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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Vampire Diaries - Daddy Issues recap/review

The episode didn’t waste any time and opened with Tyler confronting Caroline about Mason’s death. Jules must have told him about the Salvatore brothers, because Tyler knew that Caroline didn’t kill Mason. He was upset that she kept Mason’s death a secret from him though. He pushed Caroline up against a car, hard. Ern KNEW she was right to never ship this couple. Ugh, what a douche. At least Caroline can go back to only dealing with Matt, romantically. She and Matt made plans to talk after Matt’s shift at The Grill.

Tyler went to the woods where his werewolf buddies have an RV. They talked to him about loyalty, having each other’s backs, and how being a werewolf wasn’t as hard when you weren’t in a town filled with vampires. Tyler went home, confused and a little brainwashed. Stefan paid Tyler a visit and tried to convince him that werewolves and vampires should be friends. Tyler wasn’t buying and used his cell phone to let Jules know that he was in trouble. Daddy Stefan wouldn’t let Tyler leave until he had finished his lecture on the importance of being nice to Caroline. Apparently, Stefan’s lectures take several hours.

Jules grabbed her friend, Brady, and they kidnapped Caroline, knocking her out with a wooden bullet in the head. They took her to their RV and put her in their cage. Brady sat outside the cage and shot her with Vervain and more wooden bullets. Poor Caroline! This was really sad. We are really, really starting to loathe Jules. The only consolation is that someone is going to kill her this season, we are just sure of it. It’s going to be brilliant. Jules called Tyler’s cell phone and told Stefan that if he didn’t bring Tyler into the woods (we’re sorry if that Sondheim song is in your head now), she would kill Caroline. Stefan obliged, but he wanted the wolves to hand over Caroline before he let Tyler go, naturally. Damon, who had followed Stefan, appeared and made things go violent quicker than they would have (and they would have; it’s not Damon’s fault). Jules had a bunch of armed werewolves waiting in the woods around the RV, so it was quite a little battle. Damon was on fire, ripping out hearts and everything. Tyler went into the RV and HESITATED for a long time before letting Caroline out of the cage. Are you serious, Tyler? She was almost begging. Ugh. One of us is never, ever shipping this pair again.

Damon and Stefan put up a good fight, but Stefan got staked and Damon got shot. Caroline had a gun to her head as soon as she exited the RV. Tyler just stood there. The werewolves were about to land killing blows when Witch Daddy (Lucas’ father) showed up to save them. The wolves clutched their heads, fell to the ground, and passed out. Because Elijah promised Elena her friends’ safety, Elijah had sent his Witch Daddy to protect them. Witch Daddy told Tyler to give his new dog friends a message: “Get out of town.” Good idea. We don’t need those idiots. There’s enough drama in Mystic Falls as it is. Still, we hope they stay so that someone can kill Jules and we can watch it.

Needless to say, Caroline missed her date with Matt. She got home, told Stefan that she was fine and that he could leave, and started pulling wooden bits out of her skin, looking sadly at herself in the mirror. Matt called her and she lied and said that she was with Bonnie. Matt looked to his right to find Bonnie at the Grill with Jeremy. NOOOOOOOOO. We love Matt. We need more Matt in our TVD lives. Then Tyler stopped by. BLECK. Leeard can’t hate him, because he’s really hot, but Ern is so mad that she wished Caroline would just bite his head off. She did the next best thing though. She reamed him for being a sucky friend, and her words were perfect. Then she slammed the door on his face. Stefan realized that Caroline would need her friends that night, so he brought Elena and Bonnie to Caroline’s. They wrapped her in a tearful, sweet hug immediately. We love best friends!!! So sweet. Leeard cried. Is anyone shipping Stefan and Caroline a little?

Uncle John and Damon made nice in the episode. A little. Uncle John gave Damon a dagger to kill the originals. He also gave Damon a bottle of white oak tree ash into which Damon will dip the dagger. Nice, but kind of lame. It should take more than that to kill an original. Can you say, “Anticlimax”? Uncle John tried to make nice with Elena too, telling her that he wasn’t her father, her adoptive parents were. He gave Elena a necklace her adoptive mother once wore. Aunt Jenna also found out that Elena was John’s biological daughter and was completely weirded out.

Damon had a date with a TV reporter. Dang, she was pretty (like everyone on this show). Not as pretty as Damon though. They took a bubble bath together and Damon shared his troubles with her (after compelling her not to be afraid). He said that he is a killer. That’s who he is, and it’s his nature. But Elena wants him to be different and if he wants to love her, then he can’t be the killer that he is. The reporter reasonably replied that love changes you and that’s fine. Damon told her to shut up and distract them. They made out and he bit her on the shoulder blade. We don’t know if he killed her. We hope not. At the end of the episode, Uncle John went to visit Katherine in her tomb and told her that he and Isabel were working on getting her out of the tomb. Yay! But also, Uh Oh.

Every time we forget how great this show is, Thursday rolls around and reminds us. Not only is it great plot- and character-wise, but it has more hot guys on it than any show on TV. We feel bad for the other shows, because this show has a monopoly on so many great things right now. We miss Elena having more of the action, but we care about the other characters so much that we don't miss it too much when the main character is sidelined.

Episode grade: A


  1. This was a great episode. The whole cast was in it! :D And the cliffhanger was great...I really hate Uncle the hell did he get his fingers back? And why is he working for Katherine when she tried to kill him? But I'm excited to see Katherine get out of the tomb....she's fun ;) And I really want Damon to rip Jules' heart out. I hate her. Can't wait for next week's episode (as usual)!
    Great recap! :)

  2. Thanks

    They sewed the fingers back on. And we guess he is working for Isabel, and Isabel needs/wants Katherine for something. We wonder what Isabel's master plan is.

  3. Yeah, maybe it is to kill Klaus. Then everyone will be happy - Elena, Katherine and Elijah! Let's see what happens...

  4. thanks :)
    Hey when are u gonna post the recap of "Crying Wolf"? And what about the new episode of Modern Family?

  5. thanks :)
    Hey when are u gonna post the recap of "Crying Wolf"? And what about the new episode of Modern Family?

  6. We're cutting back on recaps. We're going to be reviewing notable episodes/episodes where something big happens or we have thoughts. It's going to enable us to cover more shows.

    There's nothing up for Crying Wolf because there's not much to say. But The Vampire Diaries is such a fast-moving show, we're sure we'll still post a lot about it. Same with Modern Family.

    If you need a recap, we like this one:

  7. Hmm...sigh. Ok, but i liked your reviews. At least you can give each episode a grade maybe?

  8. That's a pretty good idea....See the next post.