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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Little Liars - The Goodbye Look review. Plus, news about when A will be revealed

So, we just read that A will not be revealed this season. In fact, A will probably stay a mystery until the series finale. While the books had multiple As, so far, the creator is thinking of just having one A on the show. We’re bummed, but as long as there is another mystery sometime, we will be fine with it. Maybe give us a different murder to solve after the Alison thing is wrapped up?

In this episode, Jason DiLaurentis came back. Sort of. He’s played by a different actor. He is probably going to play another love interest for Aria, so he has to look younger, right? He’s back to find out what happened with his old friend Ian and to be mean to dogs. He’s no fan of Alison’s, because she stole some of his stuff, apparently. He’s acting weird and suspicious, which is quite a change for a character on this show. He’s hiding something. That’s why he’s building a fence, duh. The girls wonder if he is trying to keep people out or keep someone in. We hope it’s the second thing, because that sounds more fun.

The girls aren’t allowed to hang out anymore, due to their shrink’s advice. A is happy about that, texting “Look at you, all alone in a crowd. I win!” When they reveal the identity of A, we are going to need to know why A hates the girls so much. They seem pretty harmless. However, we'd like to point out that they spent the entire episode talking to each other about how they weren't allowed to see each other anymore. Obviously it's working out well. We found out that Alison like to steal and hoard things and then bury them in her yard or hide them throughout the house. She was such a lovely girl. One wishes she were alive to cause live drama. But alas, we have only the memory of this modern-day bad seed.

Toby got a construction job and is working toward a GED. As soon as he saves up money, he can escape his house and not have to live with rapist Jenna anymore, right? Wrong. He got fired on his first day because of his bad reputation. We like Toby, but one of us doesn't think he’s good enough for Spencer. Also, we think he is going to snap soon.

Emily had a date with Samara and found a way to stay in Rosewood. She is probably going to forge a letter from a college recruiter saying that Emily will get a sports scholarship if she continues to train in town. Hanna’s dad is back and trying to be helpful. We are glad that she forgave Mona, but there is a CALEB she needs to forgive soon.

Ezra and Aria were fighting again because Aria is insecure. Also, Aria’s forehead is annoyingly tiny. But she has great hair. But her shoes are ridiculous. You remember the ones she stepped on the broken glass with? Yeah, those ones.

Someone broke into Spencer’s house and pushed Aria on their way out. The girls think it was Ian. It seems he was looking for Spencer, possibly to try to kill her again. Someone has been stealing camping gear and erased the liars’ computer data too. Melissa has been sneaking out to show Ian her ultrasound results. None of this was explicitly confirmed as being Ian, but it’s more likely than not.

The best thing ever happened: Aria broke up with Ezra! Via note! Because he stood her up for a meeting to talk about their future in order to meet with the board of his college. Ezra’s secret goodbye speech to Aria in front of the class was really sweet, but those kids are idiots for not realizing it was a romantic one. Aria running into Ezra’s empty classroom to the sound of dramatic music was lame. Then she ran out into the school parking lot as he was leaving. They kissed a lot and it was very boring and all kinds of cliché. The camera turned in circles and went close up to their faces. There was loud ballad music. And no one saw them. On school property. Making out. These are the luckiest pervs in the land. Does that mean the break-up is off? Nooooooooooo. Jackie Molina! We need you, girl. When we see more of you, you had better be the slut of our dreams.

This episode felt a little meandering to one of us. At least we found out that A likes dogs! The other blogger thinks a lot happened. This episode featured “Can’t Go Back Now” by The Weepies, which is a song we like, but also a song that was used in the Life Unexpected season one finale in a very big moment for that show. We think that if a show uses a song in a memorable way, another show should step off of it, because it’s just going to remind us of the other show. That’s how we feel when a movie uses “Let Go” by Frou Frou. That song belongs to Garden State. And "Afternoon Delight" is the property of Arrested Development, not Glee. Step off.

Leeard’s grade: A
Ern’s Grade: B


  1. When it showed that part where Aria went outside and kissed Ezra, I was hoping Aria's mom (or someone) would have been there to see that....Class wasn't over that soon to have the school empty. Although, maybe A might have been there somehow to take pictures...and text it to Aria =S

  2. Ooooh, A probably will. It seems like A is everywhere, so A has to be in the most obvious, public place ever. Dumb Aria.

  3. This episode was ok, because most of the time nothing was really happening but the Ian thing really creeps me out and if he's alive can we at least see his face so we know for sure? And even I wasn't in love with the Aria-Ezra kiss. Aria & Ezra were trending on twitter and everyone was like "it was so sweet!" but I don't think so. It was kinda lame. And A didn't do much in this episode. I love to watch A create trouble for the girls and I hope we'll see that in the next episode...haha. Also I wonder why Jason's back. In a sneak peek for the next episode I saw Toby was gonna work for Jason...that can't be good. And I can't wait to see how that plays out :)

  4. Thank you. THANK YOU. Ern and Leeard had a whole argument over whether anything actually happened in this episode. And you fell on this blogger's side.

    The Jason thing is bringing lots of exciting new story line possibilities. The show needs the fresh material. We're getting a little bored of Ian.

  5. ok if its Ian they better aresst him in the next episode or im getting really bored of waiting for this show and i will start watching gossip girl again. Oh and if its not Ian he better prove it on the next episode and why would he want to kill spencer and the run away its ian people. Gosh im bored of this show!!!!!!!!

  6. i meant if its not Ian

  7. oh and ezra and aria LAME LAME LAME dude i hope they get found out soon immmm sooooooooooooo booooooooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd and tired of waiting for this show........

  8. If you are tired of waiting for answers, this might not be the show for you. They have to drag these things out. They won't tell us who A is until the series finale.

    If you want a show you don't have to wait for, watch The Vampire Diaries. That's a show that gives the answers and twists quickly. Gossip Girl takes forever too.