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Monday, June 10, 2013

Game of Thrones season 3, episode 10 (and commentary on the whole season and favorite moments)

Mhysa- We think everyone was surprised at how few big events were in the finale. And the show gave us yet another Dany ending. Mmkay. We've had quite a few of those. 

Book readers know that there were a handful of things the show could have explored or shown in the finale and any one of them would have been good. For the most part, the characters didn't move much. 

We do like that the show set things up for next season. We might not have been able, emotionally, to handle another big thing from this show unless it was a happy thing. And saving some big things for next year will allow the show to spend the proper amount of time on them and really do it right.

Davos is the best and everyone knows it. We're glad Gendry was spared, especially Leeard, because she's pretty much in love with him. Ern is in love with NO ONE since they killed Robb Stark, but she appreciated the mutilation of his body in this episode. 

The torturer was revealed to be Roose Bolton's sadistic bastard. He's broken every last ounce of Theon Greyjoy's self-respect. We know Ramsay Snow is going to be a big and sick villain going forward. How cool is Yara though? Is she a dark horse contender for the iron throne? Because we have no doubt she could handle it and also keep her humanity. 

We were disappointed that the show didn't let us see the severed penis because a) we're disgusting and b) they show chopped up women on TV and in movies all the time. We guess they haven't on this show, so it gets a pass.

Walder Frey (Filch) was unbearable in the aftermath. He needs to get a comeuppance. For some reason, we don't hate Roose Bolton as much. Maybe because he hates Walder Frey as much as we do. And because Roose isn't as nasty.

The most exciting ad obviously needed development was Sam's return to the wall and meeting of Bran. We love that Sam was smart enough to guess that Bran is Jon's brother. We loved that he helped them. It's also good that the whole kingdom is finally warned about the white walkers and armies of the dead. That announcement needed to be made like a year ago.

If you haven't read the books, you don't know that Ygritte only shot Jon in the back of the foot. The show went for attempted murder to heighten the drama of their breakup and his return. We don't know how we feel about this. It's pretty sad that she shot him, but we love when the show surprises us.

Stannis has been a real dick all season. Pull it together, Stannis.

Question: Did Tyrion get Varys to offer Shae a getaway? She said, "If he wants me to leave, he can tell me himself." Does that mean he sent a mediator? Or does it just mean that she wants to wait for his opinion? Either way, sad. 

The show is handling this storyline perfectly. And, really, if she were smart and not in love, she would take the diamonds and run. Tyrion is technically married to Sansa. He won't run away with Shae. Shae can never really have him or a good life if she stays. 

We were disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Jaime's reunion with his family. But Lena Headey's choice of facial expression almost gave us enough to tide us over. It was a mixture of love, horror, happiness, disgust, relief, anger, and devastation. 

That face said so much. It tells us that while she still has feelings for Jaime, she will have a hard (if not impossible) time accepting this new, powerless version.

We're excited that Arya used her coin to call her old face changing friend. We loved her revenge on the guy who sewed Grey Wind's head on Robb's body. Arya is, and always will be, a bad ass. Is she a good person anymore? Not really. Revenge and hatred have transformed her. But it's the mark of how much viewers love strong women that we all still love her. 

We loved Tyrion and Sansa getting along and finding commonality in being town freaks. Too bad it didn't last past Sansa hearing the red wedding news. We're glad the show immediately revealed Tywin's hand in it. We also loved when Tyrion told Joffrey that Sansa wasn't his to torment anymore. Tyrion is the best in every way. 

We feel that the four main characters are Tyrion, Bran, Dany, and Jon. These are the four that really carry their own stories and keep the audience apprised of what's going on in every corner of the world. All four are likable (so far), but Tyrion is the obvious favorite. Dany is a close second. The rest of the point of view characters are secondary main characters. 

The funny thing about Tywin's hatred for Tyrion is that, out of all of his kids, Tyrion is the one who's the chip off the old block. Even as Tyrion was offended that Tywin butchered his enemies at a wedding where they were supposed to be safe and treated as guests, Tyrion admired it. 

Tyrion is the craftiest of the Lannister kids. He's just not as evil. We loved that Tywin's cold exterior broke when he told Tyrion that he wanted to drown him as a baby. You could see the tears welling up. Fantastic.

Okay, we get that Sansa is supposed to be innocent and 14 in the show, but she's a little too naive in this episode. She doesn't know the word "shit," and she's been hanging out with Joffrey, the Hound, Cersei, and Tyrion. 

Also, she had two older brothers. Nice brothers, but still. Her innocence is stretching believability. A lot of it is that the actress is 17 and she looks 17. And you can see intelligence in that girl's eyes. Fewer of those jokes would be much appreciated next season.

Episode grade: B

Season three- This season alternated between awesome moments and dull filler designed to keep the entire cast in our minds and kill time so that the first half of book three could span ten episodes. This was a good season just because of the sheer number of great moments. 

The awesomeness: 
  • The red wedding. It ripped our hearts out and shocked the world, but it was still awesome. 
  • Margaery charming Joffrey and the capital. 
  • Jaime's hand. Jaime's redemption arc. Tyrion and Cersei getting along. 
  • Tywin running the capital. 
  • Finding out that Jaime has saved half a million lives. 
  • Brienne beating Jaime in a fight. 
  • Arya killing her first man. 
  • Beric Dondarrion's flaming sword. 
  • Shireen and Davos's relationship. 
  • Yara going after her little brother and the early birth of Reek. 
  • Ygritte stealing Jon's virginity. Jon and Ygritte kissing on the wall to the sound of that beautiful music. Ygritte teasing Jon. 
  • Sansa and Tyrion's awkward and hilarious wedding. 
  • Tyrion threatening Joffrey…twice. 
  • Every scene with Olenna Tyrell. 
  • Daenerys turning on Astapor and the sweet final moment this season with the slaves. 
  • Finally getting to know what Bran's role in all this will be. 
  • Cat Stark, vengeful bad ass. 
  • The show having the stones to put Grey Wind's head on Robb's body, thus ensuring that everyone will understand Ern's sick Halloween costume muah haha. 
  • Cersei's face when she sees Jaime at the end. 
  • All the butts. This was the season of butts.
But when none of that was going on, the show was a ponderous snore. We can't wait for next season because we know there's a lot more of those good moments coming up. We're ready for the show to adapt more material at once though. 

They aren't afraid to reach into the future and pull events to give them to us early. We're curious to see how they do books four and five. They will probably have events in both books going on simultaneously. 

Let's see… In hindsight, we'd give the first season a B+ and the second season an A. An A- feels right for season 3.

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