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Friday, December 3, 2010

Bones - The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck recap/review

This episode opened with the spontaneous combustion of a truck as the sun rose over a field where it was parked. When he got the call, Booth was getting out of bed with Hannah, and they were talking about when she should meet Parker. Hannah was worried because she thinks she’s bad with children. We don’t trust people who are usually bad with kids. It’s a sign. Dump her already, Booth. Booth reassured her, but later on he revealed to Sweets that Parker 'hates' Hannah, in spite of not having met her. We feel the same way, Parker. Sweets tells him not to worry. By the way, if you’re a Sweets fan, this is a fun episode for him. Leeard is, Ern isn’t.

At the crime scene, Bones and Booth found a skeleton 'melted' to the dashboard of the car. Since melting is not something that bones can usually do, all the squints were intrigued. Back at the lab, Daisy worried about a psych evaluation that she had to pass in order the get higher clearance. This makes sense, because Daisy is a looney tune. She seduced Sweets into helping her in some very cutesie scenes. The couple is apparently very much together again. Daisy also assisted Hodgins in one of his infamous experiments. This one, unfortunately, resulted in a minor gunshot wound for him....Still, we love Hodgins’ experiments.

It turned out that the truck had magnesium scraps in it, which the heat from the sunrise caused to burst into flame. This burned the skeleton at a heat high enough to cause the bones to appear melted. Booth and Brennan visited the victim’s wife at a high school where she worked. While Booth interrogated her, Brennan went into the class room to question a suspicious looking student. The student was sleeping with his teacher, the victim’s wife. To make a long and very typical Bones story short, the kid’s ex-girlfriend, who Brennan meets in detention, was the killer. We suppose the fun of the Bones formula is guessing which minor character did it, but its wasn't too hard this week. But what is with the teacher/student relationships in our shows this fall?

Parker and Hannah's meeting went swimmingly once Hannah told Booth to get lost and leave her alone with Parker. When Booth reported this back to Brennan, her congratulations where mixed with some not-too-subtle jealousy. We spent the entire Parker-Hannah scene wanting Parker to tell her that he wanted his dad to be with Brennan. That would have been fantastic for the fans, and it would have thrown a wrench into this boring relationship. It would have been so cute if Parker could see what we see watching these people every week. Alas, the episode ended with Booth, Parker, Brennan, and Hannah at dinner together. Parker declared his affection for both Hannah and Brennan. Brennan invited them all to her house with a smile that quickly melted into a frown as she watched Booth holding Hannah’s hand. Well, we like where THAT is going.

Now that the Bones writers have put off teasing us with sexual tension, they've taken up teasing us with Brennen tension. When will she realize that she's in love with him? Has she already? Is she just too afraid of abandonment after her past? Does she think it’s too late since she stomped on Booth’s heart last season? We guess we will have to take what we can get, as usual with this show. We have high hopes for next week’s episode, which is rumored to be a psychologically probing Brennan-centric episode. Whatever realizations Brennan comes to about herself, they need to push her more closely toward Booth, stat.

It really has been too long. It's past the point of annoying.

Episode grade: B


  1. Past annoying is darn right.

    I'm a huge fan of the writers of this show because they are the only show that truly mastered the art of slow character development. Clearly they were hoping for the long haul. They didn't force Brennan and Booth together before she was ready and just make a chemistry-less, awkward, unrealistic Suddenly Perfect couple.

    But I'm over the tension. Slow development is believable and wonderful. Now you're just dragging it out.

    I don't watch the show for the plot. The Who-Dunnits aren't very exciting or mind-bending (even my mom can figure it out... even my DAD can figure it out). I watch this show because it's clever, makes me laugh, and has the best assortment of odd, quirky, sometimes-friggin-weird characters. So quit throwing Hannah in, already! Don't play the "She's not perfect, but we love her anyway because of her flaws" game. We don't love her anyway.

    I felt the scene with Parker was cliche. I didn't like it, and I want Hannah to go die in a hole. Or better yet, go report super thrilling news from Iraq.

    Or Mars.

  2. This comment was really funny^

    And you're right, the quirky characters are what make the show. Friday Night Lights also does a good job with that, but those characters are less fun and more dramatic.


    bones news- but your not going to like it....


  4. Yeah, we saw that info on a different site. We think they are just toying with us now, so we are ignoring the info. We think Hannah is getting sniped.

  5. ....Or maybe it's just denial on our parts, haha

  6. I'm sailing on the lovely river of DeNial right along with you.