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Friday, December 3, 2010

Grey's Anatomy - Adrift and at Peace review

Yay! It looks like the end for Pathetic Cristina. She went fishing with Derek, learned to stop thinking and be Zen, and she caught a fish. Holding the fish (life!) in her hands for the obligatory Big Catch Picture, she realized that she had healed and wanted to be a doctor again. At least that’s what we go from her expression and Meredith’s voiceover as she hung the picture on the refrigerator.

This episode had unlikely people working together and hanging out. We had Cristina and Derek fishing. We had Mark and Callie hilariously bickering about their casual sex. We had Callie and Alex working together and making jokes. We had Meredith and Owen in the operating room together, fighting. And then after the operation, they were fighting. We can see both of their points a little bit. Meredith thought that Owen was an enabler. He married Cristina, so now Cristina could just live off of him and mope around the house rather than face up to her problems. Owen told Meredith that she shouldn’t hold Cristina to her standards. This is true. Meredith and Derek are so perfect right now that she shouldn’t be judging our new Resident Dark and Twisty Couple. But the rest of their arguments made no sense and seemed to just be an opportunity for the writers to have someone point out that Meredith is fearless. Meredith is “reckless” and Owen doesn’t want her around Cristina? Where did that come from?

Owen and Meredith have never gotten along, and we have no idea why. Think about it: When have they ever liked each other? Is Meredith not over the choking thing? Why on earth would she blame him for Cristina’s problems? Maybe Owen doesn’t like Meredith because she never gives him a break and hollers at him about personal problems in his O.R. while he’s trying to think and maintain his authority at the same time. We actually like that they dislike each other. Some of these doctors get along too well. In real life, personalities clash, and sometimes your best friend marries someone you don’t approve of. We just want the writers to give them real reasons to fight besides their gargantuan amounts of stubbornness. How about the fact that Owen dyed his hair blonde, ruining his entire head? Why hasn’t anyone yelled at him about that? When Lexie and the chief changed their head colors, they got crap for it.

What was with Teddy? She is so desperate that she asked some patient (Scott Foley) to marry her because he needs health insurance to live? Wow. Pathetic Cristina dies and Pathetic Teddy is born. Admittedly, this could have been a solid idea. Teddy marries a cute patient to save his life. Arranged marriages work all the time. It could have been cute. But we think the scene was poorly written, and Teddy came off as crazy. That was so awkward. We guess the guy is going to say yes though.

Why does Bailey always get asked out by young, hot, tall men? She always gets a guy who looks like he stepped out of the pages of a men’s magazine. It’s unrealistic, and not just because she looks like a little brown mushroom. It’s unrealistic because hot, nice, smart guys are pretty rare for just about anyone.

We can’t believe Callie shut the door in Arizona’s face! Nooooo. Arizona is going to have to work hard to win Callie back, because Callie’s heart is cold and closed right now. We can’t believe she didn’t take Arizona back after Arizona left her fancy Africa job for Callie.

This was the last episode until January, and that’s like four weeks later. The preview of next week excited us. We can’t believe we have to wait this long. At least we got a Mark and Lexie kiss to tide us over. Lexie looked really cute in this episode.

We wonder if Bailey will be over the fistula thing by next year.

Funny episode, for the most part. And we’re glad Alex returned to peds.

Episode grade: B+


  1. i love the canceled shows page
    i think you should add freaks and geeks and undeclared!

  2. We totally are going to! After exams, the pages will be completed. We only have about 10% of them done.

  3. We also want to make them a little more detailed. But we will have to wait for Christmas break for that.

  4. Pretty solid episode. I like this friendship between Derek and Christina. He seems to be exactly what she needs right now. I got the same thing as you did from her expression holding the fish, btw. I'm just wondering what it's going to take for her to actually take the step to go back.

    I screamed at the TV when Callie shut the door on Arizona. WTH, Callie?! I mean, it's one thing to say, "You hurt me and we need to be apart for a while," but it's another to respond to Arizona's heartfelt little Shonda Rhimes speech by slamming the door in her face. Uncool.

    Yay for the (maybe?) return of Mark and Lexie! I love them!

  5. You have ALWAYS loved Mark and Lexie. Our reaction is more: meh. But we had the same reaction when Callie shut the door. That was just cold.

    The previews next week show another shooting disaster. Maybe Cristina will be like, "I'm going to help" and that will be that. Spoilers predict a rocky road for Cristina and Owen in the second half. We wonder what about. Maybe now that she doesn't need him anymore, because she isn't freaked, she will be regretting her rash marriage.

  6. I think we're all regretting her rash marriage. TV characters make poor decisions all the time (see: 'Felicity'), but that relationship is a series of poor decisions. I hope you're right about the next episode -- I'm ready for Christina to become awesome again!

    I don't know why I love Mark and Lexie so much. It might be because I HATED both of them as individual characters before that relationship, but after they got together they made each other exponentially less irritating. Awww.

  7. We like Owen and Cristina as individual characters, and we even want them together. But the relationship leapt forward too fast, and the reason for the marriage wasn't solid. So year, everyone regrets that, we think.

    And good point about Mark/Lexie. We always kind of liked Lexie though, and we like Mark when he is with Callie too.