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Monday, November 21, 2011

Checking in on Dexter - Btw, the show has been renewed for seasons 7 and 8

"Sin of Omission"

Deb - Annoying or totally correct about everything?
Debra Morgan is sick of Dexter being emotionally distant, which is something she’s gonna have to get over, because he’s a sociopath. Debra found out that Dexter went to Nebraska and didn’t tell her, which she sees as “a lie.” This makes her curse even more than usual, which we find hilarious. Lots of people hate the character for that. We think it’s about time that she pay more attention to Dexter though. She’s a detective who is supposedly good at her job who also hangs out with a serial killer multiple times. FINALLY she’s fed up with Dexter disappearing for “me time,” and never telling her a damn thing.

We miss Brother SamSome people are really disappointed in this season. They say that the Big Bads aren’t scary and there’s too much focus on Deb. We think Brother Sam was the obvious highlight of the season so far. We like that he is bringing out another side in Dexter. No one is pure, 100% evil. Developing Dexter’s “light” side after we’ve seen him grapple with his darkness for years is interesting to us. He reached Travis and Trinity’s son because of the things Sam told us. The nasty, bloody Bible was icing on the cake of Sam’s gifts. RIP, bro.

Travis is imagining Professor GellarWe’ve thought this for a while, but after this episode especially, we think it is very possible that Travis is making up Gellar in his head. Travis is clearly insane. We haven’t seen any reason that he would follow Gellar in the first place unless Gellar is elsewhere and Travis’ brain has fooled him into thinking his old professor is guiding him. We have an “End of Fight Club” situation here, and we don’t like it. Who else actually sees Gellar except for Travis? Even Dexter didn’t get to see him. Are we really supposed to believe that ancient-as-hell Gellar jumped out of a second-story window? The only weird thing is that would mean Travis chained himself up, which would mean that the show needs to explain how he would have gotten out of that mess. Key secretly in the pocket? Still, come on! Gellar’s totally a figment.

LaGuerta, when will you die?LaGuerta has been annoying from day one, and now she is covering up for the John who gave the dead hooker CPR. At first, we reluctantly agreed with LaGuerta that if the John didn’t murder the hooker, that case did not take precedent with Miami on edge. But now, we realize that LaGuerta should have been the whore in Gellar’s tableau. Also, how disappointing was that many-headed alligator creature? It should have been much nastier. Sad about Travis’ sister though. It looks like Deb might be Gellar’s next target.

ReligionWe’re digging all the religion this season. The confession to the old, demented priest was almost sweet. Good casting on the old man there. It would take a crazy priest to absolve Dexter, but absolved Dexter is. Possibly. The blog’s resident Catholic didn’t write this post, so she might call BS if she ever catches up on this show. Dexter reads the Bible and uses a choice verse to let Travis know that the sin of omission is still a sin. It’s the Bible’s version of “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” We agree. This season is rife with moral thought and shades of grey. It’s not the deepest thing we’ve ever seen/read, but it’s deep for TV.

We have to give this season credit for focusing on Dexter, Deb, and baddies, not annoying side characters. Still, they get short scenes. Quinn got drunk at a strip club with Masuka and tried to propose to one of the dancers. We really need for him to get over Deb already. Or die. Because pathetic Quinn is bumming us the heck out. Batista tells Puppy Dog Intern that Jamie isn’t ready to settle down and “sees a lot of guys.” We’re sure Jamie will appreciate that. We could do without Batista AND LaGuerta at this point in the show. Batista is just not interesting, and LaGuerta is too much of a witch with a “b.”

This season isn't bad, but we haven't been thrilled for a second. You need to hire a terrifying/terrific actor to play your Big Bad, show. Lithgow is what made the Trinity season great.

Episode grade: C+


  1. What is going on with you guys? Why aren't you bloging about the other shows like you used to? I keep checking and there's no reviews. : (

  2. End of November marks exam time :( We've been busy, so we've been cutting down the weekly reviews of single episodes.

    Put down the shows you absolutely must have commented on weekly, and we will make them a priority. People who check back often and comment actually do get a say on which shows we talk about the most.

  3. I feel for you. Got to put studying first.
    But, when you do have time, comment on the following shows: Homeland, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Parenthood, American Horror, Glee, Grey's, Revenge and Boss. Lol. If that's not too much asking.
    I actually watch more shows than those, but it's okay, I won't ask that much of you guys.
    I know it looks like I do nothing more than watch tv shows, but I promise I have a life outside of this four walls. Lol.

  4. We are actually waiting to watch Boss until season one ends and we can marathon it, but we can do the others. Grey's is taking a long break though. Glad to see someone cares when we write about Parenthood and The Good Wife.

  5. I think Gellar might be in Travis's head and also alive and living and sees Travis at the times he's not in his head...probably not.

    I thought this was the weakest episode. The other episodes were pretty good.

    The guy above me listed almost every show I watch except Grey's and The Good Wife :D

  6. Yeah, this episode didn't work well, did it? Travis and Gellar aren't pulling their weight.