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Friday, October 1, 2010

Grey's Anatomy- Shock to the System review/recap

In college, the bloggers used to watch our favorite shows with our friends and roommates. Grey's Anatomy is the only show this blogger’s roommate watches with her, so that makes it a good one. Why don’t this blogger’s roommates watch more TV? It’s unacceptable.

Meredith, anxious to get cleared for surgery, started crying and pouring her heart out to the new shrink guy (who Teddy is still dating), fooling no one. We pretty much guessed right away that she was faking. Alex was cleared for surgery by the shrink, but not by Bailey, because he tried to keep the bullet in his chest. Typical guy, typical Alex. Bailey whipped it right out of him, and that was that. The shrink wasn’t sure about clearing Cristina yet, but Owen wanted to push her back into the O.R., sensing she was still freaked out. We know he sensed it because of how he treated her the morning after her marriage, giving her a pep talk down from the ledge and a breakfast bar before the freakout even started. Newly blonde Owen (WHY?) and Teddy got Cristina cleared by the chief just in time for a cool surgery. The patient in this cool surgery was an old patient of Cristina and Burke’s. We cringed at the way-more-awkward-than-it-sounds revelation to the patient that Cristina didn’t marry Burke. The patient and her husband were less than enthusiastic about Cristina’s new marriage to Owen, and you could see doubt wash over Owen/Cristina’s faces about the whole thing. As we predicted last week, this marriage is on shaky ground because they rushed into it for the wrong reasons.

Then a bunch of burn victims from an eight-member flag football team went to the emergency room after being struck by lightning. Yay! A good, old fashioned Grey’s Anatomy E.R. crisis! But, alas, it quickly got boring. There was one girl on the team, Carrie, and all the guys had a crush on her. She was hiding her love for the baldest, ugliest one, which was sweet, and she ended up telling him. But we couldn’t really get into this case or the extraneous victims. The real drama was in the O.R. with Owen, Cristina, and Teddy. Someone (we think it was Jackson) dropped a tray during the surgery and Cristina hit the floor and flashed back to the mass murder (thanks for giving us that term, Lexipedia). Meredith ran into the operating room, despite April’s feeble attempts to stop her (which was just an excuse to tell the audience that she and Meredith are friends now). Meredith comforted Cristina and stayed with her until she could movie. This was supposed to be sweet, but we were just annoyed with it. We hate Pathetic Cristina! After surgery, Pathetic Cristina needed someone to blame. Fortunately, she now has a husband. She flipped and gave him her wedding ring back. We were extremely annoyed. People walking out of marriages five seconds into them is such a tiring staple on this show. We wrote “episode grade- D” on our notepads, thinking the episode would leave them broken up. We were NOT worried that they were over forever. This is just the sort of breakup that is temporary on this show. You know, one that doesn’t end with a death, job loss, or someone being homophobic and getting thrown off the cast.

Lexie ended up saving Carrie from being paralyzed, redeeming her crazy self. (And it was here in this writing that the professor interrupted this blogger to call on her. Lame. Pulled it off though. It’s harder than you’d think to pull off the Socratic method when you aren’t listening.) Anyway, Mark and Callie discussed their love lives together, proving that they are the most fun friend relationship on this show. We love their dynamic . Mark decided to confess his love to Lexie and propose to her, but she interrupted him and reamed him for being too protective, asking him to just leave her alone. Mark is a sissy, so that worked. He left. Meredith finally told Derek about the miscarriage in an attempt to get him to stop driving recklessly. It was here that we expected the big, emotional Derek crash, but he even sort of smiled as he hugged her and promised to stop. It was then that we found ourselves wishing there was a little more actual medicine and realistic stuff that doctors actually go through, like in first season. What happened to that?

Then the episode redeemed itself. Cristina left Owen and came to Meredith’s, telling her bff that she thought Owen would fix her, and that “he didn’t marry me; he married a corpse. I’m dead inside.” New Responsible Meredith said, “You got married for better or worse. This is the worse part. There will be better parts. You should go back.” Then Owen dramatically busted in and gave a weepy, aggressive speech about how he’s going to stick with Cristina through the hard times like she did with him. For those of you wondering what is still left in this couple that keeps them together, that’s it. They get over the bad stuff and support each other. That’s pretty good. This blogger’s roommate must have a secret crush on this couple, because she grins like a Cheshire cat every time they are on the screen. We actually should have predicted Owen tracking Cristina down like a sweet, romantic stalker. Every time Cristina pulls away from this relationship, Owen goes after her and dramatically takes her back, like when Cristina tried to trade him for Teddy last season. He also bursts into a lot of rooms. For a show like this, the characters do behave consistently (even if their behavioral habits are annoying). We love Funny Meredith, as she told Owen, “I already convinced her before you came, but that was a nice speech.” It lightened the intense moment. We guess this takes care of the "we shouldn't have rushed" bad marriage jitters....for now.

In the end, Meredith was cleared for surgery and we got a preview of what looks like a pretty good, Pathetic-Cristina-killing episode next week, where Miracle Derek will supposedly heal her. Anything to get her back. The only time we saw our snarky Cristina was when she predicted that Lexie would be “back in the cuckoo’s nest by lunch". Also, we must express our approval at Lexie dyeing her hair back to brown. Good choice. Funny, we only just noticed, haha.

Episode grade: B-


  1. I was also disappointed with Derek's reaction to Meredith's miscarriage news. Lame. Derek being a reckless driving junkie in the last couple of episodes has made him an actual character, though. The show has a tendency to make Derek kind of vanilla most of the time. An actual reaction to the miscarriage would have helped, too, I think.

    One thing I dig about this show is the friendship between Meredith and Christina, and the way they always refer to each other as "soul mates". I love that Meredith had already "fixed" Christina before Owen could make his big, emotional speech (which Shonda Rhimes apparently feels she must give us in some capacity every single episode). The men are secondary to the friendship, but still important. Love that.

    You know what some fans call Arizona and Callie's relationship? Calzona! Ha!

  2. Yeah. Even an "Oh my God, are you ok, Meredith?" would have been at least NORMAL after hearing about the miscarriage.

    SO sick of Grey's speeches. We're pretty sure the only Grey's speeches we can stand are Arizona's about her brother and her father. Those were good. Other than that....naw.

    Actually "the worst ever dramatic Grey's speeches" might make a good post...

    Calzona makes me want a calzone.