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Friday, October 8, 2010

Grey's Anatomy- Superfreak review/recap

This was just about the most perfect Grey’s Anatomy episode we’ve seen in a while. We laughed multiple times, there was an interesting (and disgusting) case, and there was also emotional drama. It’s been a while since Grey’s Anatomy has really been funny and showed the group bonding, but last night, it happened.

Funny moments: Cristina crawled into bed with Derek and Meredith, because Owen was on call, and she was scared to sleep alone. Ok, that’s not the funny part. The funny part happened when Derek realized he was touching the wrong woman.
-Derek comparing Meredith and Cristina’s “weird and disturbing” bond to that of E.T. and Elliot. Also, we like Owen/Derek being friends now. It's a bit sudden, but alright (as William Wallace would say).
-Teddy freaking out about the shrink leaving and warning the women in her O.R. to be celibate so they don’t get attached to men. “I’m not G.I. Jane. I’m Attachment Barbie.”
-Lexie and Bailey freaking out over the disgusting case of the week.
-When the bride who swallowed a foreign object revealed to her fiancé how she swallowed it.
-April being a virgin and her freak-out about it at the bar. The writers are smart to make her grow on Meredith, because anyone that “cool kid Meredith” accepts, we will eventually accept. We actually like her more for being a virgin. She was waiting for someone special and then time flew by, and all of the sudden, she’s a 28-year-old virgin. These things happen, even to cute people. But this is Grey’s Anatomy, so this automatically makes us wonder, of course, who will take April’s virginity? Virginity cannot stand in this hospital.
-Callie/Arizona ripping off each other’s clothes in front of Owen/Cristina so that O/C would move. Perfect strategy.

Serious/touching moments:
-Derek mended a relationship with a rebellious, strong sister who was with him when his dad got shot. Actually, this plotline didn’t fully work for us. Derek is STILL mad at this sister for being “strong and scary” and for getting high and crashing their mom’s car as a teen? That’s just weird and immature. She’s a neurosurgeon now, it looks like she got her life together, Derek. Still, it was sweet when Derek realized that his irritation with her stemmed from a desire to protect his little sister. Awww.
-"Miracle Derek” helped Cristina with her PTSD.
-Cristina asking Owen if he would love her if she weren’t a surgeon. He said, “I would love you if you were a plumber, but would you love you if you weren’t a surgeon?” Are these two going to actually become a healthy couple through all these storms?
-Derek defending Cristina to his sister when the sister said that Cristina was a “dud.” He said, “Cristina saved my life. I owe her everything.” Darn right. Just when Cristina is being all pathetic, we get a nice reminder that she is a bad ass. She’s just a little off her game right now. It’s interesting to see a side of Cristina who doesn’t want to be in the O.R., but we hope it stops soon.
-The shrink had to leave Seattle Grace and Teddy, who had been sleeping with him. She was sad, but the shrink gave her a breakthrough moment. She has attachment issues. She only goes after unavailable or soon-to-be-leaving men. We like Teddy in a relationship, so we hope she works through these issues and gets a long-term guy. We can’t see her with any of the existing guys on the show, except maybe the chief.

    Other parts:
    Alex was afraid to take the elevator. Yawn. The chief forcing him to take the elevator was fun though.

    This blogger is getting the HPV shots immediately after seeing this week’s big case. It involved a man who wouldn’t leave his house, vexing his wife. But he had a pretty good reason: He had a rare form of HPV that made him grow warts and tree branches for hands. Apparently, HPV can sometimes cause this. Ok, it’s really rare, but this is a fate worse than death and especially worse than a few shots. Seriously, watch the episode. We almost barfed. In fact, we may barf thinking about it again. In the end, there was not enough skin to do grafts, so he was going to have no skin for six months to a year. The man’s wife ended up leaving him, because, as she put it, sometimes love just isn’t enough. Hey, don’t judge her unless you saw the episode. That was GROSS. Also, it was kind of nasty that Alex, Jackson, and Meredith lost their virginities when they were 15 and 16 years old. Sex in high school is rarely a good idea. We remember being that age, and compared to now, we were complete idiots unequipped to handle that well. Bleck. The last thing we want to tell teens watching this show (and there are a lot) is that losing your virginity in high school is the cool, normal way to do it. April really isn't the weirdo here. TV Land has different morals than society at large. We get that the writers are trying to loosen us up, but 15-year-olds are emotional infants, even thought they think they are invincible. Don't have sex, kids. But get the HPV shot in case you do :)

    Episode grade: A-
    Watch it here:


    1. I might go out on a limb and call this THE most disgusting episode this show has ever produced. I'm seriously so grossed out right.

      If we could cut out the grossness, I would agree that this is one of the most fun episodes we've seen in a while! I also loved getting to see the lightweight group dynamic again, and Calzona's plan to take back their apartment was hilarious. Poor April, though! She's the most normal one in that group for not hopping into bed with everyone in that hospital, which is basically just a large petri dish anyway.

    2. Agree completely. I was gagging during the grossness, and I have a strong stomach. How strong? Saving Private Ryan didn't even make me blink.

      Petri dish.....haha

    3. I have a strong stomach too and this episode was seriously way too disgusting. Like, I almost stopped watching. Almost.

      And the whole April being a 28-year-old virgin thing just ticked me off. Of course they're going to make the naive, clingy, dumb little girl the virgin. As much as I love Grey's Anatomy, this show makes it seem like anyone who's anyone is a total whore who will sleep with everyone they work with. I don't understand why people can't make the connection that living a chaste life leads to greater happiness. I would have loved it if they made a stronger character the virgin. Although it did make me hate April less.

    4. Yeah, heaven forbid a strong woman save herself...even thought that takes a lot of security. But we are less irritated about it, because we can tell the show is trying to make us like April. Shonda said, "She is officially part of the crew after the events of the finale." So they aren't trying to make us think it's unattractive because April is a bad/annoying character (even though she is).

    5. So disgusting I can't stop thinking abour it 2 weeks later!! AWFUL!!!

    6. Ha! Neither can we. This blogger just told her sister about it this weekend. That sight will never be scrubbed from our brains.

    7. I have to admit that this episode may have just turned me off the show for good. It was so disgusting that I couldn't watch, and even had to turn off the sound. It's gratuitous and did nothing to add to the plot line that couldn't have been done in far less offensive ways. I used to love this show, but it seems sort of desperate anymore. Too bad.

    8. While this was gross, the rest of the cases this season have been reasonable. Some people like this stuff and think it's funny/entertaining.