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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glee Britney Spears episode review

A list of random thoughts on this episode:
-Ern's question through this entire episode: Would kids really want to sing Britney Spears that much? (Leeard's answer: YES). Kurt, we understand, but these kids have theatre nerd voices, and Britney Spears’ songs do not lend themselves to belting, and they require the range of a guy with one vocal cord. The Glee kids said, “We grew up with her.” Did they really? WE grew up with her, and we are in our early 20s. The Glee kids would have been six and seven-year-olds. They grew up with Barney, should they sing Barney? (Leeard's answer: YES). The other kids in the school thought Britney Spears was SO COOL. The last time we checked, kids were making fun of her. No one except Will dissed her at all. We bet if we brought up Britney Spears around most high school kids, they would roll their eyes and turn on Nicky Minaj (or whatever her name is). Is Ern wrong?

-Brittany (the Glee character) felt that she lived in the shadow of Britney Spears’ talent all her life. Another unrealistic plot point, because, as well saw in the amazing first two numbers (I’m a Slave 4 U and Me Against The Music), Brittany can both out-sing and out-dance Britney Spears. Leeard wants to note that Brittany did basically immediately realize that she's an excellent singer and dancer (and then proceeds to demand all of the glee club solos - awesome).

-John Stamos guest starred. He was on Full House. Man, that guy must be getting old. Yet he’s still hot. Plus, that dentist is way cooler than Will. We think you only have to re-watch the scene where Will gets a convertible to know that.

-Rachel, what song WOULD you sing at Finn’s bedside if he ended up in a coma?

-Santana didn’t look good as Madonna. Big eyes and big lips don’t go well together. Pick one to cover in makeup or the other.

-We liked the Britney cameos. They were tasteful and amusing. We’re glad she didn’t perform after seeing a few of her latest performances. It would have just been sad with the super-talented Brittany to compare her to.

-Britney Spears IS pop culture. Good point Kurt. Down with stodgy Will!! (Leeard: Which is why it's not surprising that the kids want to perform her music!)

-Since when does Rachel Berry need anesthesia to have a good musical fantasy?

-As for Rachel’s Britney song, they brought it up about a million keys higher. Not that we are complaining. Show off that voice as best you can with what you're given, Rachel.

-We like when Glee changes the song a little. If they just re-do the original song exactly, not changing the genders or the background music or the style, they end up sounding like Kidz Bop (only way better). We would rather have a new alternative version of each song. So far in the episode, the first three songs were pretty exact. It reminded us of last episode’s “Telephone.”

-Terri! We missed you.

-Emma! We missed you too, you bony, red-headed (well-dressed) hobbit.

-When “Stronger” came on, we thought, “Did they really ruin this song by giving it to Artie? Do they really think that’s a Britney Spears song?” But then Artie sort of killed it (in a good way). It was his best song yet. But the singing DID kind of sound like the lame Christian boy band Plus One.

-We guess the lesson in this episode (in part) is that Britney Spears empowers kids? Yeah, we doubt that. More likely, the lesson kids will take away from this episode is that they want anesthesia.

-Will was really annoying in this lesson. It took him thirty minutes of the episode to cave and let the kids do Britney, and then he wanted to sing Britney in front of the whole school with the kids? Eek! But he redeemed himself by being really good.

-Speaking of that Will/glee club number, it was great. It was “Toxic” and it was easily the best song of the night. It didn’t sound like the original. It wasn’t overproduced like the original, so you could actually hear the words, and the singing was good. No wonder it started what Sue called a “Britney Spears sex riot.” We downloaded it from iTunes immediately.

-Is Sue really going to take Will to court because her “spinal column was ruptured in a sex riot?” We sure hope so.

-Brittany was hilarious in this episode. We loved her perfect, dim delivery of the line, “It’s Britney…b*tch.”

-This whole episode, Emma’s problem with Will was that she wanted him to relax. Is THAT the problem she has had with him this whole time? Is that why she didn’t want him? No. She needed to work on herself, and Will was being a man-ho. This “relax Will” storyline felt way out of left field.

-We love Paramore, and so does Lea Michele. It was her idea and desire to remake a Paramore song. Our question is, why remake a song by someone who can actually sing? Especially when you remake it with another loud, female soprano? But we ended up liking Lea’s version. We were glad the episode wasn’t all Britney songs, even though some of the Britney songs were pretty awesome.

-We are pretty sure we would continue to watch this show for Lea Michele’s voice alone.

-We love Rachel and Finn together. They are so cute :)

All joking around and nitpicking aside, this was a pretty great episode of Glee. It was funny, no one rapped, and it was great to hear Britney's songs sung by people who can actually sing.

Episode grade disagreement- Ern's grade: B-. Leeard's grade- A
Watch it here:


  1. I liked this one, but I really hope this is the last tribute episode for a while. I like it better when the songs fit the story, not when they make the story fit the songs. I hate artie. He ruined stronger.

  2. One us agrees with you about the tribute episodes. We want a plot and better one-liners again.

  3. I thought this episode was such a blast! The Brittany (S. Pierce, that is) focus of the episode really worked for me, which is nice because sometimes when shows try too hard to emphasize minor characters, they come off looking a bit forced. This just gave Heather Morris the chance to show everyone how talented she is.

    I also loved seeing Lea do Paramore, but I'm a little confused about why she prefaced it by saying that she was just going along with Will's "adult contemporary" assignment. Did I miss something? Paramore is NOT adult contemporary.

    Also, Uncle Jesse has still got it.

  4. We don't mind the fringe characters getting time, especially when they can dance like Heather Morris, as long as Lea Michele gets at least one song per week. Our ipods crave her voice. We aren't really fans of Artie-centered episodes though.

    Paramore isn't adult contemporary, but that song might appeal to that crowd. It is one of their lightest, less rocking songs.

    Uncle Jesse may be hot when he's 80. We just can't picture him NOT hot.