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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Re-watching Gilmore Girls: Season 2

By Ed Schipul from Houston, TX, US (Erica and Alexis Bledel) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Episode 1- Sadie Sadie
Lorelai says “yes” to Max’s proposal, Lane’s mother is sending her to Korea, and Rory brings Dean to grandparents’ dinner, with disappointing results. All Richard does is interrogate him about his education, ambitions, and how he’s not good enough for Rory. Emily finds out Lorelai is engaged when Sookie unknowingly tells her. We loved Rory in this episode, the way she stuck up for Dean when Richard was berating him. Richard was so rude and snobby, and that whole scene was electric. We also loved when Emily told Richard to apologize to Rory, because Emily found out Lorelai was getting married and didn’t tell her. So sad. One of us completely understands keeping a guy from your family for as long as possible though. That’s one of the worst, most awkward things ever. Look what happened to Rory when she brought a guy over! Everyone has an opinion, but guess what? Once you marry them, your family has to love them…or at least pretend to. Elope! Elope! We liked the scene where Lorelai told Luke about the proposal and he tried to poke holes in the situation. Poor Luke. Rachel left because of his obvious Lorelai crush, and then Lorelai gets engaged. Also, Lorelai has really great hands. They are perfect.
Episode grade: A-

Episode 2- Hammers and Veils
Lorelai tells Emily about her engagement, and Emily has very little reaction. Hurt that her mother didn’t show excitement, Lorelai moans and groans about it, until she finds out that her mother already knew. Lane takes off for Korea, and Sookie throws an engagement party for Lorelai. Rory volunteers to build a house and finds out that she doesn’t have enough extracurricular activities on her resume to get into Harvard. We loved when Lorelai marched Max to her parents’ house to a) meet them and b) ream her mother. Max was cool through all the drama, even trying to be nice to Emily after the fight. It was in the next episode where he gets a little weird and gives Lorelai the gut feeling that this relationship isn’t right. The end with Emily’s veil opinion was cute, but we don’t think Lorelai’s head is too big for a veil. This was a good mother-daughter relationship builder, and it was also a good reminder of Rory’s Harvard aspirations and the hard work it will take to get her there. It’s filler, but it’s necessary. It’s fun to see Lorelai happy and planning for the wedding.
Episode grade: B

Episode 3- Red Light on a Wedding Night
Max and Lorelai have their bachelor’s and bachelorette parties, and something Emily says makes Lorelai think twice about whether she’s marrying the right man. Luke builds Lorelai a chuppah as a wedding present to make up for his crotchety remarks about marriage. Dean tries to talk to Max about how to treat the Gilmore girls, but Max ends up calling Lorelai selfish and complaining that he has no role in the house since he can’t parent Rory. Bad move, bro. Lorelai wakes up in the middle of the night, grabs Rory, and runs away with her, ditching Max and the wedding. We agree with Lorelai that the Long Island Iced tea IS a fickle friend, and no one should have more than two, under any circumstances. Fair warning to you people. Three is the absolute limit. More than that has never, ever, ever turned out well. We also agree with Luke that marriage must be better than “say, being hobbled.” Haha, he’s so funny. Luke’s concern that people don’t evolve together is valid. You have to learn to fall in love with the new person. Or if it’s you who has changed, wait patiently for the other person to grow too, or find a way for your new self to love and enjoy their old self. It sounds hard, and it is. Lorelai’s ditching of responsibility was wrong, but it was better than getting married. She should have had a breakup talk and then left town.
Episode grade: A

Episode 4- The Road Trip to Harvard
Rory and Lorelai stay at a B&B and visit Harvard. Rory fits right in, being an annoying gunner in the class she sits in on. Lorelai feels some pain over her missed opportunities. When the girls return to Stars Hollow, Lane is back from Korea, and she actually had fun. The Harvard stuff is dull. After the great, exciting episode last week and the crazy cliffhanger, watching Lorelai avoid adult compassion and decentness by taking a trip to a university we don’t care about killed the season’s momentum. It would take something big (Jess) to get that momentum back next week. The B&B stuff was funny, but all the Harvard stuff was pointless, especially in light of season four. Also, Christian rock is possible. It usually sucks, but there are a few Christian bands that really, actually rock, rather than water down and copy popular music. Hint: It’s not on the Christian radio most of the time. Exceptions to that rule are Jars of Clay and Switchfoot. They are good and make the radio. So, that diss wasn’t welcome. The Captain Corelli’s Mandolin diss was right on though. Nick Cage ruins everything with his ugly face and terrible acting. Except for Kick Ass. He did good work there. We loved the scene where Luke found out that Max and Lorelai were over. There was some plot progression where Lorelai decided to take real steps toward owning her own inn. That starts the excruciatingly dull inn-starting story arc. Sorry, Lorelai. You have the more entertaining personality, but Rory has the more entertaining life.
Episode grade: C

Episode 5- Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy
Jess, Luke’s troubled 17-year-old nephew, moves to Stars Hollow. Lorelai swoops in and invites them both to dinner. After Jess is hugely rude to Lorelai, she gives Luke parenting advice, which Luke doesn’t take well. Luke thinks he can handle the kid. Guess what. He can’t. So Luke and Lorelai make up. Jess takes to Rory immediately, but Rory is consumed with being on the school newspaper staff with a still-angry Paris as her editor. Paris has Rory interview Mr. Medina. FINALLY we get to see him after Lorelai ran out on him. We are still sore that we didn’t get to see the scene where Lorelai told him they were over. Supposedly she did give him a proper breakup at some point? That’s what we choose to believe anyway. Max was completely cool. This episode really brought the humor with the “This is hell” song when Jess was surveying Stars Hollow for the first time, as well as Luke pushing Jess into the lake. That might be our most rewound TV moment of all time. Jess’s arrival somewhat believably shelved the possible romantic relationship between Luke and Lorelai. We think Jess is adorable and worth it though.
Episode grade: A

Episode 6- Presenting Lorelai Gilmore
Emily wants Rory to formally come out to society, so Gilmore Girls has a cotillion episode. We usually dislike cotillion episodes, but this one is ok. It’s a great excuse to bring Christopher back to the show. It’s looking like he’ll actually have a chance with Lorelai this time. He’s cleaned up his act, gotten a job, cleared his schedule to be there for his daughter, bought Rory that dictionary, and traded his motorcycle in for a car. We’re sure Rory enjoyed seeing them show off their ballroom dancing skills at Ms. Patty’s as much as we did. But when Lorelai makes a move, Chris tells her that he has a new girlfriend: Sherry. He got his act together for her, and they are living together. Richard and Emily are fighting because Richard has lost all interest in social activities now that he is being phased out of his job. One fight was public. And embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing, once when Ern didn’t know how popular this show was, she mentioned to a friend that her grandparents were a lot like Richard and Emily, and that Ern was more like Lorelai toward them than a Rory. Ern mentioned this in front of her grandparents, trying to explain the stiff dynamic that was going on before the friend’s eyes. Ern’s grandma’s reply? “I watch that show sometimes.” Oh dear. It was never spoken of again, naturally, but Ern’s opinion of her grandma rose. The coming out party was hilarious and cute, especially the fan dance in the background. Rory looked adorable and so did Dean, who agreed to wear an over-the-top tux and gloves in exchange for Rory watching something called “Battle Bots” with him for the rest of her life. Battle Bots sounds like a stupid show. We’d probably love it.
Episode grade: B+

Episode 7- Like Mother, Like Daughter
Headmaster Charlston is concerned that Rory isn’t social enough at school because she reads during lunch hours and isn’t in any clubs. Girrrrl, we’ve all been there. Sometimes reading is just better than the blathering of your peers. Rory gets into a secret sorority organization, the Puffs, and gets caught trespassing at school after hours. Rory gets out of trouble though, with a rant, and makes up with Paris by getting Paris into the Puffs as well. Lorelai and Emily model matching outfits in the Chilton school fashion show, which Lorelai hosts at the inn in an attempt to be more involved at Chilton herself. The fashion show stuff isn’t as exciting or funny as the Puffs storyline. Plus, the friendships Lorelai made and the Chilton goodwill was never again touched on. It just proved that Lorelai is a good organizer and can put on a successful event. We already knew that. There was some Luke stuff that also advanced nothing between him and Lorelai. We’re with Rory: Barry Manilow = ew. We too are sticklers for punctuality, barring the occasional deer. The little vow the Puffs take is not that far off from the stupid stuff real sororities make you do and say. All that was missing was the floating head (we’re not kidding, and we can’t really explain because we are bound to secrecy on all traditions and passwords). Nice Ya Ya Sisterhood reference. We actually liked that book, but we preferred Little Altars Everywhere.  
Episode grade: B-

Episode 8- The Ins and Outs of Inns
Sookie and Lorelai tell their employer, Mia, that they are going to try to own their own inn and can’t work for her indefinitely. Mia, in response, says that she has been thinking of selling the Independence Inn. Lorelai, stressed that she won’t have a job if she doesn’t make the inn thing work with Sookie, starts to rethink going into business with her unreliable, spastic friend. Their plans also hit a setback when they find out that Fran Weston owns the Dragonfly, the property they want to turn into their inn, and won’t sell. All of this is time consuming and boring. The best parts of the episode involve Emily meeting Mia. Emily is sore at Mia for not sending 16-year-old Lorelai back home. Mia took Lorelai in and gave her a job back when Rory was just a baby. We loved meeting Mia. She’s pretty much the sweetest person on TV ever. This episode is important for inn-building plot advancement, but that doesn’t mean it’s one of the show’s best. It’s saved by the “chalk outline” prank Jess pulls on Taylor Doose. Come on, Rory, that was funny. Anytime Taylor is mad, it’s funny. We liked how Jess fixed the toaster too. So cute.
Episode grade: C+

Episode 9- Run Away, Little Boy
Chilton is teaching Rory Shakespeare (AGAIN. Wasn’t that the big test she missed from Max last year?), and Rory has to play Juliet in Act 5 of Romeo and Juliet. Paris, the director, assigns Tristan the role of Romeo. Dean isn’t happy when he finds out, and he skulks around acting all jealous. Rory makes Tristan promise not to tell Dean about the kiss. Tristan breaks into a friend’s safe and ends up having to go to military school, so Paris fills in for Romeo and either kisses or stage kisses Rory. Rory won’t kiss and tell. Meanwhile, Lorelai dates a young classmate from her business school, much to Luke’s annoyance and the town’s amusement. The Tristan storyline didn’t go where we thought it would and amounted to much ado about nothing. Dean never did find out about that kiss, and Rory never gave Tristan a chance. It was all buildup and no climax. Now we have Jess, so we don’t need a second bad boy. We like Jess better anyway. We’re glad that there was closure to the Tristan story. He and Rory parted amicably. We loved the lines, “Doogie Houser isn’t real.” “How sad for you.” We think it’s stupid that Paris wanted to do Act 5 “traditional Elizabethan.” It sounds like part of the assignment was the creative interpretation and opportunity for fun. We think you’d get a lower grade for just doing it straight, but what do we know? And how is that 50% of a grade? What a fluff class. The Lorelai story was funny, but it sort of cemented Luke as a reliable friend and nothing more…for now.
Episode grade: B

Episode 10- The Bracebridge Dinner
A Chicago snowstorm strands guests who paid to stay at the Independence Inn and also ordered a great, themed feast and horse-drawn carriages. Since everything is ready and paid for, Lorelai invites her parents and most of her town to the feast, including Jess and Luke. It’s really cute and funny, until Richard tells Emily that he quit his job. Emily is upset by that. Lorelai admits that Chris invited Rory to visit him and Sherry during Christmas break. Lorelai didn’t tell Rory because she wants her daughter during that time of year and she’s jealous of Sherry. Rory takes it all pretty well. Jess and Dean clash after Jess takes a swing at Dean, because Dean tries to break up a fight Jess is in with a classmate. We loved the snowman Rory and Lorelai built. It’s so funny and much better than the “ringer” Jess destroyed. Of course, we enjoyed Luke and Lorelai sharing a carriage, as well as Rory sharing one with Jess. Luke’s “secret of parenting” was hilarious crap, haha. That whole carriage ride was hilarious, as was Lorelai getting Kirk to break character.
Episode grade: B+

Episode 11- Secrets and Loans
Lorelai’s house is infested with termites and it will take thousands to pay to repair it. Rory tells Emily, much to Lorelai’s frustration. Emily offers to loan Lorelai the money, but Lorelai doesn’t want to be in even deeper debt to her mother. In the end, Emily cosigns for a loan. Rory’s storyline involves Lane becoming a cheerleader. Rory thinks this is stupid and the two fight. Rory finally comes around. This episode is boring boring boring. The termites are never mentioned again. The cosigning leads to nothing. The episode isn’t all that funny either. It’s probably the worst of the season, and heck, we’d say skip it, if you are inclined to skip episodes to save time. Also, never cosign a loan. In this TV situation, it wasn’t a disaster since Emily had the money and would be fully prepared to pay. But a professor once said to one of us, “A cosigner is a fool with a pen.” When the person with the loan doesn’t make the payments or the item is repo’d, the cosigner is NOT NOTIFIED, but their credit is hurt just the same. We could go on and on about this, but we won’t. Instead, we will move onto loans. Nothing can mess up a friendship or family relationship like loaning money. Don’t borrow or lend. If you want to help someone, just give them the money and tell them to pay it forward. If they are too proud to accept it and you still want to help, give it anonymously or have them trade something to you immediately so that the debtor/borrower relationship isn’t prolonged. If you learn nothing about money from us (and chances are, you won’t, because this is a TV blog), let it be this: pause before cosigning or lending.
Episode grade: C-

Episode 12- Richard in Stars Hollow
Richard is driving Emily crazy being home and in her business all the time, so Lorelai agrees to hang with him for the day. Richard goes to Stars Hollow, watches Lorelai work, and gets critical about how she conducts business. Lorelai calls him on it and Richard reveals that he’s upset to feel useless. Meanwhile, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. While the Richard/Lorelai relationship does need to be occasionally developed, as we said before, Richard isn’t a favorite and neither is inn stuff. Rory’s plot involves Paris going to Stars Hollow in search of its “seedy underbelly.” She wants to write a story about the corruption and secrets of small-town life. She finds “censorship,” because Taylor Doose put movies in the video store behind a curtain. The Rory tribute Taylor put up was great though. That picture is so goober-y.
Episode grade: C

Episode 13- A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Stars Hollow has a festival that involves women making picnic lunches and men bidding on them. The winning bidder gets the lunch and to have lunch with the woman who made it. After Sookie misses Jackson’s hints about moving forward in their relationship, Jackson fails to bid on her basket and Kirk wins it, bidding for the great food a chef would make. After the communications problem is rectified, Jackson pays a lot to get it back and then proposes to Sookie. Henry breaks up with Lane because he’s tired of hiding from her mother. It’s just getting too complicated for him. Good riddance because her next boyfriend is the greatest. Patty has given Lorelai’s picture to several strange guys in an attempt to set her up, and they’ve arrived to bid. Lorelai runs to Luke’s diner and begs him to buy her basket. He does. The food Lorelai has in the basket is unsurprisingly nasty, so Luke provides diner food for their lunch. Jess outbids Dean for Rory’s basket, sending Dean into a rage. Jess has more money, apparently. Lorelai is concerned that Rory is starting to like Jess and Emily agrees with her. This makes Lorelai think that trying to keep Rory from hanging out with Jess is a bad, controlling idea. Rory drops her Dean bracelet and Jess pockets it without telling her. The whole basket bidding thing is the cutest idea for an episode, but we are so glad we’ve never had to participate in this in real life. Let’s just say there probably wouldn’t be a bidding war for either of our baskets, and even if there was, we don’t like any of the guys who like us, and so we wouldn’t want to eat lunch with them. Also, neither Leeard nor Ern are known for their cooking skills. Especially Ern. At least Leeard can follow directions. This episode was entertaining and funny in every way, and it has our OTPs (Jess/Rory, Luke/Lorelai) forced to spend time together.
Episode grade: A

Episode 14- It Should Have Been Lorelai
Christopher visits and brings Sherry, who really wants to get to know Rory and keep a good distance from Lorelai. Emily is hopping mad at Chris, thinking it should have been Lorelai. Lorelai tells Chris that she is happy he has found someone because now that frees her up to do the same. She says that he’s the reason she probably destroyed all her dates and relationships and engagements. She was likely thinking, in the back of her mind, that she was waiting for Chris. Chris is irrationally, instantly furious after hearing this theory, yells at Lorelai, and leaves. The conversation in the kitchen between Sherry and Lorelai was super weird. Sherry made it more awkward than it needed to be, and it’s bitchy to make it VERY CLEAR that they never had to be friends. The only thing weirder than that conversation was how mad Chris got after Lorelai told him that he might have affected her relationships. We get how he would be kind of annoyed, but his blowup seemed out of proportion to what she said. Sherry was incredibly annoying in her introduction. And forever. The woman was practically demonized on the show.
Episode grade: B-

Episode 15- Lost and Found
Rory realizes her Dean bracelet is gone, and Lorelai figures out that Jess stole it. Lorelai also spends a lot of the episode helping Luke look for an apartment. Jess plants the bracelet under Rory’s bed so that she finds it. Jess and Lorelai’s constant fighting pretty much kills any chance that he and Rory could have been a thing while she was living at home. What kind of 17-year-old kid knows who Euell Gibbons was though? We’re not good at small talk either, Jess. Lorelai is the social wizard on the show, and even she falters around certain people. Weirdly, we only like Dean when he’s being jealous and possessive. That’s probably because the rest of the time he’s being sweet and boring. Soon, he will go onto Supernatural, where he will be sweet and boring, unless he’s possessed by the devil or something. It happens. We get why Jess couldn’t turn over the bracelet right away. He should have given it to Rory on the bridge because after that, it was too late to fess up and have Rory not be mad at him. Yeah, he’s a jerk, but he’s young, awkward, and he has a crush. We can understand keeping the bracelet. The end where Luke enlarges his apartment and repeats Jess’s sarcastic dig is one of the funniest moments in the show’s history. We also liked when Lorelai pretended to be married to Luke in front of the realtor.
Episode grade: B+

Episode 16- There’s the Rub
Lorelai and Emily go to a spa together, and Lorelai wishes Emily would shut up and leave her alone so she could relax and enjoy it. They can’t find a way to bond until Lorelai convinces Emily to steal bathrobes they love. Rory is enjoying her alone time until Jess and Paris come over. Dean, who was supposed to leave Rory to her night alone, is upset when he surprises Rory and finds her hanging out with Jess. Paris covers for Rory, bonding the two girls further. Every time Paris is nice to Rory, we like it. Whenever they fight, we’re like, “Ugh, not again.” Paris can get really irrational, but here, she acted like a normal teen covering for her friend. This was the episode where Dean really started to lose Rory. He shouldn’t have yelled, and he shouldn’t have been clingy. Then again, Rory hanging out with another guy isn’t right either. We love the relationship between Dean and Lorelai. We also like the storyline where Luke buys his building and enhances it, because it leads to him being Taylor’s landlord. We get how Lorelai was annoyed by her mother on the spa trip. She wouldn’t shut up. But Emily as also pretty funny in this episode, and we enjoyed the “vicious trollop” jokes.
Episode grade: B

Episode 17- Dead Uncles and Vegetables
Luke is upset when the town won’t participate in the funeral against his anti-social uncle. Luke worries that he is just like his uncle. Lorelai helps him with the funeral and attends, and in the end, the town shows affection for the uncle. In the Stars Hollow weird way. Emily helps Sookie plan her wedding, but all the stuff Emily picks out is crazy and expensive. This one isn’t much for plot advancement, but we think it’s sweet and funny, so we like it. The Sookie and Emily stuff isn’t has good as the Luke and Lorelai stuff, but anything that mentions possible dwarves at weddings is fine with us. Emily should be a wedding planner. She’s not doing anything else! We’d love a Romanov-themed wedding. Uncle Louie sounds hilarious, but it’s funnier to hear people talk about how awful he was than to actually see him for a couple of seasons. Seeing Luke without a baseball cap never fails to throw us. We can never decide if we like it or not. There’s a bald spot in the back there, but it doesn’t totally ruin things. Sidenote: Does anyone else remember Luke from Seinfeld? He was spongeworthy.
Episode grade: B

Episode 18- Back in the Saddle Again
Richard helps Rory with a school project, enjoys it, and decides to start his own company. Michel’s mother visits and Lorelai ruins their carefree, secret-filled relationship by telling Mama Michel that he hardly ever eats. SNOOZE. The scene at the diner after the credits, where Rory recognizes Jess’s handwriting on the new specials board was alright. Sookie yelling at the wedding invitation printers for misspelling her name was one of the most annoying, stereotypical, and rude things she ever does on that show. Sometimes they just have to make her too crazy to believe. Days later, she is still yelling at them. Lane SHOULD do sales. We’d buy something from her. Did anyone else wish Lane and Dean would have ended up together? They are always so nice when they get together and talk. It’s sad watching Rory avoid a clingy Dean, but we’re glad we saw it. It made the deterioration of the relationship seem even more natural. All the stuff with Richard was good for the advancement of Richard’s fascinating career storyline, but did we really have to see the blow-by-blow of a school business project? Did this show forget why we watch TV? Chilton is a crazy school. We kind of wish we had gone there. Our high school programs (we were in the same one, at different schools) were notoriously hard too though. Dean is so frakkin tall. We loved the end where he said, “She likes Jess, doesn’t she?” and Lorelai didn’t even respond. He walked away, towering over Lorelai. As much as we prefer Jess for Rory, it’s sad to see a nice guy get treated badly.
Episode grade: C

Episode 19- Teach Me Tonight
Rory tutors Jess at Luke’s request, but Jess doesn’t concentrate. He just wants to hang out with Rory. He drives Rory to get ice cream in her car that Dean built for her. They get into a car accident. They are alright, but Rory has a broken wrist. Lorelai is absolutely furious, and Jess is nowhere to be found. A worried Luke looks for Jess, and that makes Lorelai even angrier. Luke and Lorelai get into the worst fight they’ve ever had. Luke sends Jess back to live in New York with his mother. Not only was this one eventful, it featured the Kirk directorial debut. His love interest in the video is none other than Chloe from 24, who we will never stop loving, ever, even if they make a 24 movie with her in it that’s as dumb as 24 season six. The Kirk video was one of the top 20 funniest moments on this show, and that’s saying something. This is a funny show. We were so bummed that Jess left though. Ern has never seen The Yearling. We liked that Chris and Lorelai finally made up. It was cute how they watched over Rory. Jeez, it’s just a broken arm. Parents can get so dramatic when their babies are hurt. We’re so frustrated that Jess is flunking out of school when he’s smarter than everyone there. There’s no way to fix an attitude problem. That person has to decide to change it himself. Luke really put Lorelai and Rory in an unfortunate position, but Lorelai should have spoken up about her reservations in a clearer way. Lorelai was awful when she was telling Luke what happened, screaming at him, and looking to kill Jess.
Episode grade: A-

Episode 20- Help Wanted
Richard starts a business and Lorelai acts as his secretary for a few days. Shockingly, it isn’t boring. Richard wants her to stay on, but that’s not exactly Lorelai’s dream job. She helps him find a replacement after some awkwardness. Lane starts her love affair with the drums. We like how Rory told Dean about the Jess incident and his reaction. Dean was just happy his competition was “really gone.” Psh, dream on Dean. Of all the storylines that develop Lorelai and Richard’s relationship, we like this one the best. We also liked the fight between Rory and Lorelai about Jess. We loved Rory for wanting everyone to know that Jess wasn’t totally to blame for the accident. That shows her integrity. Her integrity falters once, in a couple of seasons, but Rory is a good person, overall. Luke takes a fishing trip, and when he gets back, Rory is able to find the one person who will listen to her about what really happened with Jess. This one was filler, but it started Lane Kim’s rock career.
Episode grade: B-

Episode 21- Lorelai’s Graduation Day
Rory visits Jess in New York, missing Lorelai’s business school graduation. Richard and Emily make it though. We liked this episode because it was unexpected. We were surprised to see Jess so soon, and we were shocked that it was Rory who went to see him. Definite filler though. It’s nice Lorelai graduated, but was anyone waiting with bated breath to see that subplot pan out? Jackson is a morning person like Ern’s brother is a morning person: He’s not really himself for about an hour after waking up. We loved when Lorelai said, “I despise academics,” because one of us has always felt that way about school and felt like she could never say it. This is the second time Rory has gone over her mother’s head to her grandmother. That’s not right, even if the effects are good. The thing where Rory called her grandparents by their first names wasn’t cute. Cool tassel hat cake, Sookie, but Chris’s sweet present basket stole the show. We don’t blame Rory for missing the graduation. It wasn’t her fault, and we’ve done things on impulse before too.
Episode grade: B-

Episode 22- I Can’t Get Started
Sookie and Jackson get married. Christopher and Sherry break up, so Chris shows up in Stars Hollow to sleep with Lorelai. They decide to be together, and everyone, including Rory, is very excited. The next day, Chris finds out that Sherry is pregnant, so he leaves Lorelai to do the “right thing” with this new family. Lorelai tries to make friends with Luke again, but he’s still “Mr. Freeze.” He should have chilled earlier. Lorelai wrote him a note. Jess crashes the wedding, and Rory kisses him. She runs away and tells him to keep it a secret. The Rory/Jess first kiss was perfect. We loved how hesitant and cute they were. We would like to thank this episode for introducing us to that Ella song, but yeah, does Sookie even like Jackson? This episode also brought us “oy with the poodles already.” How does Paris have a likeability problem? She’s hilarious. School kids have no taste. Darn you, Christopher, and your condomless ways! Quit getting chicks preggo. Fun fact: Alexis Bledel, the actress playing Rory, dated the actor who played Jess for more than three years.
Episode grade: A


  1. Ahhh thank you guys for writing this!! I always low the GG recaps. I'd love for you guys to do season 3 because that's the season with all of my favorite Jess and Rory episodes (well, a lot of them) and you guys have the best recaps. I loved reading this!

  2. The actress playing Rory and the actor playing Jess dated? That explains so much. Real life couples tend to have so much more chemistry onscreen. Take Elena and Damon from TVD as another example. :)