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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glee- Duets review/recap

Duet Competition
Puck was sent to juvie for stealing his mother’s car, crashing it into a convenience store, and running off with an ATM which, as we know from Breaking Bad, would have been super hard for him to break open. HA. We love that this is the reason for Puck’s absence, but he better come back soon. Will distracted the gang with a duet competition with a gift certificate for two at Breadstix as the prize. This bothered us, because we are poor and hungry, and we want breadsticks. We were reminded of food throughout the episode, mostly by Santana. Sam, the new kid with the Bieber haircut, has finally joined the Glee club, with little explanation as to his change of heart. Rachel and Finn decided that Sam should win the competition so he will feel good about the club. In their minds, they could take the competition easily, so with themselves out of the running, Sam can take it. Dear Finn, Sam’s voice is better than your autotuned travesty. Rachel and Finn plan a duet that involves a bad song and costumes that made it offensive and sacrilegious. If you re-watch this episode, watch Will’s face during all the duets except for Rachel and Finn’s. Will wasn’t given much to do this week, so he let all his acting energy out during his reactions to the duets. Just watch him during the duets. He looked like a mixture between a creepy old guy looking at a hot girl and a kid who just arrived at Disney World.

The walking gay stereotype that is Kurt had a crush on Sam and convinced himself that Sam is gay because of his hair coloring. Kurt enlisted Sam as his duet partner, but Finn was determined to keep Kurt from throwing himself at Sam the way he did at Finn last year. Finn was eerily wise and grounded this episode. (Sidenote: his speech in this episode was the other blogger's defense of Finn last season during the episode they refer to). That boy’s brain comes and goes. Kurt’s dad is getting better, and it was so sweet to see Kurt taking care of him. Burt Hummel gave his son a much-needed lecture on staying appropriate with the straight boys, because he heard from Finn’s mom Finn’s side of the story. Vindication for Finn! Kurt whined about how he couldn’t have the same romantic high school experiences as everyone else, because he is openly gay and judged. By this time, we were rolling our eyes. The first time Glee did its little gay rights PSA, we were touched. We cried. We are pretty sure it was in the episode “Preggers.” But this is the millionth time, and Glee is getting way too preachy as it is. Can everyone in the world PLEASE be nice to gay people, not only because they are PEOPLE, but because we are sick of hearing the gay rights machine heavy-handedly beat us with the fist of tolerance on TV? We think this is well-covered ground on Glee.

Sam and Quinn
Kurt relinquished his hold on Sam, who stayed with Kurt as a partner because his word is important to him. A guy with honor? We are crushing even more than we were when we saw Sam with his shirt off in the locker room. Of course, we also found out that Sam is a huge dork (in the most adorable way). Who could sit through Avatar six times? Kurt went with a duet with himself. Silly Kurt, even if you pretend to be both a man and a woman in the number, it’s still not a duet. Finn and Rachel paired Sam with Quinn for his duet, and there was pretty immediate and surprising chemistry between the two. Sam and Quinn won the competition by being adorable, and they started what looks like a pretty cute budding relationship. The much-touted breadsticks looked too thin though. Breadsticks should be fat and fluffy, like at The Olive Garden.

The minor characters
Brittany got clingy with Santana after their much-hinted-at physical relationship hit the screen. We think this joke was best left off-screen and subtle, because it was funnier that way. Are we viewers so immature that we have to have every joke rubbed in our faces? Santana decided to do her duet with Mercedes to get away from Brittany. She told Mercedes that they were the best singers in the school. We beg to differ. Santana has an interesting sound, but Sam and Rachel are technically better. Brittany took Artie’s virginity to make Santana jealous……WHAT?!! Artie scolded Brittany afterward, saying that sex meant nothing to her, but she should have thought about what it meant to him. Whatever, Artie. We feel for you that you were used, but you threw your virginity away on Brittany, so you can’t put all the responsibility on her. Tina did a duet with Mike, even though she is getting sick of everything Mike only doing Asian things and taking her to The Dim Sum Palace. She's obviously not getting sick of his body/dancing, and we don't blame her.

The songs
Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart by Rachel and Finn- Rachel is such a ham in this number, and we think this song is overdone. But it was cute, and definitely a duet.
River Deep, Mountain High by Mercedes and Santana- Officially the ONLY version of this song that we like. Very well done, and we love the way these two voices went together.
Le Jazz Hot by Kurt- This is the gayest thing we have ever seen in our lives, including pictures of the gay pride parade. Also, it was originally done by Julie Andrews, and Kurt doesn’t have a good enough voice to measure up to it. It was sweet where it should have been powerful and growly where it should have been sexy. But we liked his slide up to the high note, and we like the song.
Sing by Tina and Mike- Holy choreography, this one was fun. Great cover of a funny song from A Chorus Line.
Lucky by Quinn and Sam- This was really sweet, and we couldn’t stop smiling. This blogger prefers Quinn and Sam’s voices to the Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s voices. We don’t think it should have won though. River Deep, Mountain High was better.
Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again by Kurt and Rachel- We loved this duet. It was pretty, and Rachel and Kurt sound fantastic together. It was a great way to end the episode.
We downloaded all the songs off of itunes this time. (Last week, we only bought two of the songs.)

Favorite line: Sam- “Kurt emailed me (recordings of himself) singing, and I thought it was Faith Hill. The kid is good.” Haha. But we don’t think Faith Hill can sing, especially live. Her performance at the Oscar awards made the dogs howl. Favorite moment: Brittany alone at Breadstix nosing her meatball on her plate of spaghetti.

Episode grade: A-


  1. Agreed on the gay tolerance PSA that Glee gives us every week! Soapbox TV is only okay when Aaron Sorkin is writing it. Respect.

    My favorite moment was totally Brittany with the plate of spaghetti at the end. She's more and more my favorite minor character.

  2. She's Leeard's favorite character, but she still has a while to grow on Ern. It would help if she danced more.

    Leeard recently had to tell Ern who Aaron Sorkin was/what he wrote. Ern is forever ashamed but now in agreement that he's good on a soapbox.