, to remember these marvelous quotes.
“If it needs a tent, it’s a circus.”
“Well, you know the Hastings’ motto. Why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow?”
“Kate Moss would look like a water buffalo in that.”


  1. I loved this episode! I wasn't surprised when A gave Emily a massage, totally saw it coming somehow (because creepy things are expected to happen in this show). Finally we got to see some Toby :) And looks like Hanna is not gonna miss Caleb so much because she'll be busy dealing with Kate. And what's with this NAT group thing with Ian, Garrett and Jason? Ugh, so many secrets!
    Next week the girls are gonna tell Dr. Sullivan about A, and then she finds out who A is. And since they're obviously not gonna tell us who A is in the next episode, I'm guessing she'll get killed off. Well I hope not...

    Also, thoughts on The Lying Game?

  2. We are trying to decide whether to talk about The Lying Game after the next episode or just do it this week.

    One of us tries not to watch the PLL previews (because they tease us too much, and that usually results in a letdown), but it will be interesting to see how the girls would even explain A to an adult at this point.

    Maybe Anne will have some advice before she bites it?

  3. Great episode! Loved the "tricks" that "A" played on Emily. The cereal & the massage were super creepy! But in a very entertaining way. I also think there is a good chance Anne will get killed off next week :( Makes me kinda sad b/c I like her. There are only 2 episodes left of the summer season...Can't wait to see what the big cliffhanger will be!

  4. PLL can sure do a cliffhanger. Leeard thought the massage was the creepiest thing this show has ever done. Ern was less creeped out by it, thinking the cereal thing was more disturbing.

  5. What Ezra said to Aria at the college fair about "hands-on teachers" was vulgar. It wasn't funny, it was vulgar. I shuddered when I heard that line. The relationship between Aria and Ezra is truly horrible and the sooner it ends, the better. I'm really liking Jason for her at this point. Perhaps my Ezra-hate is blinding me, but I think he's really a good guy.

  6. I thought the cereal thing was extremely creepy. Think about it: "A" somehow got into the box, left all a's and then resealed it without anyone being able to tell it was tampered with...*shudder*...

  7. AND knew which one Emily was going to select.

  8. "Nancy Drew headquarters"! Yes! Spencer is totally Nancy Drew. She's definitely the most proactive of the group.

    Creepiest massage ever. I still need one, though.

    Do you guys have a theory about all of Mike's hoodlumism? It's gotta have something to do with A, right?

    I think my distrust/dislike of Jason can be summed up with one word: buttcut. But if the PLL producers can make Toby likable to me, anything's possible for creeper Jason.

    I had a conversation with my mom about Ezra where I spent the whole time convincing my mom that while yes, he is a pedophile, he is also really really attractive, which in teen TV girl world makes him a likable winner.

    Did you guys watch the first season of "The Nine Lives of Chloe King"? It was equal parts bad and teen TV-awesome. And the guy who played Hastings Ruckle on the final season of FNL was the handsome male lead!

  9. One of us got a massage this weekend. Mostly because of that episode. It was great and A-free.

    We don't think Mike's drama is related to A. Maybe it's related to someone who is related to A? Maybe he's being blackmailed? And we are Jason fans. He's keeping the drama alive.

    One of use watched all but the finale of The Nine Lives of Chloe King .... Once she watches it, we'll write our season review. The other one of us watched the first episode, liked it, but felt that she had enough to watch this summer.